11 Plants That Can Thrive in a Small Closed Terrarium

Plants That Can Thrive in a Small Closed Terrarium

If you are a gardening lover then this article is for you and these few minutes read will change your life a lot like a gardener. You may think that gardening is possible outside only, however, you will be amazed to know that you can also take your plants indoors. These plants can be small terrariums and they will make the interior of your house a more beautiful place.

Terrariums are popular for their compact structure, and they are also low-maintenance plants with a decorative value.  They are so compact that you can put them on your dining table or study table as well for freshness. People often get confused with terrariums as these are mini-ecosystems grown in closed jars and terrariums can be grown in open systems too.

There are some terrariums that do not need any care except the fact they need just proper sunlight and water. They grow on their own, so no maintenance is needed in their case.

Terrarium Plants

Terrarium Plants

Terrarium plants are very cool, smallest, and very easy growing plants that can be grown indoors as well. If you are not good at taking care of plants due to less time or any other reason and at the same time you also want them to be around you then, terrariums are the best option for you.

Terrariums are so flexible so you can have them as you need them to be large or small according to the requirement. They make your home worth living and provide you with fresh surroundings.

Let us first discuss the basic things that you need to know before having your own terrariums as you may be new to them.

  • You can choose different shapes and vessels like you can use glass globes, bulbs, and jars as well for your small and amazing terrarium plants.
  • You can grow ferns and air plants as well with this concept.
  • You can make attractive landscapes and sea beach infrastructure within the vessels and put your plant in between to make it attractive and eye-catcher.
  • You can also put in some seashells, pebbles, and small rocks as well to give them a real look.

Let us have a look at the best terrarium plants for your home. They will be the coolest ones and easy to maintain as well. Since we will discuss closed terrariums here, however, there are some other types of terrariums as well.

Plants That Do Well in a Small Closed Terrarium

Plants That Do Well in a Small Closed Terrarium

Except for open terrariums, closed terrariums are a bit more perplexing to maintain. So, you need to be active and expert if you decide to have closed terrariums. They look so beautiful and act as tiny gardens with tiny plants and self-sustaining nature.

Tropical plants are the best for closed terrariums so you can choose them and move forward. However, there is an interesting fact you need to note down that the tropical plants can also overgrow their vessels so you may also need to transplant them from time to time.


Peperomia is also known as Peperomia Pellucida. There are very attractive compact plants and low-growing plants as well. Some have white or red leaves. However, some have green leaves as well. These tropical plants grow well in humid conditions. There is great news that there are thousands of species of Peperomia and you can choose from them anytime as per your interest and requirement.


Ferns are another category of closed terrarium plants. Ferns prefer to grow in warm and moist conditions. Maidenhair fern is a very popular small growing fern, and most people love to have them as their terrarium plant. If you want to add volume to your terrarium then you can add ferns to it. If you prune your ferns regularly then they will grow to the fullest.

Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plant is also known as Hypoestes Phyllostachya. You can add to the beauty of your terrarium with this polka dot plant. This plant is also warm and moisture-loving so it will be good to have them in closed vessels or bottles as per their nature. They have very beautiful and colorful leaves including white, red, purple, and green as well. If the conditions are according to the polka dot plant, it will also produce beautiful small lavender-colored flowers in summer.

Nerve Plants

Nerve Plants are also called Fittonia. Nerve plants look rich in appearance, and they are colorful tropical plants, so they also come with their requirements to survive. They love warm temperatures, high humidity around as well as partial shade. They can also survive in full shade so the shade can be between partial to full. They are completely okay with both conditions. These plants do not grow very large so they can easily be grown and put indoors. They can grow up to 15 cm maximum.


Mosses are another type of small and beautiful plant that do not grow very high so they can easily be taken under small terrariums. These also do not interfere with the other plants in the terrarium. They love to be in moist conditions and under low light. If you want to give a woodland look then you should go for carpeting mosses’ layering.

Some Other Small Terrarium Plants

Miniature Orchids

Miniature Orchids

We all love to see and have orchids and it is good news for the orchid lovers that you can also have them indoors. These are mini orchids and look so cool blooming in the terrarium. These grow well in warm and humid conditions. So, closed vessels and setup suits them well.

Strawberry Begonia

Strawberry Begonias are also known as Saxifraga Stolonifera. These are the best and perfect for your terrarium plants. They do not grow much taller so that is the reason, it is easy to handle them indoors. They usually grow no more than 8 inches in height. They also give beautiful white-colored star-shaped flowers during spring. So, it is very cool to consider this as well.

Miniature English IVY

Miniature English IVY is also called Hedera Helix. These are very tiny, pointed, and dark leaves carrying plants. These look so attractive and beautiful to be the perfect option for your terrariums. The vine of these plants is so easy to grow and serves the purpose of ground cover as well. The best thing about these plants is that they grow less vigorously than the other species of IVY however, you need to prune them daily to let them be in shape.



Bonsai is a species of plants that can be grown in open as well as closed terrariums. They have very few root systems and this makes them the best and ideal plants for a terrarium. There are tropical species as well like Aralia that can be well grown under a closed terrarium. Bonsai also need fresh air so if that is provided to them, it will be very good for your terrarium with bonsai.

Baby’s Tears

This plant is also known as Soleirolia Soleirolii. This plant is the best for ground covering plants as it gives tiny and green leaves that serve the purpose of the mat for the complete plants in the terrarium. Another well-known thing about this plant is that it grows small leaves however they need continuous pruning as well. As it is a small plant so it can easily be put in any small terrarium. It will enhance the beauty of your terrarium.


Pilea also belongs to tropical plants, and they need low to medium light to survive. They look so beautiful and best suited for closed terrariums. You can have them in enclosed glass containers, and they need less maintenance as polka dot plants. They do not grow more than 30 cm, so it is very good to have them indoors in small terrariums.

So, here are the coolest closed terrarium plants to give an amazing look to your home. However, you need to give some attention to some aspects before having terrarium plants as they do not need much care but watering them at times, pruning the leaves, keeping a check on proper sunlight availability and the fertilizing process need to be ensured as well. Note down the points and you can have your favorite terrarium as per your choice.

Most people skip the part of fertilizers so it will result in less growth of plants and some plants die due to malnutrition. Except for all the above points, you need to ensure proper cleaning of the terrarium weekly or biweekly as per the species you have. Now you are good enough with terrariums.

Good Luck!

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