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What Is A Terrarium? a Complete In-Depth Insight 

What Is A Terrarium A Complete In-Depth Insight 

Theoretically saying, the whole idea of the terrarium is to build the specific habitats particular plants are used to grow in so they can thrive better. Besides providing plants with their usual habitat, it is also very fancy, and people often do it to elevate their home’s beauty element. Besides, it is a great gifting idea for plant lovers or anyone who loves to decorate their house with garden antiques and other unique pieces.

In this article today, you will know everything from types of terrariums along with some easy and doable terrarium ideas. The best part about this article is it is not some researched article with information that is all over the internet. This is filled with information from people who have firsthand experience of doing terrarium at home.

Terrariums are the tropical indoor garden that is simple and inexpensive to make but provides an expensive and unique look to the house. It might take some effort to create the terrarium, but once it is done, they are mostly hassled free.

Two types of terrariums are there,

  • Open
  • And closed ones.

Open ones are the ones that do not contain a lead, and closed ones are the ones completely closed and mostly airtight.

Basic Yet Important Equipment’s to Get Started with Making Terrariums at Home

As said before amid plant lovers with proper experience and knowledge always suggest starting with a minimal number of things if you are a beginner. And after you have mastered the art and science of it, you can add separate things to elevate its look.

  • Transparent Glass Pot: The first and foremost thing is a transparent glass pot to place the plants in. It can be any empty mason jar, recycled glass pot, used glass jar from the kitchen. Pick up whatever suits your needs better and get started with it. Some people even opt for colored glass pots, but you are suggested to start with transparent ones.
  • Pebbles: The next important ingredient is pebbles. You can find various types of pebbles at nurseries or even aquarium shops. You can also use the pebbles you have collected from the seas as a souvenir.
  • Horticultural Charcoal: Horticultural or Activated charcoal is very important for DIY terrariums. And you can easily find it at any nursery and box stores.
  • Coco Peat or Sphagnum Moss: This one is also extremely easy to get at any local nursery. These days you can get them from any online stores as well. They come very cheap and well packed.
  • Potting Soil Mix: Plants need proper soil mixture to thrive, that is why you must choose the right soil mix for the terrarium you are going to make. Various types of soil mixtures can be made depending on different plants. If you are confused, ask someone at the nursery, and they will help you out.
  • Choosing Plants: Well, there are no hard rules of creating a terrarium, but it is suggested to choose tropical plants if you are a beginner because they are low maintenance and thrives on their own.
  • The last two ingredients would be a small spade to give it your desired shape and a spray bottle to spritz water on them as they are too small to pour water directly on them.

That is all when it comes to terrarium ingredients. Below are some Pinterest and Instagram worthy terrarium ideas you can easily make at your home.

4 Beautiful Terrarium Ideas

1. Caged Terrarium

Caged Terrarium

As mentioned before, there are no hard rules for making a terrarium. You can pick up anything you want and create whatever you want with it. One such example is a caged terrarium.

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A caged terrarium will be counted as an open terrarium as it will have plenty of open space for the plants to breathe; you can also water them easily. Another bright side of using a terrarium is that it will be easy to hang anywhere you want.

2. The Fishbowl Terrarium

The Fishbowl Terrarium

This is the most common kind of terrarium, and you can find it everywhere. Fishbowls are easily available, and beginners mostly try to stick to basics while starting. Fishbowls are every bit as beautiful as any other type of terrariums.

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3. Mason Jar or Wine Bottle Terrarium

Mason Jar or Wine Bottle Terrarium

You can use any leftover wine bottle or mason jar from your kitchen and use them to make your little terrarium. Mason jars are okay the way they are, but you might need to cut the wine bottle into half and use the bottom part only.

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4. Glass Frame Terrariums

Glass Frame Terrariums

These types of terrariums are extremely fancy and a little bit hard to maintain. But they are usually the sturdiest ones. It would be best if you made them ordered from nurseries or local gift shops. You can do it too if you have all the types of equipment and, most importantly, a vision. Beginners might find them a bit quirky to work with, so it is better to avoid them at first.


Terrariums are undoubtedly beautiful, and if that is what you think about them, then this little yet descriptive and easy-to-understand article about terrariums and how you can make one at home will be beneficial to you. Hoping the simple DIY terrarium ideas will win your heart, and you will give them a try.

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