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Ah, game rooms. Who doesn’t love them? Places where friends gather, engage in banter, throwing ultimate frisbee discs on each other and compete. They are the breeding ground for camaraderie, spots where tight-knit groups get fostered. Nowadays, poker has become mainly an internet activity. Yet, there is still something special about inviting people over and hosting an event that is more a social gathering than a competition.

Having a room dedicated to your weekly card game is a dream come true for most poker enthusiasts. Particularly if you can combine style and comfort so that everyone who enters it does not feel like they are inside a spare room but at an elegant casino.

The reality is that to enjoy a bit of poker fun, all you need is a table, a deck of cards, and some friends. However, if you want to go the extra mile and set a Rounders-like tone, here are a few tips that can help.

Commission a Dogs Playing Poker Painting

Yes, we had to go there. As cliché as it may be, you cannot say that looking at paintings of dogs playing cards does not put a smile on your face. They are a classic, and that is not an exaggeration. Dogs Playing Poker by American artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge is a series of eleven paintings of anthropomorphized dogs from the early 20th century, some of which have price tags of several hundreds of thousands of dollars. They never received praise from critics but became a staple in working-class homes of the 1970s, when kitsch was king. The original works of art are off the table, pun intended, but you can get a cheap knock off or buy a faux oil painting. If dogs aren’t your thing, consider some other type of wall décor, such as framed movie posters.

Get a Quality Table

Naturally, the essential element to any poker room is a table. Though you can play the game on any old one like the one who rest in your enclosed patio but, it is best to invest in a table designed for this purpose. Things you must consider are your room size, the type of poker you enjoy, the number of people you intend to host, and do you want it to have cup holders. It is also a good idea to look for one without any markings so that you can enjoy a vast array of games on it. For instance, when you want to jazz things up and introduce a little casino-like action, you can treat your guests to a few 3 Card Poker hands. If you do not know the rules of this game, do not worry. You can easily find a guide on how to play 3 Card Poker online to get you started with this straightforward casino-poker variant.

Opt For Comfortable Chairs

A good poker table is worth nothing if you cannot provide comfortable seating. Poker is an activity that usually goes on for hours, so fold-up and plain wooden chairs will not cut the mustard. You will need to get ones that feature comfortable cushions and wheels. Many players cannot sit for extended periods, so they frequently stand up to get a drink or just pace. Thus, they want to get up as fast as possible, which is why top casinos feature chairs with wheels at their premium tables. There is no specific brand that designs these products. So, you will have to look around. However, the more popular options include leg wheels, back cushions, and armrests.

Buy a Bar Counter

A weekly poker game is a leisure activity that should help you unwind. Thus, it usually involves drinks. So, most rooms incorporate a bar. Now when it comes to this element, you do not have to go all out. Although a possibility, you should not look for someone with wood-working experience to build your bar. All you have to do is go through ads and see what kind of reception desks or counters are up for sale otherwise bring in your outdoor toy storage and use it as a table instead . A metal industrial-like kitchen pub with a wooden board on top is another alternative. In any case, while not required, a bar provides a place where friends can mix drinks and sulk about their losing hands.

A Comfy Couch May Be a Necessity

On the subject of rest spots, incorporating a sofa into your game room is something that you should also think about if you cannot afford a bar. It is a spot where people not involved in the game can sit, or as discussed above, a place for those eliminated to relax. Whatever the case may be, it is best to look into one that can seat at least three people and one that is large enough so that a person can lay down on it. It does not have to be expensive, only to be there and serve its function.

Paint Your Walls

If possible, paint your walls in a color that matches most of your décor. You will be spending hours on end in that room, so things have to be easy on the eyes. Seeing as poker usually gets played in dimly-lit settings, if your walls are white, any light will bounce off them. Thus, consider warm colors that give the space an inviting feel while adding elegance. If the space you have at your disposal is small, opt for lighter shades such as gold or terra cotta. They will help you visually expand your room. In larger areas, you can use darker colors such as chocolate brown or brick red. Wood tones are also an option worth considering, as is wood paneling.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Poker venues dim their surroundings to create a sense of intimacy but provide soft overhead lighting that makes everything on the table visible. You must have adequate illumination so that no one has difficulty in reading their cards. You can search for a poker chandelier online or look into decorative pendant lights. Whatever you opt for, you should attach it to a dimmer switch so that you can control the level of luminosity in the room. Including colored ambient light sources on the edges of the room can also be an atmosphere enhancing touch.

You Need at Least One Wall TV

If you are thinking – why do I need a TV? I want to play poker. Well, you do not have to turn it on. However, it is a super-useful addition to the room, as it adds diversity. Maybe you can have it on while there is a big game on, or you can use your poker room as a place to host PPV parties. You already have comfortable seating and a place where guests can rest their drinks, so you are half-way there. If you decide to include a TV, consider a flat monitor that you can mount to a wall in a position where people at the table can view it with ease.

Put Down a Casino-Like Carpet

Busy casino carpets are not just an exercise in bad taste. The real reason behind this trend is that gambling venues have to cover such vast areas that it is cheaper to use recyclable carpets. They are up to 30% more cost-effective. So, there is little truth to rumors that gaming establishments feature carpets with intricate patterns to keep you from falling asleep or looking down. They are just out to save a buck. Nevertheless, you can opt for such a flooring cover to bring a little casino magic into your home. Or, opt for the graceful choice, a hardwood floor.

Buy Limited Edition Decks of Cards

Cards may not be typical room décor, but if you think about it, they are the thing your guests will spend most of their time staring at and touching. So, instead of using a Bicycle deck, you can search online for custom limited edition ones. These are not that expensive and range anywhere from $10 to $30. If you think that these prices are too rich for your blood, you have to consider that some of these decks are works of art from top designers. Many of them even have innovative features such as waterproofing and transparency. The themes of limited edition decks vary, but you can find all kinds, from Bruce Lee-inspired ones to decks about arcade games.

To Sum Up

The best approach to making everyone in your room feel pleasant is adding personal touches throughout the space. You can keep things minimalistic and formal, but that does not encourage people to open up and feel free. Include a record player and some vintage albums, or create a bookshelf and load it up with literature. Such pieces are conversation starters and make people feel at ease. Remember, your top priority is to invest in a quality table and comfortable seating. Everything else is a luxury. It is the people that play the game that make it fun. Not the place they play it in.

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