Why Poker is Useful for Students

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When our children start school, we expect them to learn everything they need to know before they can decide on their career path. However, primary school and secondary school will only teach them how to count, how to read and some general knowledge or rather facts about history, geography etc. Schools won’t teach our kids life skills.

Poker for students can teach lots of skills they will need in life and in this article, we are going to discuss these skills. Szilvia Sultes, Hungarian iGaming expert has given us her thoughts on why poker is such a great thing for kids. Szilvia is a passionate poker player and you can read more about her here.

Critical thinking

There have been discussions and judgements about the Hungarian education system not teaching critical thinking skills to students. Whereas for example in Scandinavian countries students have discussions in class and are encouraged to give their opinions, in Hungary typically the teacher talks and everybody is expected to make notes and learn what the teacher has said.

Social media doesn’t encourage critical thinking either as students usually follow the cool kids instead of deciding themselves what is good and what is not.

If kids are encouraged to play poker, they will have to learn to analyze each situation and make a decision alone. There are lots of influencing factors in poker and it can teach kids to make judgements. Every time they lose a game they learn from the mistake and hopefully do better next time.

Improving memory

Playing poker improves kids’ memory. They need to remember the ranks and suits of the cards and which poker hands are the most valuable. Before playing against opponents’ kids can practice hand values with video poker. There are several free video poker apps that they can download on their phones. While online casinos don’t accept players under the age of 18, older students can practice video poker for free on websites such as bet365 casino, that accepts players from Hungary.

If kids manage to improve their memory it will be beneficial in their school work as well.

Developing money management skills

Kids often have hard times grasping the concept of money. They might spend their monthly pocket money on their first day and beg for more from their parents. Playing poker with mock money or chips can teach them how to manage money effectively. If they are reckless and lose all their chips on the first game, they are out of the game.

Students over 18 can play in online casinos as well and while you normally can’t play online poker against opponents for free, you can have a small bankroll and play minimum stakes poker. You can play poker online 24/7 so even when you don’t have your friends or family around you can have a game with people from all over the world.

Learning how to deal with emotions

When kids learn how to play poker they will learn how to deal with emotions as well. Inevitably sometimes they will lose a game and they can’t be acting out every time this happens. First, they might be upset and frustrated and they will recognize signs of this in their opponents as well. Dealing with negative emotions is part of life as we can’t always win.

Time for family bonding

Nowadays, kids are glued to their phones or computers or spend all their time in front of the television screen and there aren’t many family activities that can be done indoors neither outdoors in your enclosed patio. Poker for parents and kids alike is quality time that can involve all age groups. It is a fun game, full of excitement and there can be incentives and rewards in the game. For example, whoever wins will not have to do the dishes for a week.

Poker teaches about risks

Sometimes kids can be reckless. A game of poker can teach them when it is worth taking a risk and when it is not. The game has an element of luck and depending on what hand they are holding they have to make a decision. This can teach them to take calculated risks and skills to avoid unnecessary losses.


Poker is so much more than a game. It teaches kids lots of life skills that they wouldn’t learn in school. All of these lessons stacks one over other like rick of wood and stays in the memory forever. It improves their memory and teaches them when to take risks and how to deal with their emotions. Poker teaches them to think critically, to manage their finances and most of all it is family bonding time!

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