11 Plants Which are Perfect for Your DIY Terrarium Ideas.

DIY Terrarium Ideas

Terrariums Ideas have gained a lot of popularity recently, and why not? With increasing modern houses, very few can afford to own a yard. Having terrariums is a simple way to welcome plants into your home.

Terrariums are basically miniature plants or greenhouses grown in sealable glass containers with soil and can be opened to maintain the plants inside. They are usually kept as decorative or ornamental items.

Growing terrarium plants is not very difficult, and because of the closed environment and transparent walls, they have easy access to heat and light. Once you have decided to get a terrarium, given below are few plants that you can choose from to create your unique DIY terrarium –

Top 11 Plants for DIY Terrarium Ideas

1. Moss


Moss is one of the most common terrariums that you will find in households. It makes a sophisticated choice for your center table. They are very stapled, and that is why easy to find. The two most popular kinds of moss are Scottish and Irish. You can grab any one of them or both to get started with your terrarium.

2. African Violet

African Violet

African violets are one of the most desirable plants because of their beautiful color and appearance. But growing them in the open can be a problem, and therefore terrarium is the perfect solution for them. It is advisable to grow them in potting soil initially and then transfer it to a close glass container.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants are one of the easiest plants to grow at home. As you can see in the picture above, the leaves grow in a long narrow pattern and are favorable to moist conditions. The bonus point of getting this plant is that it improves indoor air quality and absorbs harmful elements. 

4. Creeping Figs

Creeping Figs

Creeping figs have their own unique appearance. It comes in a dwarf style of its tree-like version, and therefore it looks like a forest when grown as a terrarium. Creeping fig requires regular pruning as it helps them to grow fast. This plant is not favorable to direct sunlight, and that is why make sure you keep it in a shadow for better and healthy growth.

5. Baby’s Tears

Baby’s Tears

Baby’s tears are also known as angel’s tears. They have tiny leaves and look stunning when grown in circular pots. It bounds to grow abundantly, so it is difficult to grow outside. But it fits perfectly in terrarium and gives a mountain-like look which gives your collection a unique turn.

6. Moon Valley Friendship Plant

Moon Valley Friendship Plant

Moon valley friendship plant stands out because of its delicate patterns and absolute deep-textured craters. It will make a stunning choice for your terrarium. Moon valley can grow a maximum of up to 12 inches and grow faster in low light. The best surprise is that you might even get to enjoy pink flowers.

7. Starfish Plant

Starfish Plant

Starfish plant grows very beautifully and makes an outstanding piece when combined with the terrarium concept. The starfish plant tends to change its color with the intensity of light. It is a slow-growing plant that can grow up to 6 inches. What makes it even more beautiful is the white flower that grows in the center of the plant.

8. Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant

Nerve plant leaves come in a shade of green and burgundy, and therefore it gives your terrarium a tropical edge. It grows better when under a moist atmosphere and the presence of warm air in the terrarium. Once this plant is fully mature, it can grow up to 12 inches. This tiny plant can be a good choice for your bedroom or kitchen.

9. Golden Clubmoss

Golden Clubmoss

Golden clubmoss has light green foliage, and that is why it will look great with another dark green plant in your terrarium. Even though it is compact in height, it is advisable to prune them regularly. Because it might grow up to only 6 inches, but it likes to spread out. It grows better when backed with moist soil, high humidity, and warmer zones.

10. Aquamarine


If you observe this plant closely, you will notice that it has tiny silvery-blue round leaves and is an excellent choice to include in your terrarium collection. It looks very classic, and you can also use it to create a beautiful background for your current terrariums. It grows better when kept in low light with high humidity.

11. Minimus Aureus

Minimus Aureus

Minimus Aureus is grassy in nature and comes with stunning golden foliage. It grows better when around moist soil constantly, and when the conditions are favorable, you will get tiny yellow-green flowers. This plant can also be used as a hanging terrarium, making your balcony look even more stunning.

How to Keep Your Plants Healthy in Terrarium

many plants can be a perfect fit for your terrarium, which also include bonsai and junipers. But if you really want your terrariums to stay healthy all year long then, there are few tips that you can use.

Kind of containers

Listed below are the containers that you can use to create terrariums –

  1. Bowls that are used to keep goldfish.
  2. Fish tank with a light bulb
  3. Coffee Pots
  4. Glass jars used to keep candies.

Sunlight Needs

There are three types of light that you can provide your terrarium with –

  1. Direct Sunlight
  2. Indirect Sunlight
  3. Artificial Sunlight

Know your plant very well before you keep them in anyone of the light.

Soil Requirements

Houseplant-soil, peat moss, or coco-coir are some kinds of soil that work perfectly for terrariums. However, for succulents, you should prefer well-drained soil like a sand or gravel mixture.


You can easily grow terrariums in airtight, but we recommend that you open them once a week for fresh air and better growth.

How Do they Smell?

Generally, terrariums do not smell. In fact, they tend to leave an earthy fragrance that helps you keep up with your mood and stress. However, if you still experience a smell, that means terrariums are rotting and it is time to say goodbye.

Use of Plastic

Use of plastic containers like the one made from acrylic works fine for terrariums. To avoid condensation, you can also buy anti-fog plastic containers. This might cost you on a higher side, but it allows enhanced visibility.

DIY Terrarium Kits

DIY terrarium kits are quite useful and work perfectly fine for beginners too. Many companies sell it on a retail basis after consulting with experts. You can also get terrarium kits for children; you can make it a fun activity for their growth.


several plants will make your DIY terrarium a hit. Depending upon all the external and internal conditions, choose the most appropriate plant. A plant that lasts longer and grows in the light that your home offers the best.

We hope we were able to help you with what you were looking for. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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