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What to Feed Squirrels in Winter

What to Feed Squirrels in Winter

The Winter Is Coming! When the winter arrives, it comes with ice, snow & chilly winds. Many of us really like the winters because of the recreational activities, including ice skating, plogging, ice fishing, snow painting, and many more. My favorite among all the recreational activities is making a snowman.

We, humans, enjoy the winters by staying at our homes by keeping ourselves warm by heaters, or going outdoors with proper winter garments for some recreational activity. The same is not true for our beloved animal & bird friends.

Winter is tough for these creatures. The scarcity of food & water plus the harsh weather conditions can be quite tough for them.

Several animals take the route of hibernation while others remain active only for a short span. And most of their time goes away in search of food & water.

In this write-up, we would be talking specifically about the squirrels. Squirrels need no introduction; they are small cute little creatures who live in our backyards.

The Lifestyle of Squirrels in the Winter

Squirrels are not very active in the winter. They spend most of their time in their shelter. The only time they are very active is when they are frantically searching for their food. Squirrels bury their extra food resources in the ground.

Blessed with brilliant memory, they exactly know where they have placed their food. But they must dig a bit deeper in winters as a layer of snow comes over the ground.

How Can Humans Help the Squirrels?

Squirrels really have a tough time finding food resources during the winters. The stored food requires double the effort than usual. Also, the food resources in the winter are scarce.

 So, feeding the squirrels would help these little creatures to sustain themselves during this tough phase. Also, making a provision of fresh water for drinking purposes can benefit the squirrels.

If you are interested in feeding the squirrels, then the first question in your mind would be what to feed squirrels?

You must have seen that squirrels eat a lot of nuts, but did you know that the squirrels also eat corn? Yes! Dry ears of corn are one of the best food items you can provide to the squirrels.

You can either buy the fresh ears of corn & dry them in the summer or buy them from the market. Squirrels can also be fed seeds & fruits.

Will the Extra Food Provided Harm the Squirrels?

No, squirrels always have their food resources planted deep in the ground that would make them independent. But the effort they would put in procuring their hidden treasures can be reduced if we, humans, provide them food resources once in a while. 

Also, in January, the female squirrels would have a gestation period & thus would be looking for plenty of food resources. 

Even the young squirrels start looking for their own once they are about two or three months old! Providing them food occasionally will not make them dependent on you.


  • Please ensure that you do not make it a habit for the squirrels. If you do so, then ensure that you are providing them food accordingly.
  • Also, ensure that the squirrels do not cross busy roads or traffic for their food.
  • Provide them limited food items. This will make them independent of your feeding. Food provision by humans should only act as a supplement.

Squirrel Mix

The answer to the question of what to feed squirrels is the squirrel fix. To ensure that the squirrels get enough minerals, proteins & vitamins, the squirrels must get a balanced diet & that is possible only by the provision of squirrel mix.

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Instead of providing the squirrels only a single type of food resource, it is advisable to give them a mixture of food resources.

This will give them enough nutrition for sustaining their life. An ideal squirrel fix includes nuts (like hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, etc.), small chopped fruit pieces (fruits like apple, grapes, pear, etc.), seeds, carrots.


  • Preferably make use of squirrel feeders.
  • If possible, then place several squirrel feeders so that many squirrels can feast individually.
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