28 Awesome Simon Says Ideas (and How To Play) In 2021

28 Awesome Simon Says Ideas (and How To Play) In 2020

Children are like a growing plant. They need a lot of attention and care. If you have made a mistake while in their upbringing, then it is going to affect them whole their life. Like a growing plant, you can bend them wherever you want, and the way where you are bending is going to affect their life and will also play a significant role in their attitude as well.

Parenting is not a piece of cake; instead, it is a very tough task, and only a few parents can accomplish it brilliantly. Therefore, you have to be very calm and always have to do your work honestly.

Kids catch the activities and actions of their parents very quickly. Therefore, you also have to control yourself, and you have to be a good guy in front of them so that they can catch your actions and follow you.

One of the great ways to make them happy and teach them lessons in sports. Playing sports with them is going to help you and your kids a lot. They will learn a lot of qualities through sports, which is going to help them a lot in their future.

In this article, we are going to discuss a viral game, and children love to play. Simon Says is a funny game that enhances life skills in children. So, let us know how to play and what is its benefits and some more exciting talks.

What is Simon Says

Simon says it is a game that you can play with your kids. This game requires a commander who has to command other kids, and they will follow them, and if someone failed to do so, then he or she is going to get out of this game.

This is one of the classic games which not only makes kids happy, but it also helps them to gain some lessons while playing, and the unique thing about it is they will not know that this game is to enhance their qualities. Instead, they are going to enjoy it. This is a perfect thing that kids will learn some essential qualities through a game.

This game is viral and parents play with their kids in their yard, and it is okay if played at the open ground as the open field makes kids more energetic and open-minded as well. You can also play this game at some family gatherings, or if you are at your relative’s place, then it is going to be more fun when kids of both the houses will join this game. The more the number of kids more exciting and energetic, the game will be.

How to Play Simon Says

How to Play Simon Says

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The rules are straightforward and the procedure is also simpler. To play this game, an open area will be right, like a garden, backyard, or places like that. When you have selected the place now, it’s time to get the players. Players here are the kids.

Get as many kids as possible, and if you live with your family only, then you can play with them quickly, but remember that the kids get bored very quickly so, don’t play this game for too long. More the kids more interesting the game will be. When you have a place and players, then you are ready to go.

Now, you have to announce the rule and regulations to the kids in an as simple way as possible. The method of playing is that the kids have to follow your commands. But, here is the trick, whatever commands you will deliver should start with “Simon Says.” Tell the kids that they have to follow only those commands, which starts with the phrase “Simon Says.”

Kids then have to follow these commands and who failed to do so will be out of this game, and the last one standing is going to be the winner of this game. If you delivered command and kids followed it but, it doesn’t start with the phrase “Simon Says,” then the kids who followed your command are going to get out of this game.

This game seems quite simple, but actually, it is not. It tests children’s adaptive skills and abilities to receive and react. They have to focus on your words and then have to interpret your commands and have to react quickly as well. This will not only make them active but will also help them to focus and surely going to enhance their brain activity as well.

To understand more clearly, we are going to give you a brief overview of this game.

Simon (you or the person giving commands) will say:-

  • Simon says clap.
  • Simon says jump.
  • Simon says, sit down.
  • Take a spin.

Whoever spins will be out of this game as this command doesn’t start with the phrase “Simon Says,” and the rest will continue the game with you. Whoever lasts till the end will be declared as the winner.

Some Simon Says you can use While Playing

  1. Simon says, touch your nose.
  2. Simon says, blow a kiss.
  3. Simon says, put your hands up.
  4. Simon says, act like a monkey.
  5. Simon says, bend on your knees.
  6. Simon says, put your one feet up.
  7. Simon says, hands on your waist.
  8. Simon says, pat on your forehead.
  9. Simon says bark like a dog.
  10. Simon says, standstill.
  11. Simon says dance.
  12. Simon says, shout out loud.
  13. Simon says, tell your name.
  14. Simon says, tell your friend’s name.
  15. Simon says, laugh out loud.
  16. Simon says blink.
  17. Simon says, jump three times.
  18. Simon says to do three sit-ups.
  19. Simon says, comb your hair.
  20. Simon says to point out the chair.
  21. Simon says, hold your hair.
  22. Simon says, act like a zombie.
  23. Simon says, brush your teeth.
  24. Sumon says, act like a ghost.
  25. Simon says, lie down.
  26. Simon says, touch your feet toes.
  27. Simon says, make a gun from your hand.
  28. Simon says to become an animal.
  29. Simon says, looks in anger.

These are some. The Simon sayings which you can use while playing. It just seems simple, but when you will start playing, the Simon sayings will be easy, but after some time, you will not be able to speed up your commands as you will be getting out of your commands. Therefore, don’t get tensed and stay calm and enjoy the game with the kids.

How to become a Great Simon

In this game, the side of the kids is much easier to do than the role of Simon. Being a fabulous Simon is a tough job. You have to be very good at commanding. You have to make sure that everybody loves this game, the game should be exciting and funny for the children, you have to make sure that no one gets bored while playing, you have to make sure that you never get out of ideas and many more such things you have to deal with and then only you can become a fabulous Simon and the kids will always want to play with you.

To help you a bit in achieving a TGA of fabulous Simon from the kids, we will share some tips with you. These tips are not random; instead, it has come up. With the experience of playing Simon says for years. So, let us start now.

1. Instructions Rate and Speed

This one is the most important thing to consider while playing Simon says with kids. You are giving commands at regular intervals of time. Will make you sound boring, and kids will start losing interest in this game which you will never want to happen..therefore change the speed of your commands in between and say 1 one Simon is saying in one second then say 3 Simon sayings in one second and this way you can change the speed of your commands. This will make kids go crazy, and they will enjoy it a lot.

2. Bring Complexity

The first thing you should know is that it is not only for kids; instead, you can play it with teenagers as well. Therefore while playing with kids, make it more simple and as the age of kids increases, increase the command’s complexity as well. You can make it more twisty while playing with teenagers, and for toddlers or kids of age between 2 to 5, keep it more simple and funny.

3. Be Educative

You can also spell out your commands so that they can understand by their own what you have said and act accordingly. You can also teach them shapes and colors and languages by commanding to point at shapes, colors and saying something in different languages which kids are learning.

4. Do Involve Yourself In-Game as Well

You should also enjoy the game with kids as this game is a two-way game, and interaction and action of both the party is significant. Therefore, interact with kids throughout the game and let your commands run wild and exciting.


Simon says, have a positive impact on kids. It helps them to be the focus, active, and interpretation skills also enhance this game. All of this is scientifically proven and has also come up in The New York Times as well. It is a classic game that has maintained its popularity.

In this world, where addiction to smartphones is taking over kids, these types of games will be the savior for them. This is going to help your kids a lot, and your kids will spend some time with you, and your family will be together, which is a rare thing in this time where everyone is busy with their smartphones. Spend some time with their kids and let them know that you love them a lot.

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