Window Treatment and Replacement Trends for 2023

Window Treatment and Replacement Trends for 2023

The interior design industry is ever-dynamic. Window treatments are among the many things that can change your interior design style and feel.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t pay close attention to window treatments, whether they are installing new windows, renovating, or replacing their old windows.

Depending on the architectural design of your home, be it industrial, coastal contemporary, rustic farmhouse, or modern minimalist, you should choose complementing window designs and treatments.

With recommendations from Northeast Home window replacement and siding contractors, you should consider the following trends when planning window treatment or replacement.

1. Unexpected Window Placement

Most homeowners focus their attention on the appearance of their windows from the inside, forgetting that windows also affect their home’s exterior. However, this is changing this year, with homeowners embracing the trend of installing windows in unexpected places.

However, by following this trend, homeowners and contractors shouldn’t get crazy and overdo window placements.

Unexpected window placement should also match the flow of the house and increase its value. Extra and unexpected windows are perfect for the hallway, bathroom, and staircase. However, bathroom windows should include transoms and filtered to allow natural light.

2. Energy Efficient Windows

Windows, especially single-pane windows, are the weakest link that affects your home’s energy efficiency. Single-pane windows can easily allow cold air during winter and warm air during summer indoors, straining your heating and cooling systems.

You should consider replacing your old windows. While energy-efficient windows are costly, the benefits of energy-efficient windows certainly outweigh the costs. Energy-efficient windows are a big trend for the following reasons:

  • Cost saving – The ever-increasing cost of utility bills is the number one reason more homeowners are embracing energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows save energy costs by significantly minimizing HVAC system overcompensation caused by air leakage during summer and winter. State and local governments currently offer tax credits, incentives, and rebates to homeowners who’ve upgraded to energy-efficient windows.
  • Increases home value – The other reason behind the trending energy-efficient windows is their effect on property value. EnergyStar-certified windows save on utility bills and improve property appeal.
  • Better comfort – Remote work is becoming a norm, and more homeowners are looking for ways to improve their home comfort. Window treatment can eliminate common complaints of drafts and air leaks. Energy-efficient windows also block direct sunlight.
  • Noise reduction – Besides improving comfort, you should consider installing energy-efficient windows for noise reduction, especially if you work from home. Energy-efficient double and triple-pane windows have innate soundproofing abilities.

3. Floor-to-ceiling Windows

If you want to increase property value, revamp your interior design, or bring natural beauty into your home, you should hop into the floor-to-ceiling windows trend.

Also called window walls, floor-to-ceiling windows are placed between the floor and ceiling slabs. These oversized windows give homeowners a perfect view of the natural features of their surroundings and draw the outdoors in.

Switching to window walls is also a chance to implement modern indoor makeovers. Conventional windows are a barrier that prevents the indoor environment from the outside world.

However, a floor-to-ceiling window makes it easy to fuse indoors with your outside. To achieve this, you should install window walls in areas with focal points, such as facing a pool, a beautiful landscaping feature, or a garden.

4. Advanced Innovation and Technology

Technological innovations are a trend that affects all home improvement projects. If you’ve never changed window treatments originally installed in your home, modern available technologies will certainly surprise you. Unlike before, you don’t have to manually close your window shades and blinds.

Modern window treatments feature motorized shades with sensors that detect movement and blinds with unique hole positioning to minimize light leakage.

Smart home-compatible features allow homeowners to open and close their windows using home automation systems. Below are the top 2023 window treatment trends that feature advanced technologies:

  • Smart treatment technology – Smart home technology is a big trend that has made its way into the realm of window treatments. Modern window treatments are increasingly becoming connected and intelligent. Connecting window treatments with smart home technology allows homeowners to adjust their windows using remote control apps.
  • Multi-functionality – Multifunctional treatments provide efficient insulation while allowing homeowners to adjust lights and privacy levels. These are perfect window treatments for individuals who want total control over their environment.
  • Valances and hardware – All types of window treatments need complementing valances and hardware. The current trend in window hardware features modern designs with minimal accents and sleek lines. A popular choice for window hardware is the brushed nickel finish or matte black with textured fabrics and bold colors for valances.


Whether you are building or renovating your home, take note of these window treatment trends. For excellent results, focus on trends that provide maximum light control, complement your interior and exterior design style, and don’t compromise privacy.

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