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Ultimate Frisbee: Which Flying Discs are Better: Daredevil or Discraft?

Which Flying Discs Are Better Daredevil or Discraft

There are many famous ‘no contact’ field sports, one of which is ‘Ultimate.’ Yes! You heard it right. Ultimate is a team game that somewhat looks like rugby (American Football), soccer, and basketball. But the game uses a flying disc or popularly known as ‘Frisbee.’ The game is also well-known by Ultimate Frisbee.

Note: – Frisbee is a registered trademark of Wham-O. Hence, the sport is officially known as Ultimate. However, as Frisbee has become synonymous with every other flying disc, the sport in day-to-day communication is still called Ultimate Frisbee.

Which Flying Disc is the Best: Discraft or Daredevil?

You must have observed that two brands of flying discs are mentioned in the factors. Discraft & Daredevil are both the best manufacturers of Ultimate Flying Discs. So which one should you choose? Here check out the Top 3 best flying discs by Discraft & Daredevil.


In the past, Wham-O frisbees were widely used in Ultimate.  The downfall of Wham-O started in the 1980s when they altered the composition of their plastic. Frisbees were made of cheaper plastic. This caused an entry of multiple brands, and Discraft was one of them. By the late 1990s and early 2000s, Wham-O completely lost the top spot of flying discs. Even Ultimate started to prefer Discraft in the sport.

Discraft is also well-known for striving to bring the sport into the limelight.  They have been introducing the sport to vulnerable groups & also highlighting the importance of fitness. Obviously, they get some brownie points for their goodwill gestures. Moreover, the Discraft flying discs are affordable, durable & weather resistant. Also, Discraft flying discs are manufactured in the US!

Discraft J-Star Sport Disc (145 Grams):

Discraft 145 Gram J-Star Sport Disc,White
  • The official youth disc of USA Ultimate
  • Small and lighter than the Ultra-Star for easier throwing
  • 145 grams
  • Available in white only
  • Disc colors will vary

It is highly recommended for kids & beginners. This flying disc is also an official one in the US Ultimate Championship Series. It is aerodynamically & ergonomically designed to fly a lot straighter & farther when compared to other flying discs. In addition, it has a better grip, thanks to the flight rings that are present at the edges.

Discraft Ultra-Star Flying Disc (175 Grams):

Disc Space Discraft Ultra-Star 175g Ultimate Disc (USA Ultimate Approved) - White
  • The 175g Ultra-Star (10.75" diameter) is the official disc of USA Ultimate and the choice of...
  • Longer distance throws: The Discraft Ultra-Star flies further than any other Ultimate Frisbee disc.
  • Superior stability: The Discraft Ultra-Star maintains your release angle longer than any other disc...
  • Advanced Aerodynamics: With its contoured grip and aerodynamic engineering, the Discraft Ultra-Star...
  • Frisbee print stamps may vary.

The official flying disc of the USA Ultimate Championship series is arguably the best flying disc. It is made of durable material, comes in a wide range of colors & designs, have flight rings on the edges for a better grip, flies steady & swift, and a lot more!


In 2002, a flying disc by the name ‘Gamedisc’ was approved by the USA Ultimate Championship Series. Daredevil, a Canada-based company that manufactured Gamedisc, rose the ranks after this incident, conquering the second spot manufacturing flying discs. A duo of Ultimate players themselves founded the company. They gathered feedback from Ultimate players & started designing & manufacturing flying discs.

Daredevil Gamedisc (175 Grams):

No products found.

This flying disc is durable, highly customizable & flies swiftly. However, there are two significant reasons that the Daredevil Gamedisc lags behind Discraft Ultra-Star. The first reason is branding, and the other one is consumer reviews & feedback. Being the official flying disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series, Ultra-Star is widely popular & trustworthy. Moreover, it is seen that there are more negative feedbacks & complaints regarding Daredevil Flying discs.

What Are the Requirements to Play Ultimate Frisbee?

To begin with, you need to have a thorough understanding of the game. As it is a team game, a group of friends to play with & against is a must. A sturdy pair of studs & gloves would be highly appreciated. The most essential requirement is the best ultimate frisbee disc. How do you decide which flying disc is the best for ultimate Frisbee? Here check out a few factors,

Factors One Should Consider Before Buying an Ultimate Flying Disc


The weight of a flying disc is standardized by the USA Ultimate Regulation at 175 grams. All the major Ultimate competitions will follow this standard. But beginners can start with a lighter one. Lighter flying discs are easier to handle and are recommended to beginners. If you have enough experience and are playing just for fun, get a heavier flying disc. The heavier flying discs travel long distances and that too, very swiftly!

Flying Disc Characteristics

These characteristics include the ability of a flying disc to be thrown forehand, backhand, and sideways. Also, the flying disc must have control and should adjust in the air. Ensure that the flying disc doesn’t shake and curve when it is flung. Heavier discs have better control & stability.

Material Of Construction for a Given Flying Disc

Usually, flying discs are made up of durable plastic. They are weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant & resist any wear & tear. They don’t break or crack easily unless they are used in freezing conditions. There is a flying disc manufactured by Daredevil (Daredevil Frostie), especially for the cold climate.

If you are looking for flying discs for kids, then you cannot compromise on safety. Flying discs made up of fabric are soft & safe for kids. Though it means that these flying discs are less resistant to weather & other parameters.

If you are looking for flying discs for dogs, ensure that they carry a tag of dog friendly. They should be light in weight, and the material should be such that it won’t get damaged by the dog’s teeth. Similarly, it should not hurt the teeth of the dog too.


If you have decided to use the flying disc more often, you should get a durable one. It should resist cracking, wear & tear, and any other possible chances of damage. If you are looking for a stable flying disc, then Discraft UltraStar is the best.


The grip is undoubtedly an essential aspect of a flying disc. Without a proper grip, you cannot hold, throw or even catch it properly. Flying discs approved by WFDF have an excellent grip.

Color & Style

Few flying discs are available in a few colors only, while some can be customized according to one’s requirement. On the other hand, daredevil flying discs are readily customizable. You can check out their website for more details.


If you are a beginner or a parent buying a flying disc for your kids, get a Discraft J-Star Sport Disc. However, if you want a stylized customizable flying disc, then Daredevil Gamedisc is your best bet!

There is hardly any reason not to choose the Discraft Ultra-Star Flying Disc. So, we highly recommend that you get an Ultra-Star Flying Disc if you are a seasoned Ultimate player and play the game frequently.

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