6 Ways to Improve the Bathroom Shower


The shower is a prominent part of every bathroom. It is where we clean ourselves at the start of each morning or after a hard day at work. Considering how much time we spend in the shower, many homeowners surprisingly don’t think to enhance this part of their home. The shower system is an often-overlooked element in many renovations and redesigns.

However, there are actually many ways to improve the quality of your shower. From its appearance to its functionality, the shower can be upgraded to be a lot more enjoyable. Start by consulting with a plumber about the upgrades you want to make. They will give you an estimate and then you can decide whether to proceed with the remodelling.

Here are six potential ideas for you to improve the quality of your shower:

1. The Shower Head

The showerhead is one aspect of your bathroom that may necessitate a periodic review. If left unchecked for months, hidden issues residing here may exacerbate. The showerhead can bring about a whole host of problems if you do not take the time to inspect it properly.

One of the simplest yet effective ways to fix this part? Switch out the traditional shower head for one that is of a rainfall head composition. Rainfall showerheads are built with quality and are more beneficial to showers overall. It provides you with a gentle downpour of water, which is great for the scalp!

2. Install More Outlets

The bathroom is traditionally a space where outlets are not as large in quantity as the living room, for example. However, if you are trying to improve your shower, you may need to examine the full scope of the bathroom itself. By installing more outlets into the space, you can transform its utility to enhance your home decor.

For instance, a shower handset is one of those ways that can make your shower much more comforting. These handy little devices allow you to control just how your shower operates, such as having a spray mode. The appearance of this, through having more outlets, is luxurious.

3. Bath Shower

While many of us may ignore the appearance of our bathtub, you can take it to the next level for shower improvement. A bath shower is one of those instances in which you can make this part of the bathroom more convenient. For example, installing a P-shaped bath shower can transform how you bathe.

Through this model, the bathtub widens out at one end to give you plenty of room to shower as you see fit. Not only that but more space is given to allow you to stretch your body or relax accordingly. Never underestimate the power of having this awesome, two-in-one bath setup for your needs!

4. Shower Pump

On the other hand, if you prefer an advanced form of showering, the shower pump may be for you. This is an extremely high-power approach involving the spray above capacity. However, the massaging effect it has on your body will be very desirable, much more than your current setup.

These shower options can typically be found at a luxury hotel, and for a good reason. They are equipped to perform at a high capacity without needing you to soak in a bathtub. Once installed, you will bring the quality of a high-end hotel right into your home!

5. Wet Room Upgrade

This type of shower model improvement typically involves having an open floor plan in your bathroom. However, if you can do this, it can be a wonderous appearance for all those who use it. A wet room shower allows your shower to flow with the natural design of your bathroom in totality.

Moreover, a professional is generally required to come in and inspect your bathroom’s dimensions. This project is typically very complex and cannot be completed unless you have expertise. The final result will be a marvellous design that encompasses elegance!

6. Accessorizing the Shower

Improving your shower’s capabilities sometimes does not always involve remodelling an entire floor plan. In actuality, you can simply modify the showerhead itself to make its capabilities much more efficient. For example, replace your boring shower head with one sleek in appearance.

A good example of this has to do with a shower tower; it is a type of shower head with many bath options. It may look clunky at first glance, but it is anything but once put into motion, unlike the hot tub that looks fascinating as soon as installed. The chrome will surely be a feast for the eyes!

Sandy Jensen
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