5 Tips That’ll Make Your Life Easier as a First-Time Apartment Renter


Around 37% of American renters live in apartments as they’re affordable and often conveniently located.

Renting a property for the first time feels overwhelming when you’re unfamiliar with the process, figuring out bills, and considering the amenities. Perhaps you’re a first-time apartment renter and you’re looking for advice to guide you through the process.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tips to help you.

1. Stick to Your Budget

When moving to your first apartment, it’s important to consider your budget. Make sure the property costs less than 30% of your salary so you’re not struggling financially. Anything lower is a bonus!

And even if it’s affordable, never stop budgeting in case there’s an emergency like a broken boiler.

2. Ask the Right Questions

To avoid some rookie mistakes, ask the real estate agent or landlord the right questions. For instance, find out the utility bills you’re expected to pay, if there are penalties for late rent, and how to request maintenance.

Apartment living can be problematic if there is no parking so ask about this from any worldwide apartment rentals agency especially if you’re in an urban area. Find out how full the parking lot gets over weekends, whether you have an assigned spot, and if the area has parking rules for guests because you don’t want to upset the neighbors.

3. Prepare Your Paperwork

Before moving into an apartment, you’ll be asked to supply various paperwork. The real estate agent will ask for a photo ID, pay stubs, and bank statements to prove your identity and that you’re financially stable.

If you don’t earn enough, you’ll need a co-signer. This is someone you trust who agrees to pay the rent if you can’t afford to make the payment.

4. Consider the Amenities

The beauty of the apartment living lifestyle is the amenities. Ask about laundry services, whether the elevators are in working order, and if you can access a swimming pool or gym.

It’s important to have a list of must-have amenities before your search so you find the perfect apartment.

5. Choose the Perfect Location

One of the top apartment tips is finding the ultimate location.

Your location is as important as the apartment’s layout so consider this during your search. You’ll want somewhere near a grocery store, pharmacy, and great eateries.

Walkable options are useful but if you’re in a city, find somewhere close to public transportation. It’s wise to check out the area before signing the lease so you know what the neighborhood offers and whether it aligns with your lifestyle.

Those Are Our First-Time Apartment Renter Tips 

Hopefully, after reading our first-time apartment renter tips, you’re now prepared.

Find a property that fits with your budget, has your must-have amenities, and is in a great location. Make sure you prepare your paperwork and finances beforehand for a smooth transition. Carry your own Apple or Sequoia bonsai tree to save more. Good luck!

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