7 Best Outdoor Solar Lights for 2021

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

The year 2021 is the year of digitalization due to which many people are looking to change their gears and other objects, like changing the traditional lighting with the solar lights is one of the new trends as the market has seen the rise in demand for westing solar lights in the last few months. So here we are with the & best outdoor solar lights that individuals should purchase while changing the old lights. They are:

1. Aerotek Outdoor Solar Lights

First in our list is the solar L.E. D light by the Aootek company, this is the light containing 182 L.E. Ds and have a motion sensor, this tops our list as this light comes with three different modes first security mode where lights get brighter when detects motion, in second mode light turns on the whole night and off at the day time and in third mode light turns brighter from dim when detects movement in the night time.

These lights come in sets of 2 & 4 and have easy installation procedures. It can be placed in the backyard, garden, front door, etc. It can be wholly operated on solar panels and lights are waterproof.


  • 48 LEDs make it bright. The motion sensor works as expected.
  • Lasts about 6 hours in the summer and 3 hours in the winter after an average day of charging. Can be more on full-sun days.
  • Three lighting modes to suit your needs.


  • Needs a high amount of sunlight for charging properly so does not work well in rainy or overcast conditions.
  • The angles are fixed with screws, so it needs to be unscrewed for changing the angles with respect to sunlight.
Aootek Solar Lights Outdoor 182 LEDs 2500Lm Solar Motion Sensor Lights IP65 Waterpro of with Wide...
  • 1.Three Optional Modes mode(Motion sensor turns the light on and off automatically)...
  • 2.Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor: With upgraded Motion Sensor Detector and Greater PIR sensor can...
  • 3.Ultra Bright Lights: High-efficient LED lights with wide-angle illumination can improve the...
  • 4.High Efficient Solar Panel Our solar Panel is more energy saving and with PET laminated solar...
  • 5.Waterproof IP65 and Heatproof Great outdoor security night light for street area, wall, patio,...

2. Solpex 8 Pack Outdoor Solar Lights

The second on our list is a set of 8 solar outdoor landscape lights by solpex. This light is different from the one we saw above. These lights are used to beautify the garden and the surrounding of the backyard. They do not contain any smart modes like the above light.

But the installation of these lights is way easier as it does not require any extra wires or connections as it is wholly worked on solar panels. These lights can be easily exposed to rain that’s why manufacturers made them waterproof, but the lights are a lot dimmer than the above as they are just landscaping lights.

They are available in two different colors, and both are very suitable to beautify the landscape of a garden or backyard.


  • The pattern of lighting is unique and gives a good look.
  • The material of the light is light in weight and easy to handle.
  • The lights are waterproof and no need for extra care on rainy days.


  • The lights are a little complicated and delicate to install.
  • They are less working in forecast conditions due to low levels of sunlight.
  • The durability of the set of lights is a little less than others.
SOLPEX Solar Lights for Outside, Solar Outdoor Lights 8 Pack, Up to 10 Hrs Auto On/Off Garden Lights...
  • 【Attractive Design】The double rings on the solar garden lights waterproof provide striking...
  • 【High-Quality】Solpex 8 pack solar pathway lights outdoor can glow for up to 8-12 hours after...
  • 【Energy Saving】The outdoor lights are 100% solar-powered. After you turn on the switch, the...
  • 【Easy Installation】No additional tools or wiring is required to install the outdoor solar...
  • 【Weatherproof & Warranty】The solar lights are waterproof IP44, which can withstand sunny, rainy,...

3. Brightech Ambience Pro – Waterproof, Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

The third in the list is the 27ft Vintage Edison Bulbs by Brightech Ambience, this is the series, or we can say a string of L.E.D bulbs which can be used for decoration of the garden or backyards and even can be placed on the front door décor for occasions.

These lights are very easy to install and have mobile solar panels that make them easy to fit and shift from one place to another, but they are less bright as they are more inclined towards décor, and they are fully operated on solar panels. They come with a two-year warranty and an extended version of 48ft. They are waterproof and need less energy than the lights discussed above.


  • They are easy to install.
  • They are waterproof and hence generally remain unaffected by rain.


  • They are less bright than anticipated.
  • They are working of lights after full charge is less as compared to others.
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights, 27 ft Commercial Grade Waterproof Patio...
  • Ideal Solar Outdoor Lights: 27 ft long durable Chistmas string lights with 12 LED lights and...
  • Commercial Grade WeatherProof Patio Lights with Shatterproof S14 Bulbs: Brightech’s Ambience Pros...
  • Flexible Installation & Widely used Patio Lights: Solar patio lights string don't need an outlet,...
  • Elegant Romantic Ambiance: Brightech outdoor LED string lights use vintage Edison Bulbs. Install...
  • A Thoughtful Present for Every Stage of Life: Searching for a remarkable gift? Look no further! Our...

