How to Detect & Deal With Common Plumbing Issues at Home


Plumbing issues can wreak havoc on your home if they are not detected and dealt with early. If you have a leak or a problem with the water in your home, it can cause further structural damage to your property. With time this damage can be devastating to your home, resulting in expensive repairs and plenty of visits from your plumber.

While there are countless things that can go wrong with your plumbing, some issues tend to be more common than others. Understanding how to recognise these issues and deal with them effectively can help you to save money in the short and the long-term. It’s important to remember that if you find a plumbing issue in your home that you cannot repair yourself, to call in a professional as soon as possible to solve the problem and make any necessary repairs to ensure that the problem doesn’t persist moving forward.

So, with information gathered from plumbers in Melbourne, let’s take a quick look at some of the most common issues that occur in Australian homes and show you how you can deal with them properly.

Dripping Taps

Whether the issue is in the bathroom, the kitchen or with an outdoor tap, faulty faucets are a constant concern for homeowners. Having water dripping from your taps is not only wasteful but it can have an impact on your water bill over time. Your facet could be leaking because of a worn O-ring, an old cartridge or a bad washer. Replacing an O-ring or washer is relatively straightforward. However, if mineral deposits have clogged up your aerator, the cartridge will need to be replaced. This should be done routinely every few years and is better handled by an experienced plumber.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are one of the most common, and also most damaging, plumbing issues that homeowners face. While a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink, for example, might be simple to identify, a leaking pipe in your attic might not be detected quite as quickly. Pipes can leak for a multitude of reasons. If you suspect a leak, be sure to turn off the water supply and dry up as much of the water as possible. Call a professional to fix the issue and assess for any further damage that might need attention.

Toilet Problems

There are many components that come together to make your toilet and the flushing mechanism work correctly. Internally, there is a lot of water moving around and there is always the potential of a leak occurring. This can be simple to miss. However, if you notice your water bill increasing for no reason and you can’t find a leak, there’s a very good chance this will be the problem. The rubber flapper at the end of the tank can lose their shape easily over time, failing to correctly seal the tank. A new flushing mechanism inexpensive and can be installed with ease.

Clogged Drains

Every homeowner has experienced the pain of clogged drains at one point or another. When it comes to looking after your drains, prevention is always better than cure so be sure to install a drain sieve over your drain to prevent large materials from entering your pipes. If your drain does become blocked, you can try pouring a mixture of equal parts vinegar and baking soda to clear the clog. Avoid pouring toxic or hazardous chemicals down your drain as this can cause more harm than good in the long-term. If you cannot clear the drain yourself, be sure to call in the help of a professional who can clear the blockage properly so your drains can flow freely again.

Protect Your Home Against Plumbing Problems In The Future

Once your plumbing problems have been fixed, it’s important that you put measures in place to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future. For example, your drains may have become blocked from pouring too much cooking oil or fat down them over time, which is a habit you will need to change. Have your plumbing system inspected by a professional to identify any weak areas in your system that might need attention.

When it comes to your home plumbing, you need to be sure that you look after your system so that it performs as expected when you need it especially when you have any artificial water body like inground pool ideas, garden fountain etc. Failing to maintain your plumbing can result in minor plumbing issues in your home, which can quickly escalate into more serious problems down the line. Make sure that you check frequently for the leakage and replace all the hose with zero g hose for better results. Keep an eye out for signs of water damage such as stains on your walls or ceiling, musty odours or water accumulating in unusual areas of your home. Identifying these issues quickly will help you to protect your home in the future and ensure that your plumbing is always in tip-top condition.


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