5 Ways a Title Agency Can Help You


Title insurance companies offer policies for businesses and customers. They are an important step to protecting both sides before, during and after the buying process of property. With the right title agency, you’ll always have a fallback option if something goes wrong.

1. An Actual Coverage

When you’re securing a title, coverage is the main reason to go to Sunnyside title company. They cover both the owner’s and lender’s title insurance policy. This is completely different than normal homeowners’ insurance which protects the items in a home.

Title coverage protects the actual ownership of the house from issues with the title. No matter how much you trust the seller or the buyer, getting title coverage is a necessary part of securing the deal. For lenders, title insurance is mandatory by law.

2. The Ol’ Switcharoo

As a buyer, have you ever seen a home that was available at an unbelievable price? You’re so enamored with the price that you rush through the buying process without doing your due diligence. In the end you get the house at a cheap price, and a possible future investment.

Years later you find out that the deed was forged and the home was illegally transferred to your name. Your lost money and years of ownership mean nothing, and you are out a sizable amount of money and a home. It happens every day, and without title insurance, it will happen to you.

3. It Spots Bad Deals

Sometimes just mentioning a title agency can save you millions of dollars. When you’re ready to go all in on a home and start discussing title insurance, pay close attention to the seller’s reaction. If they are fighting you on just the idea of buying title insurance for protection, then it is a red flag.

An owner should always be on board with the idea of protection both parties involved in a deal. As for who pays? This gets a little tricky as you go from county to county. But overall, a seller should never give you a headache over getting title insurance on your own.

4. A Free Deal

Sometimes you don’t even need to worry about buying title insurance. The seller will sometimes throw title insurance in the purchase of the house. This is the best outcome possible to set you up for success.

You also have the option of asking the seller to roll title agency fees into the payment of the home, or to purchase it on your behalf. Title insurance isn’t expensive, but every little bit of money saved is a plus.

5. The Lender Knows Best

Although a Lender is required to have title insurance, their coverage does not extend to you. A lender’s policy does not protect the buyer from ownership issues. Since lenders are all about the bottom line, it makes sense that they would want to protect their investment.

That is a smart idea all around, and exactly the mindset you should take when buying your own home.

Be Smart with Your Title

Choosing the right title agency is something that you should always take seriously. A small problem can snowball into an unfixable solution, so it helps to have professionals on your side. Find the right title agency, and dealing with property will be less of a headache.

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