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Make Your Homes Energy Efficient


Right now, more and more people are giving a lot of value to save energy across the globe. You can also pay your part in this great move by making your homes energy efficient. First of all, you must know the reason why you should value to energy efficiency.

  1. It can help you enjoy tax breaks.
  2. A house which has been transferred to an energy efficient home will help the home owners save considerable amount of money each month in the form of reduced utility bills.
  3. According to many scientists, excessive use of energy is contributing a lot in global warming. Therefore, energy efficient homes can help reduce this impact on our climate.

Now let’s tell you how you can easily make your homes energy-efficient.

  1. We can make our kitchen appliances green by doing some repair on them as defective appliances consume more energy than others. Use amazon rechargeable batteries for rechargeable appliances as they are quite impressive. You can hire appliance repair Etobicoke and they can repair your any appliance like washing machine, fridge, dryer, dishwasher etc.
  2. Install a garage door automatic opener. Although many people think this feature breaks down easily, it does not. Worse comes to worse, as with all electronic devices, you can always call the nearest garage door opener repair company.
  3. Find alternatives to cooling and heating of your homes rater than burning the whole rick of firewood:

Heating and cooling appliances consume major portion of the energy that is used in the homes. By making some adjustments with these appliances you can be energy efficient.

  1. Put on the ceiling fans rather than air conditioners. Fans consume much less energy. If it is too hot, then you can put on the ACs and must turn them off after a period of time then can rely on fans only.
  2. Regularly change the air filters of your ACs and heaters. It also help in saving some energy.
  3. Keep the thermostats low and keep the heating and cooling appliances powered off when there is no one at home.
  4. Keep the curtains closed to make the homes insulated.
  5. Use instant water heaters:

Replace your conventional water heaters with latest instant ones. They will only consume energy when you will turn on the taps and will instantly provide you hot water.

  • Replace all incandescent lights:

Conventional lights consume a lot of energy. They give 10% light of the total energy consumed and the rest is just the heat. Whereas, if you will replace those lights with latest LEDs. They will consume less energy and will help see considerable reduction in your electricity bills.

  • Insulate your home and seal it well:

If you will insulate and seal your home well, then you can make it more comfortable to live and your energy consumption will also be reduced a lot. To get your home checked for any leakage, you can take help from a certified energy auditor. He will tell if the areas which are supposed to be sealed well. The common areas of leakage include mal slots, dampers of fireplaces, around the water, electricity and gas pipes, hatches of the attic, electric outlets, switch plates and window frames.

  • Water conservation:

You can make use of efficient showerheads so that the water can be conserved. For that it is better to make use of low flow showerheads and low flow toilets too. Moreover, you can also use dual flush toilets. In this way you can conserve water by using different type of water flushing for liquid and solid wastes.

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