5 Amazing Gifts You Can Surprise Your Remote Workers With


They say that happy employees equate to happy customers, right? Well, every sentence in this statement is true, and there’s no better way to cheer up an employee than getting them a thoughtful gift. But we now live in a world where more and more people are embracing working from home and digital nomadism, thanks to the many benefits it comes with!

Perhaps including yours, many businesses too are now allowing certain staff members to work remotely. So, what are some of the best items you can get for such a staff member when it comes to gifting? Read on to discover five awesome options.

Why is Remote-Working On the Rise?

If you guessed right, the Covid-19 pandemic is a major contributor to the increased remote work opportunities around the globe. However, working remotely also comes with several other benefits, both to the employee and the employer. Among other things, it is said to help increase productivity, save money, reduce costs, and minimize work-related stress.

What Makes a Great Gift for the Remote Worker in Your Life?

Plainly put, a great gift for a remote employee should be something thoughtful and usable. Something that will make the recipient feel appreciated and cared for. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

5 Gift Ideas to Show Your Remote Worker You Care

1. A Stunning Houseplant

Does your intended recipient perform their roles remotely from a home office? If so, you can never go wrong with a green friend as a gift. Specifically, the snake plant was actually mentioned in a recent piece about the gift ideas for employees by the Bouqs. Apart from being elegant and creating a calming vibe, these potted plants or terrariums thrive well in just about any environment with minimal care. Other great options include cactus, bonsai tree, Swiss cheese, and monsteras.

2. A Convertible Standing Desk

The lack of comfortable and ergonomic furniture is one of the most common challenges faced by remote workers. Whether they are working from a dedicated home office space or using the dining table, sitting for an entire day can be quite taxing, which can in turn impede productivity. This is why a convertible standing desk makes a great gift. It allows the person to easily switch into a standing position to avoid stiffness, backache, neck, and pain.

3. Gift Card

Gift cards never get old when it comes to showing appreciation. If you’d rather not second-guess the kind of gift your recipient would find usable, consider getting them a gift card to a local store, restaurant, or online store. Higher chances are that they’ll love it!

4. A Coffee Maker

As earlier mentioned, remote workers face various challenges that make it harder to get through the day. Some common ones when working from home may include distractions and loneliness while at work, some of which can tamper with one’s energy, psyche, and creative juices. This is when a good cup of Joe comes in handy, making a coffee machine a wise gift for your staff member.

5. A Gym Membership

Amid the freedom that comes with working remotely, one also needs to stay organized, healthy, and active to maintain productivity at work. This means exercising regularly, so they feel better and stay energetic. A gym and spa membership subscription with a hot tub or steam room can thus make a great gift if at all they don’t already have one.

Workers are often motivated and more energetic when they feel cared for and appreciated. A gift from the boss can be a great way to show appreciation. If your employee is working remotely, you might find just the best gift to surprise them with from this list.

Emilia Post
Emilia Post has an authority on etiquette and gift-giving and has been enriching our content with her unique insights since 2019. She holds a BA in Communications and a background in public relations, which has honed her understanding of the social nuances in gift-giving. Her expertise stems from her former public relations and event planning roles, where she mastered the intricacies of social etiquette. In her spare time, Emilia enjoys hosting dinner parties and practicing floral arrangements, seamlessly blending her personal and professional interests.

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