How Do You Cover a BBQ Area?

How Do You Cover a BBQ Area?

Are you interested in exploring designs for shaded BBQ spaces?

Are you seeking methods to protect your kitchen and grilling tools from the elements?

Well, if any of these reasons have your mind blown, then you are in the right place.

Grilling and barbeques are necessary for a happy and healthy life, but protecting them is also necessary.

Understand the Need for The Covered Barbeque Area

Understand the Need for The Covered Barbeque Area

Hosting barbeque parties with your colleagues and friends or just having family time and grilling a salmon or a medium steak is something every ‘man in love’ requires.

Not only are they delicious and fun, but they are also a great way to bond, connect, and grow.

While we understand that grilling inside four walls is not the right idea, we also know that keeping your expensive grills and ovens out in the open is not safe either.

There is a possibility of rat attacks, storms, rains, invasion of dust and particles, and other limiting factors that can ruin your grilling equipment and experiences.

Therefore, a roof over this grilling area is needed, but not a closed four-spaced wall.

That is why we are here. We will discuss how you can shade your outdoor kitchen and avoid possible damage while having all the fun on your plates.

Expressive and Impressive Barbeque Shade Ideas

Now that we have discussed the problem, it is time to reflect on the solution.

Instead of hassling and haggling, we give you our best ideas, and we are sure they will be a game changer in the covered BBQ area zone.

1. Pergolas Can Be Perfect

Pergolas Can Be Perfect

Pergolas can be very productive and can be tailored to your choice.

You may prefer covering just the grilling area, but we recommend you outstretch them to the entire patio or terrace area.

Furthermore, you can add pendant lighting, pots, and plants to make the space much more appealing, and by doing so, you can create divisions between sitting, cooking, and dining areas.

Pergolas can be very helpful when cooking during summer.

They protect you from the harsh sunlight, but their only flaw is that they can be but are not very protective against rain and draughts.

For stability, you must install panels or fencing from at least two to three sides to shield from harsh, windy situations.

2. Rough and Tough is the Need of The Hour

Rough and Tough is the Need of The Hour

Some people may confuse you by offering fiber shades or steel rods, but you are cleverer than that.

We are talking about your open grilling station, which means smoke, dust, and maybe some ash.

Therefore, you need your shade covers strong enough to withstand such heated-up situations.

Also, remember that these materials should be weather resistant, too.

Try opting for concrete, stainless steel, quartz, or stone. These materials are robust and impervious to weather elements.

For a sleek and perfect finish, try making your grilling station and outdoor sink of the same material.

It will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your open kitchen.

3. Look Handsome in a Hut

Look Handsome in a Hut

Building a wooden hut can be in your multipurpose interest if you are a family person and have a huge backyard or even a garden.

Not only will it enhance the overall look of your garden, but it also can be enjoyed as an amazing cooking station for your friends and family.

You need to install a chimney for venting smoke and an insulated flue system.

To enhance the appeal, place sitting chairs around this hut for your guests. Little plastic umbrella roofs can add an extra bit.

With huts, you can enjoy BBQing in winter, too, as the heat from the ovens will keep the hut warm.

4. Skylights are Stylish

Skylights are Stylish

Ever seen those families from movies having barbeque pool parties? Well, now you can have them too.

All you have to do is refurnish your outdoor kitchen.

This can be done by getting wood slat walls and pitched glass and steel skylight, which will be a perfect shelter for your poolside kitchen, pouring in all the daylight you require.

To do the extra bit, install a tempered glass fence between your swimming pool and your patio to save your kids from falling into the water dips.

Ad in money plants in glass jars and beautiful lamp-shaped pendant lights to have an aristocratic appeal to your BBQ kitchen.

5. Attractive Retractable Covers

While many opt for investing in permanent options, some prefer shades only when needed.

If you are one of them, this section is cut and made for you.

Try getting a pergola with retractable covers or what we know as awnings. You can fix a motor to make maneuvering easier and faster.

These sheath covers will protect your cooking tools and yourself from the sun, rain, and extreme weather.

Your pergolas can be fixed or freestanding, depending on your preference.

One thing you must ensure in the case of awnings is that every heated product, be it your oven, cylinders, stoves, etc., must be placed at least 0.3m away from the awning roof and the side screens.

Final Thoughts

And here we are, putting a cap on our pens.

These were among the best ideas we have unveiled, yet many remain untouched, waiting for your curiosity and creativity to use them.

These ideas are tried and tested.

You might be worried about having plants in your outdoor kitchen, but leave that worry behind, for houseplants are more sturdy than outdoor ones and can withstand a little heat, but make sure you place them far away from your main heating equipment.

With a touch of affection and affordability, we have brought you the best we could find and will continue to strive for the same.

Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson is a trained professional in landscape design. He earned his MS in Environmental Design from University of Washington. Since 2021, Tyler has enriched our content with his knowledge of innovative decking solutions and outdoor aesthetics. His career spans over 20 years, including a fine tenure at a renowned architectural firm. Tyler has published in several home improvement magazines and enjoys woodworking and kayaking during his downtime.

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