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15 Small Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas


You’re running late. You jolt awake and head to the kitchen. You’re trying to get some kind of boxed lunch together, but you can’t find anything.

You need to face it. Your kitchen is out of control.

We get it. Organizing a small kitchen isn’t easy. However, there are a few tricks that you can use that may make your kitchen a little bit more organized.

If you’d like to learn more about small kitchen storage and organization, keep reading.

1. Placing Lazy Susans

If you don’t have lazy susans in your kitchen yet, it’s time to hop on the trend. Lazy susans are the spinning trivets that you’ve probably seen everywhere.

They make it easy to store multiple bottles in a small space. Rather than sorting through all of the bottles in a cabinet, you just have to spin the trivet to find what you need.

2. Using Hooks

Put hooks everywhere! You can use hooks on your walls, hooks on your fridge, hooks on your cabinets, and even hooks on your doors.

Okay. We know. That was kind of cheesy, but we’re being serious.

Hooks are the best way to store anything and everything neatly and nicely. Whether you need to store pots, pans, mugs, rags, or anything in between, hooks are the best solution.

3. Making Pegboards

Pegboards are an up and coming trend in the kitchen community. If you have a wall in your kitchen that you need to utilize for space, you can put up a pegboard.

Instead of having random hooks around your kitchen, you can place a large pegboard with multiple hangable items. This is a great choice for people who want a more organized space for the items that they’re hanging.

4. Adding Drawers

If your cabinets aren’t equipped with drawers, you should consider adding them in. Adding some drawers in your cabinets can help you take advantage of vertical space that is likely to get lost in your cabinets.

If you’re wondering how to install cabinet drawers, we recommend starting by figuring out what you’d like to fit in the drawers and how you’d like to orient them in your chosen cabinet(s).

5. Organizing Drawers

Within your existing drawers (or the drawers that you’re going to build in your cabinets), you should organize. Buy drawer separators or some other kinds of dividers to keep objects categorized.

If you’re going to pick up this tip, it’s best to pre-organize your drawers and then buy dividers.

6. Packing Windowsills

If you have windows in your kitchen, you’ve found a new storage area. It may sound weird, but you can actually store kitchen items on your windowsills.

Hear us out. It may not seem like the cutest place to store items, but it can work for herb gardens, plants, jars, and similar objects.

7. Topping the Fridge

Use the space on top of your refrigerator if you aren’t already. It may not seem like the best place to store things, but it can be extremely useful for things that you don’t reach for often.

It may also be a great option for those of you who need extra space for drinks. Those drinks that aren’t being kept cold can be placed on top of the fridge.

8. Investing in a Utility Cart

Many people who live in smaller places have a utility cart that they store in a closet and bring out while they’re cooking. You might have seen these in television shows as well.

Utility carts are a collection of baskets that all belong to the same rolling cart. People usually place their most often used cooking ingredients and tools in this cart and pull it out every time they cook.

9. Labeling Everything

If you’re looking for an insanely organized kitchen, you need a labeler. Labels are the best way to keep the chaos at a minimum.

Plus, you’ll be able to find things a lot faster when everything’s labeled.

10. Clearing Countertops

It may seem like one of the easiest solutions to organizing your kitchen is to take up space on the counter. Wrong!

Keeping (the majority of) your counters clear will make your kitchen look clean even if everything around it is complete chaos.

11. Hiding Things

If you’re at a loss for how to hide some of your kitchen mess, it’s time to hang up a curtain. Whether you’d like to keep a shelf behind a curtain or shield your entire kitchen, you’ll find that this method could actually work.

If your kitchen is turning your entire living space into a disaster, hiding it behind a curtain may be the simplest way to hide visiting eyes.

12. Installing Shelves

Yes, we have another potential kitchen project for you: installing shelves. If you haven’t taken up all of the wall space in your kitchen yet, we’re sure that you can find some space to place some shelves on the wall.

Like with these kitchen ideas, there are budget-friendly ways of going about this. As with any project, we recommend organizing before installing.

13. Converting a Closet

If you have a closet that’s next to or somewhat near your kitchen, you might have yourself a pantry space.

Converting a closet into a pantry can help save a ton of kitchen space.

14. Storing Food

If you have food outside of your refrigerator, we recommend storing it in baskets. These are not only cute. They’re also functional in your small space.

For food safety, we recommend storing food items that won’t go bad easily outside of the fridge. Otherwise, you could make yourself sick.

15. Filling Baskets

If you’d rather not store any food outside of the fridge, you can always fill your baskets with other things.

Mostly, people fill kitchen baskets with cans and other nonperishables to keep them organized.

More on Kitchen Storage and Organization

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our kitchen storage and organization tips.

Give these tips a try and get ready to be amazed by your own kitchen.

If you’re looking for more, check out the rest of our blog.

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