It’s a crystal clear fact that most people are fond of collecting items — vintage pieces, rustic ones, toys and some prefer something shiny and bright — crystals. They’re one of the nicest gems on earth!

There are several ways to use crystals, either on your own or with a professional healer. To get started at home, choose an individual crystal and then set your intention. Or you can hold the crystal in your hand while focusing on your goal while silently repeating a mantra. Raw crystal healing rings or another type of crystal jewelry can also be worn to keep them close to your chakras.

People collect crystals for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the person fancies little shiny things for decorations or ornaments in the living room, bedroom, or even at the most little corners of the place and some would collect it because they are said to have some healing properties which are why we will teach you some of the basic organizing and storage tips of your precious crystals.

1. Organize crystals according to physical properties. 

Crystals could vary from one kind to another in terms of physical attributes. Some are tumbled, some are raw, and others are very fragile. You must separate them based on this trait because mixing them all may cause each other’s destruction. Separate those that have a smooth finish from rough, and those that are easily breakable.

2. Organize crystals according to Chakra manifested by the colors they illuminate.

Crystals are said to have distinct properties and some of which have healing properties. You can tell them just by looking at their colors. Separate and pile those that reflect reddish, orangey, yellowish, greenish, bluish, purplish, and blackish crystals so you will know what to pull out based on your healing time. To feel more security, garnet is the appropriate one. If you seek to focus and clarity in yourself, pick quartz and have it near your body throughout the day.

3. Organize crystals according to size. 

Perhaps one good way to organize crystals is through their respective sizes. Some crystals are very bulky and even heavy and some are petite. It said that it is best to put the larger ones at the back of your storage solutions while the little ones at the front to showcase them properly in front of plants on plant shelves.

4. Organize crystals according to their kind.

Another way of organizing your precious gems is segregation according to its kind. To sort them and place them into designated storage boxes according to the crystal itself. Amethyst to amethyst, quartz to quartz, and selenite to selenite. If you have a bit of an OCD, this type of organizing is suitable for you. What’s a good thing in this way is that you will easily identify what the crystal is because they are sorted accordingly.

5. Organizing crystals according to element.

Crystals are said to have elemental origins — fire, water, air, and earth. Perhaps if you like a little mysterious way of organizing, this type is for you. What’s good in this organizing style is that when you mix the crystals according to the elemental origin, they tend to get along well with the other crystals.

They are energized with sustainability because they are sorted according to their elemental components. Merging water-like crystals such as Aquamarine with fiery ones like Ruby may deplete each other’s energies and this is something you wouldn’t want as a collector.

Final Words

Indeed, people have different and various interests in life and one of them is crystal collections. If you’re just starting your crystal collection, you can visit this website to look for options and shop for your first crystal.


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