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5 Best Eco-Friendly Paper Towels Options For You


Trusted for its durability and quality of products, paper towels have over the years gained prominence in household management and have pushed aside other regular alternatives like upcycled rags or tissues paper. With the improvement in the production of paper towels by various companies and top brands, the sole aim of providing a more efficient and effective means of keeping clean household gadgets, kitchen and toilet areas, paper towels have superseded other types of towels for carrying out household chores and the like.

Consequent to this, there has been a rapid leap in the quality of paper towels produced by different brands and companies in the industry. Hence, a sort of competition had arisen in the perfect market as to which of these paper towels stands out as the best among others, which stirred up the huge question

What guarantees a good paper towel?

Paper towel is a composition of cellulose, a certain plant material that may include cotton or wood. The molecules making up this cellulose are biologically designed to attract and absorb water molecules, which makes it much easier to soak up water from a surface. It is also important to note that some paper towels come with tiny crevices imprinted on them, which aid easier grip in the hand. Some brands as well designed their paper towels in different sizes of full sheets. These are merely marketing strategies mapped out to stand out among other competitors. However, quality is bound to speak for itself.

So below are the 5 best eco-friendly paper towels options for you.

Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels

Brawny paper towels have stood out as the best, so far, in terms of affordability, and still retain their durability and efficiency. That is to say, the 128 sheets contained in a single roll of paper towels are capable of dealing with any form of mess on a surface area, irrespective of how sticky the spot could be. Brawny paper towels remain the only paper towels brand that comes with horizontal and vertical perforations for tearing off to use on decks and patios. This makes it much easier to tear off sheets one at a time. They are also soft like cotton, just so it would be comfortable in the hand.

Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels

Although Bounty paper towels are quite costlier compared to other paper towels, after judging how much just a sheet can mop up dirt areas with ease, you will be left with no doubt that indeed, it is worth its price tag. Their towels are quite sturdy and absorb liquid twice as much as other paper towels. Also, their rough and sturdy quality makes them a perfect fit for scrubbing out sticky spots.

Kitchen + Home Bamboo Towels

Bamboo has over the years stood out as a fast-growing paper towel raw material. As it remains a fast-growing plant that needs just a little water to bloom, it has been a more sustainable raw material compared to the use of trees for towel manufacturing. So bamboo towels stand as a huge alternative for a more eco-friendly surrounding.

One unique aspect of bamboo paper towels is that some of the products are designed so they can be reused! You simply watch gently after use, or with the use of a washing machine, and you air dry. There you have it. Unlike other reusable towels, their thickness and soft texture stand out among others. It only becomes a challenge trying to store already torn-off towels.

Five Two Compostable Sponge Clothes

By merely hearing the name alone, it’s obvious that these materials are not paper towels, but I felt the necessity to include them on the list because they are sturdy and strong. Constable Sponge Cloths can alternatively be used for dishing washing as well as a surface wipe. Unlike other varieties of sponge clothes that are stiff and hard to use, these brand products are much more flexible to use. And they can, just like the bamboo towels, be washed in and reused.

Best Recycled: 365 Everyday Value Paper Towels

Made from hundred percent recycled materials, 365 Everyday Value Paper Towels absorb moisture just as other paper towels. And you won’t have to worry about the material being eco-friendly or not, since it is purely made from recycled materials. They contain zero inks or dyes or any form of chemicals. Although everyday value paper towels do not hold as much moisture as Brawny or Bounty towels, they are sure to do an amazing job.

There are a lot more amazing options you can choose from to soothe your satisfaction which is not limited to this article, but so far, these listed above are top in the chart board. And there you have it. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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