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Owning a pool in your home is a great benefit that comes with endless perks. Entertainment, exercise, and leisure are all accessible with a pool right in your backyard. It is great to have a pool, but it can be pretty demanding to ensure optimal pool water quality.

Having excess chlorine, minerals, and contaminants in your pool water can be harming not only your skin and hair but your health as well. That’s why it is so crucial to monitor and maintain above-ground pool water quality at all times.

It has been proven that implementing structured water in your pool can provide you with elevated cleanliness and phenomenal benefits.

How does structured water work, and why should you have it in your pool? Let’s break it down and find out!

What should every pool owner have?

Owning a pool is truly a gift that keeps on giving, but it comes with a fair share of maintenance duties. With this in mind, there are a few items every pool owner should have to keep the pool in tiptop condition:


Shock is a crucial chemical component to keeping your pool pristine and sanitized at all times. Though chlorine kills the majority of the bacteria, shock offers that in a much higher dose. This eliminates all contaminants and bacteria while also treating mild cases of algae.

Test strips

Test strips are another vital tool to have in your arsenal! Incorporating test strips will help you determine what exact chemicals are missing and should be added into the pool to keep it bacteria-free.

They’re super easy to use; you simply wet the strip for a few seconds with the pool water, which will cause the strip to change color; this color change indicates varying chemicals. Once you compare the color from the strip to the chart, you can determine which chemicals are necessary. The strips measure the pH levels, alkalinity, chlorine (free and total), and hardness, among other measurements. Note that it is recommended to test your pool weekly.


A skimmer is a handy tool to help remove any extra debris floating in your pool. Usually, the skimmer has a long pole with a flat net, but some skimmers have interchangeable heads such as leaf bags or brush heads. It’s a simple and easy tool to help you reach and remove all the leaves, toys, flower petals, or even insects.

Pool Cover

A pool cover helps keep your pool safe and clean whenever you’re not using it. There are many different pool covers, but the most common pool covers are winter, solar, and leaf.

  • Winter pool cover, as the name suggests, is there to protect your pool from the cold but also to avoid any accidents that could occur due to cold weather.
  • A leaf pool cover can be used independently or in conjunction with winter pool covers even if you have a leaf filter. Its main aim is to prevent any leaves from going into the pool. It’s not the most essential but can be exceptionally useful if you live in wooded areas.
  • A solar pool cover is an optional tool, but it is helpful in case you would like to use your pool for more months out of the year. The blanket can heat your pool up to 15 degrees, allowing you to swim in cooler spring or fall seasons.

Pool Water Treatment

Water treatment solutions are a great way to remove the hardness from the pool water and keep it sanitized and clean. There are many different types of water treatments that focus on varying degrees of purification, one of which is the vortex treatment that turns your pool water into structured water. As we mentioned above, structured water can transform your pool experience drastically. Let’s see how:

Understanding Structured Water

Chemically speaking, structured water is merely an H20. Moreover, it is the water in its most natural form. What distinguishes structured water from regular tap water is its micro-clustered molecular structure. This exact shape is found within the water in most natural untouched sources, such as mountain glaciers and springs. Observations have shown that structured water occurs when it goes through a specific ebb and flow, giving the water its spectacular structure.

All benefits of structured water are lost once the water goes through treatment systems with added chemicals and continuous pumping through the pipes. The structure can be restored through a water treatment known as vortex water treatment. A highly innovative treatment that takes into account the exact flow form of the water and mimics it, which in turn restores the hexagonal micro-clustered molecules.

Vortex Structured Water Benefits

We talked about what vortex structured water is and how it works, but what are its benefits that are so phenomenal? Let us tell you all about them.

Continuous self-cleaning

One of the most astonishing abilities of vortex water is its ability to self-clean continuously. This not only keeps the water clean and rids all harmful contaminants, but it constantly continues to do so. Structured water has the ability to keep untreated water clean as well! This allows you to have lower chlorine levels in your pool, as water is more sterile from the beginning.

Balanced pH levels

An imbalance of pH levels can be quite troublesome as both high alkalinity and high acidity can be problematic. For instance, high alkalinity can cause scaling around the pool or near the equipment. Likewise, acidity and alkalinity will affect chlorine levels, which will disrupt the decontamination process. Structured water ensures balanced pH levels to fall between 6.8-7.2.

Retains Essential Minerals

Although vortex water eliminates all the harmful contaminants and bacteria present in the water, it ensures all the essential minerals are not removed. This keeps your hair and skin still in good condition, as chlorine tends to strip our bodies of moisture.

Increased Hydration

Due to the hexagonal structure of vortex water, it has the unique ability to penetrate the skin deeper and provide better and longer hydration. Your skin and hair will no longer be itchy or irritated after long swims.

How Does The Pool Vortexor Enhance Water?

Vortex water has immense benefits, as we have just seen, but how does it apply to pool water exactly? There are immediate and long-term effects of using vortex water in your pool. For instance, algae growth will be part of the past! You won’t have to worry about cleaning up a green pool anymore.

On top of that, the overall chlorine and chemical use are reduced by 30%! This is great since such chemicals can harm our bodies in the long term, even if they are necessary for pool disinfection. With less use of the chemicals, any irritation or allergy will be eliminated.

In addition, mineral deposits will be part of the past; you won’t have to constantly worry about the decay and upkeep of your pipes and equipment. The benefits don’t end there, though; there are more structured water has to offer:

  • Lower start-up and shut-down times
  • Lower pool maintenance requirements
  • Lower operation cost
  • Eliminated unpleasant odor from chlorine

Vortex water will enhance your swimming experience and transform the high-maintenance activity into leisure.

Buy Vortex Water Revitalizer for your Swimming Pools

Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is a highly innovative and revolutionary water treatment solution to getting structured vortex water in your homes and pools. As we mentioned, vortex water occurs during the natural ebb and flow of water; such movement is mimicked through Vortex Water Revitalizer™ by implementing a double spiral flow form. This water treatment system allows your water to retain its hexagonal micro-clustered molecular shape and regain its remarkable properties.

With simple and easy installation, you’ll have all the benefits of vortex water within your pool and more!

  • No more continuous upkeep and high-maintenance pools! Limescale, algae, and mineral build-up will be part of the past.
  • Skin and hair become more supple! You won’t have irritation or allergic reactions due to chemical additives.
  • Better odor in general. The pool won’t stink, and neither will all your towels and clothes after using the pool.
  • Feel more hydrated and energized after every swim.
  • Water treatment doesn’t require any maintenance or replacement; it’s a one-time purchase that will last you a lifetime.
  • The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ provides even more benefits for all customers. You’ll be able to receive a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 10-Year Limited Warranty when you purchase a water treatment for your pool.

Having structured vortex water in your homes and pools has never been easier. Check out The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ for more information on the perfect model for your pool!

Dave Petty
Dave Petty earned his Master’s in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University, focusing his 20-year career on inground pool construction and hydraulic systems. Since joining our website as a freelancer in 2020, Dave has provided insights into custom pool designs, construction techniques, and sustainability in pool maintenance. His background includes roles in architectural engineering and as a water feature designer. Beyond work, Dave is a mountain biking enthusiast and a volunteer in local water conservation projects.

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