4. Solpex 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

The fourth in the list and second by the Solpex in the list are the pathway lights for the outdoors that can be placed in the garden pathways or the pathways routing your house. These L.E.D lights are waterproof and totally safe from rainwater.

They are wholly operated from solar panels. They are a bit dim from the other lights, but the design of the lights is unique and the double ring on the top makes the shadow from light more attractive.

They are made up of non-corrosive material and are very easy to install. They can be also used in lawns as they have color variants and are very affordable in terms of price.


  • The lights are easy to assemble and install.
  • The whole body is made up of plastic and hence easy to carry.


  • The customer support service is not up to the mark.
  • The lights need to charge for a long period of time if not they get easily dimmed and the brightness of light becomes very low.
SOLPEX Solar Lights for Outside, Solar Outdoor Lights 8 Pack, Up to 10 Hrs Auto On/Off Garden Lights...
  • 【Attractive Design】The double rings on the solar garden lights waterproof provide striking...
  • 【High-Quality】Solpex 8 pack solar pathway lights outdoor can glow for up to 8-12 hours after...
  • 【Energy Saving】The outdoor lights are 100% solar-powered. After you turn on the switch, the...
  • 【Easy Installation】No additional tools or wiring is required to install the outdoor solar...
  • 【Weatherproof & Warranty】The solar lights are waterproof IP44, which can withstand sunny, rainy,...

5. BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Lights

The 5th on the list is another pathway light by Beau Jardin, it is the pack of 8 pathways solar lights that can be used for pathways near houses, in garden backyards, or lawns. These lights are more premium than the lights discussed above due to their material and pattern, they contain glossy glass and stainless steel, and they are all-weather resistant including rain.

The light exerts 6 lumens L.E.D light and is easy to install. They are totally powered by solar energy, also they have many variants with different colors of lights. They are one of the best choices for premium lovers, but they are one of the costliest lights on the list.


  • The quality of the lights is very decent with respect to the price.
  • The pattern of the light is unique and is good to place in the garden.


  • The solar panels of these lights are less effective and give less battery after charging for long.
  • The battery life is average and needs more charging than other lights.
Beau Jardin 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor Bright White + Color Changing UP to 12Hrs Landscape...
  • SIZE & RUSTPROOF SUBSTANTIAL GLASS / STAINLESS STEEL: Garden solar path light measures 16.54" in...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & USE: In-ground solar light is out of the box with ease. No addition tools required...
  • 3 LIGHTING MODE & AUTO ON/OFF: The solar powered light are designed with 3 lighting modes (Bright...
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY & ECO-FRIENDLY: Solar 10 Lumens output with one white LED of this solar ground...
  • IP65 WATERPROOF & ALL-WEATHER-RESISTANT : Glass solar outdoor path light is waterproof. No worries...

6. AmeriTop 2 Pack Outdoor Solar Lights

The second last in the list is the return of fled lights, this is the outdoor fled L.E.D lights by the AmeriTop, it contains 128 L.E.D lights and they also come with the sensors that make the light on in the night when any movement is detected, and it automatically dims or turns off the lights after 30 seconds of no movements.

They do not have modes in sensors. These lights are totally powered by solar energy and are easy to install. The solar panels recharge the battery and then it turns on the light and sensors at nighttime. They are all-weather resistant including rain, but they are decently bright but not the brightest light in the list due to their power and battery, but they are one of the most affordable lights of their type.


  • They are great for backyard lighting motion detection.
  • The lights are bright enough for wide ranges.
  • Affordable price for the set of two


  • Bit complicated installation process.
  • The solar panel is fixed & cannot be adjusted to different angles. Also, the light only stays on for 60 sec. no time adjustments.
  • Cannot adjust the motion sensor in a way that gives you enough control over the sidelights.
AmeriTop Solar Lights Outdoor, 2 Pack 128 High Brightness LED Cordless Solar Motion Sensor Lights; 3...
  • Ultra Bright Solar Motion Sensor Lights - The AmeriTop solar security light with the three heads...
  • Smart Motion Sensor: Our solar LED security light built-in with a smart motion sensor that detects...
  • Wide Lighting Area - With the innovative wide-angle and three heads design, Adjustable heads can...
  • All-Weather Resistant - AmeriTop solar lights outdoor Made of durable ABS material, ensures this 3...
  • Easy Installation - no annoying wires or adapters needed. Only using the included screws to fix on...

