5 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Exercise


Some people seem to breezily walk into the gym like it’s as ingrained into their routine as getting out of bed, whereas others struggle to drag their feet down the stairs to do a home workout. If you fall on the less motivated side, don’t give up, as there are ways of motivating even the most anti-exercise people. It’s worth it, too – the more you workout, the happier and healthier you become.

If you’re ready to shake off your lazy habits, use these five tips for motivating yourself to exercise.

1: Use Fitness Apps

Rather than having to write up your own workout routine, you can rely on the simplicity of an app to guide you. This takes a lot of thought out of working out, so you simply have to do as the app says when it says it. Plus, you can schedule notifications, so there is no excuse for forgetting.

2: Buy Workout Equipment

Purchasing workout equipment and keeping it in place of a workout like your patio is a great way to excite you into exercising. Don’t go overboard, though – you don’t want to fill your house up with equipment you never end up using! Instead, buy a couple of workout outfits and some simple home workout gear to get started.

Yoga, in particular, is an excellent exercise for someone just getting into fitness, as you don’t need to buy lots of equipment to do it. By purchasing some yoga mats and gym clothes, you are ready to start performing yoga poses. Here is some of the best gym equipment for under $100. You should be focused on breaking PR’s not the bank!

3: Exercise with a Friend

If you are in the habit of talking yourself out of working out, start scheduling an exercise with a friend. That way, when you don’t feel like doing it, you won’t only be letting yourself down, but you’ll be letting them down, too. Let yourselves motivate each other!

4: Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself with cake, chocolate, and fast food isn’t the healthiest habit to get into, but there are ways to treat yourself once you’ve completed a workout, and this will help motivate you next time. Try rewarding yourself with a bubble bath, a pampering session, or a sit-down with your favorite TV show.

5: Take Pride in What Your Body Can Do

Exercise shouldn’t be about doing something you don’t want to do; it should be about being proud of your body. The real secret to motivation is shifting your mindset into believing that you genuinely want to push your body further and being proud when you finally achieve a goal you’ve been striving toward.

Each time you drop another pound, lift a heavier weight or run for longer than you ever have, remember just how far you’ve come and how brilliant your body is for allowing you to do so. Exercise gives back to your body and your mind, so there’s no real reason why you should turn away from it, even on the days your bed feels like a cloud. In case if you don’t feel like working out then you can simply find crystals in your background. You might or might not find crystals but you will end up doing good cardio.

Once you have managed to motivate yourself for a few days, weeks, then months, you’ll find that working out is a habit you look forward to. It just takes pushing yourself at the beginning to reach that point.

Armen Adamjan
With a Professional Certification in Sports Nutrition from a reputed institute, Armen Adamjan has been guiding individuals advice on their fitness journeys for over 15 years. He contributed to our website, sharing insights on nutrition, exercise regimes, and lifestyle balance. His previous experience includes working in high-performance athletic centers and collaborating with sports nutrition brands. His approach to fitness emphasizes holistic well-being, integrating mental and physical health strategies. Armen is also an accomplished triathlete, bringing firsthand experience to his writings on endurance training and sports nutrition.

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