5 Steps to Transform Your Deck Into an Outdoor Oasis

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Do you enjoy spending time outside when the weather is nice? Do you have an outdoor space with lots of potential just waiting to be turned into your own private oasis?

Bringing a dream renovation to life can feel overwhelming, but it’s much easier if you plan out your vision step by step.

These five tips can get you closer to turning your deck into the perfect outdoor oasis.

1. Make It Private

Not everyone lives in a secluded area. Adding privacy to your deck can make it feel more comfortable and pleasant to hang out on. You can use curtains, hanging plants, or tall plants to add coverage as well as shade.

Add a screen to your deck for increased privacy, and get in touch with professionals for any decking FAQ you may have.

2. Add Lights

There are a few ways you can add lights to your outdoor oasis. Consider hanging string lights around the perimeter or adding a few solar post lights.

Choose lights that are dim enough not to attract bugs. Neutral white lights are pleasant, but if your biggest concern is repelling bugs, you should opt for yellow-tinted lights. If you don’t have any deck posts, solar garden lights can be placed on plants, around walkways, and on stairs.

Lighting is something you don’t want to skip, as it helps ensure everyone’s safety. You can also wrap string lights around the railings for more lighting.

3. Outdoor Seating

The amount of seating will depend on the size and number of seats you want available. If you host frequent outdoor events, consider options that maximize the space. If this is more for lounging and getting some vitamin D, consider a more comforting ambiance with recliners, hanging chairs, or hammocks.

An outdoor sectional is great for bringing people together. You can also have separate seating arranged in a way that promotes conversations. Be sure to provide tables and other surfaces where guests can place food and beverages.

4. Additional Accessories

There are many ways to add a touch of “you” and color to your outdoor oasis that don’t include large furniture. You can add a pop of color by adding outdoor pillows on chairs and benches. Rugs are also an excellent choice for adding color and pattern to a space, and they are great at pulling an area together.

Side tables can also come in handy as resting places for drinks, books, or outdoor candles that serve as bug repellants.

Consider hanging wind chimes as they look and sound pretty.

Greenery is a beautiful choice to add to your deck. You can find a specific corner for your plants or add them around the area for a pop of green.

5. Add Fire

There’s nothing like cozying up with a blanket by a warm fire on cooler days and roasting marshmallows for some smores. Not only does it add a relaxed ambiance, but it also allows you to enjoy your outdoor oasis on days and evenings when the temperatures are cooler.

Consider placing a propane fire table closer to your seating area. That way, you won’t have to worry about an actual fire close to your wooden deck. It also saves you from having to feed wood to your fire when it’s burning low.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve settled on a vision for your dream outdoor space, you’ll have a much easier time deciding how to bring that vision to life. Make sure the materials and accents you use are intended for outdoor use to ensure your space stays beautiful for years to come.

Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson is a trained professional in landscape design. He earned his MS in Environmental Design from University of Washington. Since 2021, Tyler has enriched our content with his knowledge of innovative decking solutions and outdoor aesthetics. His career spans over 20 years, including a fine tenure at a renowned architectural firm. Tyler has published in several home improvement magazines and enjoys woodworking and kayaking during his downtime.

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