What’s The Difference Between a Disc Golf and a Frisbee?

What’s The Difference Between a Disc Golf and a Frisbee

We all must have played with Frisbees or disc golfs at some point. It has always been so much fun but I never exactly knew the difference between the two of them. It is interesting to know that both are very similar to each other in how they fly, yet extremely different when compared in other aspects.

If you want to understand the difference between the two in detail and find the best ultimate Frisbee discs available, you should probably read this article.

To keep it simple, the most obvious distinction between the two is that the disc golf disc is smaller than a Frisbee but denser. Frisbee is a brand name, while disc golf is more specialized giving them different flying characteristics.

Comparison between Disc Golf and Frisbee

A Frisbee normally may be a larger disc that is lighter in weight than a golf disc. If you see a Frisbee, its edges are rounded, and while putters do carry that very same attribute, most golf discs have more of an aerodynamic design. Even the load distribution between the 2 is different making them fly in a particular way.

We can also compare it on the premise of the purpose of throwing. With a Frisbee, you’re presumably to be chilling out at a picnic full of the lunch, with the intention of throwing the plastic back and forth with an admirer. On the opposite hand, golf discs are built as tools designed to be thrown with force at a selected target. It is played on a course of 9 or 18 holes where players compete for a hole by throwing a disc from the tee trying to “hole” in a very certain quantity of turns.

Disc golf disks are further smaller in diameter, heavier, and made of specialized plastics that enhance their durability and flying characteristics. Disc golf discs fly much farther and more accurately than Frisbees when thrown flat, straight, and with sufficient power.

Disc golfs has recently exploded as a full-fledged sport with more and more people getting interested in it and transitioning to playing full time. The associated sports person also is securing sponsorships outside of just their tournament winnings.

Since the game is immensely growing, so is the manufacture of the equipment for the players. The technology for its production has also advanced significantly.

Density, Weight, and Plastic

Golf discs are being thrown much harder and further, hence the plastic accustomed makes them are gummier and easier to grip. On the opposite hand, Frisbees are typically manufactured from stiffer plastic with their weight distributed across a bigger area.

Flying discs are available in various styles of plastic types, but you will find Frisbees to be stiffer and golf discs to be more flexible. A golf disc is additionally much denser. However, most Frisbees are of the same weight as a golf disc. But the density of golf discs can make it feel much heavier in your hand.

Frisbees employed in Ultimate are specifically 175 grams. Of course, you will get Frisbees that weigh even lighter than this, but they are harder to throw a protracted distance. Most golf discs come weighing between 150 to 180 grams.


Size is that the most evident difference between a golf disc and Frisbee.

Golf discs and Frisbees both are available in different shapes and sizes, but golf discs are generally smaller.

As a compulsory requirement, all golf discs are required to satisfy technical standards created by Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

Among many, one requirement of the PDGA is that each one golf disc must be 21.2 cm. Other aspects like height, weight, and rim depth can vary to accommodate other flight characteristics.

For golf discs to be utilized in professionally sanctioned events, they must meet the standards set by the PDGA.


Drag is essentially air resistance, or reasonably like air friction against an object on the wing. It acts against the motion of a flying object causing it to bog down. Frisbees and golf discs fly in a similar fashion, but thanks to their shape, size, and aerodynamics, discs golf discs usually have fewer drags than Frisbees. This successfully helps them fly farther.



Aerodynamics means having a shape that reduces the drag of the air moving past an object. Higher the aerodynamic, faster and farther it can fly. This can be probably the explanation why drivers, mid-range discs, and putters differ in disc golf. In line with the principles of aerodynamics, they will get helped or hurt by different shapes of golf discs.

When compared to drivers, disc golf putters are very slow but similar in shape to regular Frisbees. However, since disc golf putters is aerodynamically sounder, they fly far better.

The Greatest Difference

The greatest difference between Frisbees and Golf discs is that the kind of golf disc and their flight path. Different forms of disc golf discs are designed for various purposes. Some are heavier and more stable than others. They are meant to be putters, which are thrown at a cage from close range.

Some Golf discs are distance drivers, having a large variation just by themselves. Some drivers are meant to be thrown at high speeds and a few at low speeds. Some are meant to curve right first, then left. Some are meant to fly straight, then curving at the tip of their flight path.

There are even types that are even built to be thrown at the bottom and get better up or maybe roll towards an intended direction. You simply must find the one that matches your style. There will be some that will fit with how you throw.

Can You Use a Frisbee for Disc Golf?

Can You Use a Frisbee for Disc Golf

Yes, you’ll be able to use Frisbees to practice on the course to improve your accuracy and your distance. But you cannot play competitively with a Frisbee.

But there are few reasons why you may want to stay with wiggling with a daily catch Frisbee- cost and challenge.

Firstly, if you are not planning on playing a disc that always, it might not make any sense in going and buying a group of golf disc. Golf discs cost around $10 to $15. I do know this isn’t very expensive, but it’s money nevertheless. Also, if you are wiggling with a gaggle where the opposite players are having Frisbees, it will be more fun as everyone is on the same level.

Secondly, golf discs are technically harder to throw. Frisbees can facilitate you improve within the game because it doesn’t fly as far or accurately. So, if you are searching for a challenge that can facilitate your improvement, then fidgeting with Frisbees may be an honest alternative for you.


Hey! You made it till the end. Seems you really are interested in learning about disc golf and Frisbees. We hope this article helped you learning something about the two.

Since now you are aware of the difference between the two, get started with playing the two. If you are looking for some best ultimate discs you can refer to the links provided below to get on hands on them.

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