What Makes a Great Blackjack Game?


Blackjack is a game loved by millions of online casino bettors across the world. As one of the gambling world’s simplest games, it is a fun-filled table game that even novices and amateurs can rapidly get to grips with. However, not all blackjack games are “great”, and in fact, there are some that aren’t worth your time at all. Join us as we explore what makes a really great blackjack game and the criteria required to separate the best from the rest that you can play around lying in your pool too.

Free-to-Play Demos and Easy-to-Grasp Rules

Firstly, even though blackjack is a relatively easy game to play, some bettors still need a bit of assistance learning the basics. The best that this can be achieved is to play a free demo version of a blackjack game. Any blackjack game that cannot be played for free won’t be as favoured by bettors. Furthermore, blackjack games with easier to grasp rules than their counterparts will be more advantageous.

Fair House Edges

The different rule changes you sometimes get in variants mean that the RTP and house edges are occasionally susceptible to change. To offset giving players too much of an advantage, rule changes can see house edges rise (and sometimes fall). The best blackjack games you can play online will naturally be those where the house edge is low.

Customisable Gameplay

Some blackjack games let you have it your way, and this is great if you know exactly what you want. For instance, some will allow you to swap cards between hands, split aces and make more radical decisions. Others have more flexible wagering ranges than their blackjack counterparts; some permit side-bets and other options. The more customisable gameplay options there are in a blackjack game, the more likely you are to find it an appealing game to play.

Fair Dealer Terms

It is also worth going back to some of the rules that change between different blackjack releases. Two of the most commonly altered ones are when the dealer stands and what happens in a tie. For instance, in some games, the dealer may stand on a 16, or it may rise to 17, 18 or any combo of hard or soft hands. Similarly, some tied hands may push, and some may result in the dealer winning, and so on. The best blackjack games are going to be those that clearly make it advantageous for the player without too many drawbacks offsetting those advantages.

Widespread Availability

Finally, the best blackjack games you can play at online casinos will be those that are easily available online unless you are planning to jump on the trampolines. Widespread availability is always going to appeal. When a player reads about a blackjack game, they want to know that they will be able to easily find it and play it. Any blackjack game that is exclusive or tricky to find is unlikely to draw a crowd, and this won’t be amongst the best out there.

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