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Westinghouse Solar Light Review and Details That you Need!

Westinghouse Solar Light Review and Details That you Need!

How considerate are you about electricity? Have you ever thought of other options to generate electricity that takes less toll on the ecosystem?

Well, if you have, you might already be familiar with Solar energy. Many companies have started making solar products.

The essential thing we need is a lamp over our heads. And Westinghouse provides us with enough options in solar lights.

And the netizens have openly stated their love towards them in their Westinghouse solar light reviews.

Before we talk about Westinghouse solar light reviews, let us get to know about the brand.

Westinghouse Electric Company is a nuclear power company in America that offers various alternative electricity products.

They have been here from the late 90s and are still one of the leading brands in nuclear and solar power products.

They provide smart home appliances and various energy solutions that reduce the burden on the ecosystem.

Westinghouse Solar Light Reviews and Details

We are talking about a specific product of Westinghouse Electric Company, and they are Westinghouse solar lights.

Westinghouse is a massive brand as an electric company, but various other brands compete with them in solar lights.

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  • 【Intelligent Solar Design】The solar powered light uses intelligent solar technology to detect...
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Now, can we be confident in buying Westinghouse solar lights? Let us get to know all about them in this Westinghouse solar light review.

The Name and Reliability

Westinghouse has earned quite a fame and trust from the consumers throughout their manufacturing history. Their tagline says, “Innovation you can be sure of,” and as they say, they do! 

They do provide innovative solutions for saving electricity with their modern and smart products. They have grown into a market giant from the late 90s, but they were distributing business since the early 19th century. In fact, in the early 19th century, Westinghouse became a house-hold name as they supplied and distributed various home appliances.

From supplying products in general, they have found their niche of electricity since the mid-20th century and rose to become one of the biggest manufacturers in the 21st century.

Their growth and establishment only provide one with trust and loyalty. It is evident that they were here for ages, and they will still be here. Their history of business gives us a sense of reliability and trust.

Solar Lights

Westinghouse solar light reviews state that consumers are happy and invested in the brand’s products.

, Unlike other solar product manufacturers, Westinghouse offers a wide range of menus for a list of products.

Solar energy is all about converting the sunlight into electricity. And Westinghouse does it more efficiently with their options in the technology they use

Westinghouse uses different technologies to do the job, and you can choose which one is effective for you.

They have the costliest and most effective ones and cheap ones that still do their job legally.

Their solar lights are one of the innovative solutions for lighting up your backyard or lawn. Using their most effective technologies provides you with solar panels that do not consume much space and yet provide enough energy to lighten up your yard.

There are different types of solar lights they sell, and you have enough space to pick the one you need. From a simple porch light to something as bright as a floodlight, they have all the varieties of solar lights available on their menu.

It is the menu that makes Westinghouse solar light reviews sound all positive.


As discussed earlier, one of the most beneficial things about Westinghouse that Westinghouse’s solar light reviews praised is its wide-ranged menu. There are varieties of choices that you can hand-pick.

Their solar lights are long-lasting than any other lights of different brands. With different menu options, there are also different styles of lights that suit different types of décor. It is up to you to choose the one that fits your porch.

The most crucial thing stated in most of the Westinghouse solar light reviews, battery; the battery is fair enough for the charging it takes. All you need to do is place these lights in the sun for 5 to 8 hours. And then the lights function legally.

They also take in all the bounced off sunlight and lighten up for more than what you expect. Of course, they are not as effective as advertised, but they are sufficient compared to all the other companies.

And because they are solar, they save your electric bill, unless you are charged tax for the sunlight. Jokes aside, these lights are not connected to your main line of electricity and only depend on the sun.

This gives you the freedom to place these lights anywhere you want because there are no strings attached! Purely wireless solar lights that light up your porch from the place you put them.

Types of Solar Panels

If you know what types of solar panels they use, you can have the audacity to judge the brand and their products.

There are three different panels they use, and the prices are stamped accordingly. The panel is something that sucks the sunlight in and gives you the energy you need.

This energy is converted from the sunlight then makes the lights glow. The energy that comes from the sun directly coming out from these lights.

Let us get to know about the types of solar panels they use to do the magic.

Monocrystalline Panels

Monocrystalline Panels

Monocrystalline panels, as named, consist of monocrystalline silicon. They charge the battery to its full power when exposed to direct light.

They give you the best output because they are the most effective and expensive panels. They use the energy effectively sucked from the sun by giving you the best output too.

The light is bright, and it even lasts long because of the silicone’s nature of sucking in more sunlight. 

Many consumers who positively rated Westinghouse solar light reviews loved the products with monocrystalline silicon because of the supreme quality.

Polycrystalline Panels

Polycrystalline Panels

Westinghouse flaunts its innovation by using polycrystalline silicon, which is rare. They use molten silicone to do these panels.

The advantage of polycrystalline panels is that they are not as costly as monocrystalline.

Westinghouse solar light reviews state that solar lights with polycrystalline panels are much cheaper and useful for the price.

The low production costs involved in making these panels allow Westinghouse to offer a cheap solution like this.

Thin-Film Panels

Thin-Film Panels

Regardless of their short period, Westinghouse solar light reviews loved the products made from this panel.

The technology is to use thin films to save more energy and a lot of space. Because of being thin, they are easily portable and lightweight.



Their solar lights have a lot of LEDs fixed on them. According to Westinghouse solar light reviews, LEDs are most effective, and it is because of the LED, many are deciding to buy Westinghouse solar lights. LEDs are the ultimate solution because they are durable and stay longer than usual lights.

They are efficient because they use less energy when compared to other solar light companies. To be precise, they are 90% more effective than standard bulbs. 

Westinghouse solar lights use LEDs because the brand knows what they are doing. The idea to radically use LEDs also creates a trend of using solar panels. 

It is also helpful to the ecosystem because of its fewer energy needs. Not only long-lasting, but they are so bright, brighter than many mainstream bulbs.


Westinghouse solar light reviews state that the solar lights are not sold as single units. Many dealers do sell single units too, but mostly the sales are made according to the packs.

Westinghouse offers packs of 6 or 8 pieces of lamps. From floodlights to porch lights, you have the flexibility to buy the packs.

It is cost-effective to buy them in packs too. The higher-end model is costly, but you can get them for 4-5 dollars apiece for the lower ones.


The most beautiful thing about Westinghouse is their policy of returns and replacement. If you get a damaged product or something happened to the light in 60 days, you could return and get a replacement.

Westinghouse is the only electric company with this fantastic offer of return or replacement within 60 days of purchase. Regardless of that, there is even a warranty. Standard warranty applies as per the rules of electrical products.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking forward to buying lights for your yard and do not want it to be a waste of money, you need Westinghouse solar lights to do the job.

All the Westinghouse solar light reviews say that they are reliable not only in products but also in service. Hence, if you are looking for solar lights, you know what to buy.

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