Can AeroGarden plants be potted?

Can AeroGarden plants be potted?

AeroGarden is a fantastic way to grow herbs and veggies indoors, but sometimes you might wonder if you can transplant those growing little plants into traditional pots or garden beds.

AeroGardens are popular for their simplicity and ability to help you grow plants without soil in a controlled environment.

But what happens when your aerogarden bounty outgrows their space, or you want to try growing them in soil? We’ll break down the possibilities and offer you simple tips and advice for successfully potting your AeroGarden plants.

So, if you’re thinking about giving your AeroGarden plants a new home or just curious about the options. We’ll provide all the basic information you need to make informed decisions about your indoor gardening.

The AeroGarden System

The AeroGarden System

AeroGardens are a cool air for anyone to use. They’re special systems that use water, plant food, and special lights to help plants grow. What’s great is that they come with little seed pods inside, which have all sorts of plants in them.

Even if you’ve never gardened before, you can use AeroGardens to grow your fresh veggies and herbs all year round. These clever devices take away the guesswork and make it super simple to have a little garden right in your home. Just add water & watch your plants grow.

Enjoy tasty produce anytime you want. Gardening has never been so easy and fun.

Steps for Transplanting AeroGarden Plants

Step 1: Choose the Right Time

Choose the Right Time

Let your AeroGarden plants grow a bit before moving them. Wait until they’re around 4-6 inches tall and have strong roots. This way, they’ll be ready for their new spot easily. You can tell they’re good to go when they’ve reached this size.

Once they’ve grown to this height and have tough roots, it’s time to give them a new home. This ensures they can settle in nicely and keep growing. Just wait a bit, and soon, your AeroGarden plants will be big and strong enough to make a move to their new spot.

Step 2: Prepare New Containers

Prepare New Containers

When you’re moving plants to new pots or garden beds, it’s important to pick the right ones. Look for containers with holes at the bottom so water can flow out easily. This helps prevent your plants from getting too much water. Next, think about the dirt or growing stuff. Different plants prefer different types of dirt.

For example, cacti like sandy dirt, while some flowers do better in rich dirt. Make sure the dirt matches what your plant needs. By choosing pots with good drainage and the right dirt, you’re giving your plants a better chance to grow well in their new homes.

Step 3: Root Health

Root Health

Look carefully at your plant’s roots. See if there are any issues, like damage or rot. If you find problems, gently cut off the bad parts. This keeps your plant healthy and helps it grow well.

Remember, roots are the plant’s base, so it’s essential to keep them in good condition. Just as you care for yourself, plants need care too. By tending to your plant’s roots, you ensure it stays strong and thrives, resulting in a happy, healthy plant.

Step 4: Soil Acclimation

Soil Acclimation

Help your plant settle into its new soil by doing these easy steps. First, put it in the pot or garden bed for a little while, like a short visit. Then, make the time it spends there longer bit by bit.

This slow adjustment keeps your plant from getting surprised or stressed by the change. Over time, your plant will get used to its new place and grow well. So, take it slow, and your plant will be happy and healthy in its new home.

Step 5: Light Adjustment

Light Adjustment

Make sure your plant gets just the right amount of sunshine it needs. Depending on the plant, you might have to change where it sits or add more light to keep it happy. Some plants enjoy lots of sunlight, while others prefer some shade.

To help your green plant grow well, watch how it behaves. It might want more light if it stretches toward the sun or if leaves turn light. But if it gets too much light and its leaves go brown or crispy, it might prefer a shadier spot. Give your plant the right amount of light, and it will grow.

Step 6: Nutrient Transition

Nutrient Transition

Change the plant food for soil growth following the advice. To help your plant grow well, pick the right fertilizer and use it correctly. First, find a fertilizer that suits soil growth. Look for one that’s good for most plants or the type your plant needs.

Then, follow the instructions on the fertilizer packaging or from an expert gardener. This usually means measuring the right amount, spreading it evenly, and not using too much, which can hurt your plant. This simple switch will help your plant grow strong and healthy in its soil.


AeroGarden plants can be potted, but it’s important to do it carefully. If your AeroGarden plants have grown too big or you want to transplant them, follow these easy steps. First, gently remove the plants from the AeroGarden. Be careful not to damage the roots. Next, choose a suitable pot with good drainage and fill it with potting soil.

Make a hole in the soil and place the plant inside, covering the roots with more soil. Water the plant well, but don’t overdo it. Place the potted plant in a sunny spot, and don’t forget to water it regularly.

With some care and attention, you can successfully change your AeroGarden plants into pots and enjoy their growth and freshness in your garden or home.

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