The 411 on Jeep Wranglers: From Starters to Tonneau Covers


Finding the right accessories for a new Wrangler can be overwhelming. Not only do you have a wide selection, you also have options for performance upgrades, and you have to consider the exact model and year of your Wrangler to make sure you’ve got the right fit.

That being said, custom Jeep builds are a great way to get DIY automotive experience and a great way to make sure your Wrangler stands apart as a unique vehicle that reflects your tastes and needs.

Before you start ordering upgrades, it’s a good idea to replace a couple parts that are designed to wear out over time, especially if you have no idea when they were last replaced. That often means taking a look at the service history for the timing belt, as well as considering a new starter.

Installing Jeep Wrangler Starters

The good news about a DIY replacement for your Jeep Wrangler starter? It’s in a pretty accessible place, all things considered. Some vehicle designs have them under the engine in relatively inaccessible places, but you should be able to reach the starter on a Jeep easily.

From there, you need to disconnect the old one starting with the negative battery terminal. Make sure you also disconnect the battery before starting the job, just as a precaution.

From there, it’s simply a matter of attaching the new starter. Put it in place and bolt it securely before plugging the electrical parts back in, then reattach the battery. It’s a simple change, and once you have a new starter under warranty you can do the rest of your upgrades without worrying about an untimely surprise from an old part.

Tonneau Covers for Jeeps

There are a lot of options for tonneau covers when you have a pickup, but the Jeep Wrangler is not a traditional truck. Luckily, you can find a Bestop tonneau cover designed with your Wrangler in mind pretty easily. Installation is simple for most covers, and that makes it easy to move on to your next accessory installation.

Supplies for Cleaning and Detailing Your Jeep

Most drivers know that regular washing will help preserve a vehicle by getting rid of buildup that can foster corrosion. With a little extra work, you can keep your exterior protected between washes by using modern waxing and polishing formulas to build up a protective coat over the paint.

When you detail a vehicle, that protection goes even further. By investing in a full-spectrum waxer, buffer and polisher, you empower yourself to buff out scratches and shine up your vehicle until it looks like new.

For those interested in reducing depreciation and getting the most out of a Wrangler, this kind of investment is hardly in need of consideration. It’s especially useful if you are planning on investing in a custom paint job, too, because it protects the new paint going forward, preserving the value of your investment.

Even with a stock color, a fully detailed Jeep is a striking sight, so why not make sure you make an impression everywhere you go?

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