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15 Ways to Get Creative with Old Tires

Ways to Get Creative with Old Tires

Tires, being made from solid rubber can be recycled in multiple ways. Given their strength and rigidity, you can make various DIY items out of old tires and make your home, office, studio, garden, or any other place look more colorful and attractive. Let’s look at a few things you can create by recycling old tires.

1. A Garden Table

A Garden Table

Firstly, wash the tire well. You will need to cut two circular plates of the size of the tire. Place one of them over the tire and another, under it. Tie this structure tightly with a rope. Then, paint it in any color you like. Cut small vertical columns of wood for the legs of the table. Use wood glue to stick them to the wooden circular plate at the bottom. Your table is ready.

2. Tire Planters

Tire Planters

There are multiple tire planter ideas to bring to life with old tires. However, the simplest one is to cover one side of the tire with a plastic sheet. Poke a few tiny holes in the sheet, so that there is no accumulation of water and it is drained out efficiently. You can then color the tire anyhow you like. Lastly, add layers of soil and seeds and make your garden look very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Tire Ottoman/ Tire Pouffe

Tire Ottoman Tire Pouffe

Clean the tire thoroughly since it will be all packed tight in the later stages. Make sure there is no odor or dirt left. Then, take a bundle of woolen rope and tie it all around the tire, well and tight. The sides as well as the upper and lower portion of the tire should be covered properly. You can add colors if you want. Your DIY Ottoman or Pouffe is ready.

4. Bed for Your Pet

Bed for Your Pet

Old tires can make up for a perfect and cozy bed for your pets. Get your tire that will fit your pet the best. Clean it well and ensure there are no sharp materials sticking out of it. Place a soft blanket under the tire or a cushion or a pillow inside the tire. Colour the tire. Your pet will love it. Ensure you do not keep it anywhere near gas or radiators as it can melt the rubber.

5. A Tire Swing

A Tire Swing

One of the best ways to use old tires is to make a garden swing of them. All you need is the tire and a thick rope. Tie one end of the rope to the tire and the other end to a high tree branch or bar. Ensure that both the knots are well tied and tight. You can paint it if you like, making it more attractive for the kids. Enjoy the makeshift swing.

6. Tire Mirror Frames

Tire Mirror Frames

Tires of a bicycle are the best fit for this one. All you have to do is paint the tire. Prefer colors that will match the ones on your wall. Get a mirror that is close to the size of your tire. You can either fit it in the tire or drill it into the rubber. You can make it more attractive by adding hanging plants, patterns of beads, etc. Install it to the wall by drilling.

7. Half Tire Hammocks

Half Tire Hammocks

Cut the tire into halves. The circumference of both halves should be equal. Draw two holes on both sides of the tires where they were cut. Insert a tight rope and tie tight knots, through both sides. Tie this up to poles or the ceiling.

8. Tire Garden Stairs

Tire Garden Stairs

Firstly, dig holes on the inclination where you want the tires to be. The holes should be the same size as the tires. They fit the tires one by one, in the holes. Reinforce their placement by adding soil in the middle of and around the tire. A big hammer or a shovel can help in the reinforcement. You can also paint the tires. Strewing some pebbles or rocks around and planting flowers around the tire stairs can make it more beautiful.

9. Tire Sandbox

Tire Sandbox

This is easily one of the easiest ways to recycle old used tires. You can make a sandbox for your kids. Clean it thoroughly first. Then, paint it with the favorite color of your kids. Cut a circular plate out of plywood, of the size of the tire and fit it inside the tire, for the base. Get it out in the garden and fill it completely with sand.

10. Tire Scarecrow

Tire Scarecrow

For this, you will need at least 3 tires and 2 small tubes of pipes. Keep the tires one over another. Paint a face over the tire placed uppermost. Place the pieces of pipes between the second and the third tire. These will constitute the hands of the scarecrow. Your scarecrow is ready. You can also keep shovels or gardening forks beside the scarecrow to make it appear more menacing to the birds.

11. Tire Umbrella Stand

Tire Umbrella Stand

You will need one tire and a driller for this. Make five to six holes in the tire, with the help of the driller. Take proper precautions while using the driller. Their size should be big enough to accommodate folded umbrellas. The water dripping from the umbrellas will be collected in the tire. Clean this from time to time. You can keep the tire leaning against a wall.

12. Tire Trash Bins

Tire Trash Bins

You will need at least two tires for this. Keep the tires one above another. Next, open and insert a trash bag within this. Fold the upper end of the bag around the tire kept the uppermost, to keep it intact with the structure of the tire. You can color the tires if you like. This is one of the easiest ways to upcycle old tires.

13. Tire Christmas Wreath

Tire Christmas Wreath

For this, you will need one tire, rope, some fairy lights, and a red ribbon. Clean the tire and let it dry well. Then tie the rope around the tire on one side as shown in the picture. Circle the fairy lights around the tire. Next, tie the ribbon on one side, and make a dainty knot out of it. Hang this in a place where you will be able to connect the fairy lights to the electrical plug or an extension. You can add more decorative items as you like.

14. Tire Patio Furniture

Tire Patio Furniture

Draw holes on the tire long the circumference. The holes should be placed at equal intervals of distance. Then, pass the nylon rope through one hole inside the tire. Bring the extension of the same rope out through the hole opposite to the hole used previously. Then make a tight knot to make it intact. Repeat these through pairs of oppositely placed holes as shown in the picture below.

15. Tire Coffee Table

Tire Coffee Table

This is the same as the tire table mentioned previously. The only difference is the top of the table. Instead of a circular piece of plywood, use a circular piece of plane glass on the top for this table. Drill holes in the tire and the glass. Make the glass intact with the tire with the help of nuts. Clean the dust settling on the glass from time to time.

Wrapping Up

These were the 15 ways you can upcycle old tires innovatively. This way, you will also end up saving money, and recycling the old tire will keep things more sustainable.

Save this article for when you have an old tire and want to get creative with it.

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