5 Tips For Shopping On A Budget

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Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, there are instances when a shopping trip is definitely called for. Perhaps it’s been too long since you took yourself to one, or there are clothing and household items you absolutely need to replace or get a hold of.

Luckily, there are many savvy shoppers who are generous enough to share their strategies on how they’re able to go shopping despite a limited budget. Once you’ll learn these tips, you’ll see that shopping doesn’t have to leave you with a skyrocketing credit card bill and you can feed your squirrels as well. So, here are five tips for you to still enjoy shopping, without breaking the bank.

1. Shop Items That Are On Sale

Why pay for something in full, if you know you can have those things on sale, anyway? Remember, you’re on a budget. So, it’s worth waiting for when brands go on sale before you head out and shop.

Before going on your shopping trip, it’s a good idea to browse the Internet for news and certain promotions. You’ll find websites like I Like Sales that can keep you updated with brands that are on sale and those that offer coupons and promo codes for a limited time—both in-store and through their online website.

When you walk into a store, even if it’s not a sale season, always check if they have a clearance section. If you really take the time to check and look, you may be able to find good stuff on clearance which are often at 70 to 80% off their retail price.

2. Don’t Shy Away From Shopping Secondhand Items

Who says only brand-new items are worth buying? If you have a secondhand or charity shop in your area, you can find clothing and household items that look just as good as a brand-new item would. There’s no shame in buying thrift items. When you do, you may even be able to come across unique pieces, or those which still have tags on them since they are unused. Buying secondhand pieces is also a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of shopping. It reduces unnecessary waste because you’re basically reusing items that are still of good quality.

3. Keep Up With Your Favourite Brands On Social Media

Brands are also all over social media nowadays. Companies are using social media to their advantage to promote their goods and services and to keep their followers updated with their latest offers and promotions. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start following your favorite brands on social media.

When you do this, you can stay updated as to flash sales where their items go on ridiculously low prices. You will also be one of the first ones to know upcoming deals, bargains, and perhaps even coupons and promo codes.

4. Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

This tip applies when you’re shopping for food and groceries. Never hit the grocery store when you’re hungry. Your mind can trick you into impulsively buying more food, just because you have cravings at that moment. It’s a wise move to eat first or at least have snacks before grocery shopping. The less impulse buys, the easier for you to stay within budget.

In this regard, here’s a bonus tip: as you avoid shopping on an empty stomach, you may also want to avoid shopping with your kids. You know the drill: kids asking this and that, adding things to the cart, and even kicking or screaming to get their way. This can be challenging when you’re on a tight budget.

5. Buy Generic

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Like how you’d purchase thrift items, you may also want to consider buying generic items. This applies to household cleaners and even grocery items. For instance, when you’re going on a shopping trip and you also have to stock up on cleaners, detergent, soap, and shampoo, you’ll find that those items can significantly cut a huge chunk from your budget if you always go for expensive brands. Give generic brands a try, and you may find that their quality can just be as good as popular, more expensive brands. Most importantly, those items cost a lot less too.


You can still go shopping even when you’re on a limited budget. You don’t need to use your credit card for it, nor do you even need to go into debt. You only have to be a wise and smart shopper. Take the time to window shop and think about each purchase thoroughly. Timing your shopping trips can also ensure you’re shopping only when your favorite brands are on sale. Don’t pay for anything at full price, if you can buy it while it’s on sale.

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