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3 Tips for Organizing and Maintaining a Neat Living Room


Have you ever looked at photos of beautifully decorated living rooms and wondered how they do it? It seems like everything is always so neat and tidy, but it’s not as hard as you might think to achieve that look in your own home.

Having a nice and tidy living room with indoor plants has become the guarantee of wanting to come back home every day. Especially since the pandemic isn’t over yet, and you still need to work from home.

Having a neat and organized living room translates into having a more organized work ethic and schedule that would benefit your lifestyle. Keep reading for three easy ways to get started!

Make More Room with Hidden Storage

Furniture isn’t about occupying space only; it can also add space to your living room. There are plenty of options for a table, for instance, with hidden storage available or getting wheelbarrow storage for that matter.

You can use that to store things that aren’t of ultimate necessity but do come in handy sometimes in the living room. Those can be books, utensils, or some equipment you use to clean the room.

If your furniture lacks hidden storage, you can do two things: You can either build some shelves into your sofa or under the table and use that unoccupied area. Yes, it might require a little bit of an investment, but if you make sure that it’s hidden, then why not?

The less clutter you see around the house, the better and calmer you would feel. On the other hand, you can dispose of or sell old furniture by using services of junk removal in Seattle and get more comfortable and more efficient furniture.

Devote Time to Living Room Census

Let’s be honest, do you use and do you need everything in your living room? The chances are high that you don’t need at least 30 percent of what is stored there.

You may find that you have collected old periodicals and newspapers and kept them here and there. Even though you might enjoy having them at arm’s length, devoting some time to implementing a living-room census would help you keep what you truly need. You may even find that there are things you can sell or trade in and make some additional income. For example, you kept devices or items that you bought but never used.

Another benefit of such a census is that it can help you list the things you have in your living room and keep you from unnecessary purchases. Before buying something, have a quick look at that list: maybe you already have what you wanted to purchase.

Simple tip: Use Tabletop Organizers.

Placing items on a tabletop or a bookshelf is an excellent way to showcase them. However, this problem is that you tend to forget about it and leave it there for peeking eyes to see. Instead, choose tabletop organizers where you can place the frequently used things. This would help you keep track of your stuff without the hassle.

Use Baskets and Containers

You may want to make a home for everything, but it will run out pretty fast if your space is limited. However, there is a beautiful and living-room-friendly solution to that problem. You can use baskets and containers that would occupy less space and keep everything organized and available at once.

Imagine knowing where each item of your living room is without having to search each corner and shelf. Make a specific basket for the newspapers and another for toys if you have a baby or a pet.

Also, you can look around and see that some corners can house a beautiful container – a cupboard or a small cabinet. There, you can store things that you need frequently but can’t find quickly. For example, your planner, books you need often, or items you take when you go for a walk or shopping.

Bonus Tip: Develop a Cleaning Routine

Whether you live alone or not, it’s essential to set a weekly cleaning schedule or at least twice a month (deep cleaning: kitchen, living room, etc.).

Dust, mold, bacteria can infest your living space, especially if it’s too damp or if you’re surrounded by nature. Though breathing in the fresh air will do you good, remember that air can also bring in particles that can irritate your lungs.

Ensure to clean and dust your furniture and vacuum your floor often. The best you can do is assign a cleaning date on your mobile device’s calendar to alert you of that day.

Clean while you have your coffee in the morning or while watching TV at night. Doing this would not only keep track of keeping things tidy, but it would also be relaxing. If you’re too busy and can’t do the cleaning yourself, then seeking cleaning services is the way to go.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a neat living room! Happy Organizing!

Sandy Jensen
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