7. GLORIOUS-LITE Solar LED Security Lights

The last on the list is a solar L.E.D security light by Glorious-Lite, it is a solar energy light that comes in two variants of 2headed and 3headed, it is suitable for security lights on the door or the porch, etc., these lights contain the sensor and the three modes in the sensors for the night as well as for day time, the detection of the sensors has a range of 72 feet that means any movement within the range of 72 feet will turn on the lights in the night, this light is of the same price range like the others in the list but it has some add on features in it like it has wide-angle and also the angles of the light are adjustable, the solar panels are also adjustable to some extent.

This light is all weatherproof including the rain. The lights are very affordable and give more than the cost induced in this price range.


  • It was very easy to install. Recommend using a drill.
  • The motion sensor works well.
  • More than adequate brightness.
  • I especially like that the battery can be replaced. While solar panels might last 10-20 years, batteries may not so it is good to be able to replace them.
  • The long cable between solar panel and lighting unit.
  • Extra screws and plugs are provided should you lose one.


  • There are no parts available to purchase in case something breaks. In my case, the solar panel was broken but I could not buy it. I had to buy a whole new unit.
  • Does not stay on long enough.
  • They only stay on for 2 minutes after motion is detected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do These Lights Come with A Warranty?

All the seven lights we include in the list are not only the best lights but also are of good and customer-friendly companies. So, on average, the solar lights come with 1-2 years of warranty including for any manufacturing defects and cover the abrupt inconvenience in the usage of light like they are not glowing, or battery is not charging but the warranty does not cover any default or damage done by the customers.

2. How Long Will the Battery of Lights Last?

This is one of the most asked questions people ask while buying the solar lights that how much battery will last, the answer to this question specifically depends on different products but the lights we added to our lists have good battery backups and once they are fully charged they can easily glow for the whole night and obviously next morning they will again start getting charged but also this aspect depends on the power of the batteries of the lights like if they are of 5000mah they will give more power than from 2500mah if the lights are of same lumens and watts.

3. Are These Solar Plates and Lights Waterproof?

All the lights we included in the list are outdoor lights and since they are outdoor lights the factor of rain is always a concern for the buyers and many customers ask about this concern. So, all the seven lights we included in our lists are all weatherproof including rain, they are safe to turn on even while it is raining, almost all the lights in our list are water-resistant and they will not be affected by the water and work efficiently during the rainy season too when properly charged.

4. Do These Lights Need Any Extra Wires or Connection While Installation?

This is one of the most frequent questions that solar light connections need extra wires or connection while installing, so the answer is no they are very easy to install, and they are only needed to have a proper fitting with the solar plates and the battery. The battery relates to the solar plates and the lights relate to the batteries, the batteries get charged when the plates are exposed to solar energy and the charged battery glows the light and this is the simplest and most easy installation which does not require any extra wires nor connection.

Buyer’s Guide for Outdoor Solar lights

1. Needs & Purpose of Buying Solar lights

Before buying solar lights the first thing that needs to be considered is the needs and purpose of buying solar lights. The needs can be uncertain power cuts or high electricity supply rates and the solar lights are eco-friendly.

2. Area Where Light Is Needed

The lumen of solar lights is different from normal electricity lights, so the area which should be covered with the lights and where light is needed should be considered as the one should see the wattage of the solar lights that must be put on so that the desired area must be covered with the light.

3. Preparing Budget

The budget also needs to be considered while buying the solar lights, sometimes we go for less costly lights which results in a short life span of lights and there is less or no warranty on low budget lights.

4. Maintaining the Solar lights

The solar lights need bit more maintenance than normal lights as it contains battery as well as the solar panels, and these things need to be considered while buying the solar lights, one who is not able to maintain the solar lights and their accessories should not buy the solar lights as lack of maintenance can cause early deteriorate in solar lights.

5. The Lifespan and Warranty

The lifespan and the warranty are the things that need to be considered on a long term basis as the money invested should be rationally consumed, so the warranty should be necessary to consider in case of any inconvenience, and the amount that individual invest in buying solar lights should be kept in mind with the average lifespan of the lights.

6. Design of lights and Ambience of Area

The design of the lights and the color of the solar lights should be in match and contrast with the ambiance of the area, for example, if the lights are for garden and backyard landscaping so they must be in the contrast of color like warm white, etc., or if for security the fled light should be bright enough to detect the movement with sensors.


We have provided you with one of the best sets of Solar Outdoor lights in this article with different types and ranges of design according to different needs of the people, this list contains some of the most affordable Solar Outdoor lights which will suit your pocket better with maximizing your satisfaction rationally.

Though we have done enough research and then drafted this article, but we recommend you all to go through the product yourself before buying any of them, as every individual has their own preferences and views.

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