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4 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods You Need To Try

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Rats, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other pests can be quite a nuisance in one’s home or garden even if you get the best garden supplies. They make a house uncomfortable, damage crops, furniture, wires, walls, and cords, and also cause diseases to people and pets. Besides those things, these unwanted creatures often multiply at a fast rate. Therefore, if homeowners don’t eliminate them quickly, they risk infestations.

Natural Ways To Keep Pests Off Your Property

Over the years, people have used harsh chemicals for pest control in their homes and gardens. However, these are harmful to humans, pets, plants, and the environment. Since they can travel through the soil, they can contaminate groundwater. Also, eating crops sprayed with pesticides made of harsh chemicals is believed to cause various illnesses, such as asthma and some types of cancer. Additionally, if rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water are exposed to these chemicals, their aqua becomes polluted, thereby making it unsafe for drinking. Besides that, contaminated water also threatens the life of aquatic animals and plants.

To prevent such unfortunate circumstances, people are shifting to eco-friendly pest control methods. Today, exterminators have developed natural, safer, and more effective measures to keep unwanted insects and animals from homes and gardens. If you’re struggling to keep pests off your property, consider hiring professionals using such methods near your area. Usually, local exterminators know what kinds of animals and insects are common in a particular region and what attract them most in that location. Besides that, they also know what control measures are more effective for a specific place.

The good thing is that most exterminators have websites today. This makes it easier for residents to reach them. Therefore, if you live in Santa Clarita, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and other surrounding areas, you can reach out to professionals through websites such as If you live in other regions, consider doing some thorough online research to find the best local experts to work with.

Besides calling an exterminator, there are several eco-friendly remedies you can consider to keep pests off your property. These are:

1. Rat Traps

Placing poison around the house to catch rats can be hazardous for a home with children and pets. A safer and more effective way to deal with these rodents is by using traps. With these, you only need food that attracts them.

If you prefer more humane ways of killing rats, you can consider getting cage traps. With these, you put the bait inside them to lure the rodents into them. Once a rat gets in and moves toward the food, the cage locks it inside without killing it. This way, you can release the rodent away from your home, unhurt.

2. Food Waste

You can use food waste in several ways to keep pests away. For instance, orange, lime, and lemon peels could help repel leaf beetles, ants, and aphids. For effective use, first, boil the coverings in water. After that, use the solution to spray the bugs in your garden. When doing this, ensure the mixture doesn’t splash onto plants to avoid damaging them. If you accidentally pour the juice on your crops, ensure you rinse them with clean water after the bugs on them have died.

Coffee grounds could also be helpful. These have a strong smell that helps keep off mosquitoes, wasps, bees, and other insects. For effective use, place them along window sills or outside the house. On the other hand, cucumber peels are thought to be an effective way of keeping off ants. The best way to use them is by placing them at your home’s entry points.

3. Sticky Boards

Sticky boards are also an effective eco-friendly way to get rid of rodents, spiders, flies, and other insects. These are usually coated with a non-toxic adhesive substance that traps the pests on them. The animals don’t die immediately after sticking on these boards. However, after a few days, they eventually succumb due to suffocation, hunger, and dehydration.

4. Lemon Juice

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Another effective natural remedy is lemon juice. This solution could help get rid of roaches in houses as these insects don’t like the citric smell of these fruits.

For effective utilization, consider adding lemon juice into cleaning water. After that, use the solution to clean your surfaces. This way, you’ll keep off cockroaches and leave your home smelling great.


Using harsh chemicals to keep pests away from your home can be hazardous. Most of these products are poisonous if ingested, can cause water pollution, and crop and environmental damage.

Rather than using harsh chemicals in your home or garden, this article offers four inexpensive, simple, harmless, and effective pest control methods you could consider switching to. These are rat traps, lemon juice, food waste, and sticky boards. However, if the infestation in your home is out of control, consider hiring a local exterminator who uses safer pest control methods.

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