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How To Select Competition Discs for Your Frisbee Dog?

How To Select Competition Discs for Your Frisbee Dog

Disc dog events are popular in the United States, especially those that test physical prowess and drift. Here, teams train and compete for various events such as toss and fetch freestyle and long-distance. For a competition, never choose a floppy, soft rubber or fabric disc, which is worse than a cheap, hard plastic one. While selecting the best ultimate Frisbee disc, you will need to cater with a couple of things at hand.

For a competition, either choose a plastic that allows the dog’s teeth to puncture without breaking or a durable and heavy, bite-resistant plastic. Ensure that the weight falls between 90 and 145 grams. You can get light plastic discs between 100 and 120 grams if you are ready to pay between $3 and %6. Though these are inexpensive and fly a lot easier, their performance goes down with a continuous repeated play for a couple of days.

A soft bite dog could play with a light plastic disc for up to two weeks before it gets punctured and unsafe to play. On the other hand, a hard bite dog will destroy the disc in one or two catches. Hence, while buying a Frisbee disc for a competition, consider the bite of your dog. While choosing a disc for a competition, the sturdier bite-resistant discs that sell between $10 and $20 and weigh from 130 to 145 grams are more suitable.

Even the hard-biting dogs can practice with such discs for up to three-four weeks before they become unfit for play. However, as they are about 5% more heavy than trivial discs, they require a little more spin and arm speed to fly well and cut through the wind. While choosing one for the competition, ensure a rounded lip on a reinforced rim for the dog to catch safely. Never select a golf disc as it is sharp and heavy and can break a dog’s tooth.

Hyperflite Jawz Flying Puncture-Resistant Spot Competition Dog Disc, Mango, 8.75-Inch
  • Worlds toughest competition approved canine flying disc.
  • Jawz discs stand up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other competition disc.


From lightweight to heavyweight, many dog Frisbees are available in the market. Remember that a lighter Frisbee covers a shorter distance. Though heavier Frisbees are suitable for competitions, they increase the chance of injury. Hence, while selecting a Frisbee, choose one that balances your dog’s weight and does not prove to be too heavy.

Flight Ability

Choose a competition disc that flies well with a straight flight. In this case, the owner’s ability to throw the Frisbee is equally crucial to that of the dog catching it. Ensure that the disc is easy to throw and flies well.


If you get a thin, film-type disc, the sharp teeth of your dog will destroy it within seconds. Remember that dogs might chew on the disc. Hence, ensure the rigidity before purchase to withstand wear and tear.


Competition Frisbees need to have a good grip and be flexible enough to pick up and throw easily. Extremely tight weave Frisbees might be difficult for your dog to pick up from the ground and need to be a little flexible.

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Consider the size of your dog while purchasing a disc for your Frisbee dog. Small dogs do not favor gigantic Frisbees as the width exceeds their handling limit. If used, they may lead to jaw injuries.


Softer discs of rubber, foam, and nylon are gentler on your dog’s teeth but are hard to throw long. Hence, for competitions prefer hard Frisbees that go far with accuracy.

Examples Of Competition Discs for Frisbee Dogs:

Hyper flite Jawz.

A durable competition-grade Frisbee, Hyper flite Jawz is durable and puncture-resistant. Available in lemon-lime color, it resists canine teeth effectively. It features Hyperflite’s x-flash antiglare technology to aid distant throws. It is not a chew toy, does not float on water, and is meant only for competitions. These discs are 8.75″ in diameter and weigh about 145 grams which makes them perfect for catching and throwing.

Hyperflite Jawz Lemon Lime Competition Dog Disc 8.75 Inch, Worlds Toughest, Best Flying, Puncture...
  • Worlds toughest competition approved canine flying disc.
  • Jawz discs stand up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other competition disc.

Hero Xtra 235

The competition disc from Hero disc USA is popular and used by most competitors. Weighing about 110 grams, it has a profile that gifts it the lift in a flight. Moreover, it flows downwind and adds up to distance and time till your dog catches it. A great choice with both the beginners and the masters, it works well for a dog with a light bite.

Hero Xtra 235 Freestyle Flying Dog Sport Disc - Blue
  • Dog Friendly
  • Smooth sure glide and flight characteristics
  • Made in the USA

Super Sonic 215

Supersonic is lighter and a little smaller but works for competition levels. It has long-distance flight characteristics for intermediate and professional players striving for a combination of accuracy and distance within the purview of a soft finish.

Hero Super Sonic 215 ~ K-9 Candy Material - Blue
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Super Durable
  • Made in the USA
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