How to Catch a Pigeon or a Bird in a Trap

How to Catch a Pigeon or a Bird in a Trap

We know that capturing birds or for that matter, any other animal and keeping them in a cage is not the brightest idea but sometimes there is no other resort. What will you do if your pet leaves the cage cunningly or a wild bird or a pigeon decides to barge in your backyard? Here are some tips and tricks that might help you to come out of the situation –

6 Tips on How to Catch your Bird or Pigeon

Don’t Lose your Calm

Panic is not the solution when your bird is on a run or a wild bird pays a visit. Take a good look around the house and before that switch off the fans as that is the first place a bird might fly towards looking for a sky.

Look below the bed or sofa and above the fan, 90% of the time, you are ought to find them there. However, if they have decided to hide behind curtain rods, inside the decorative ceiling, you have yourself a task. Once you have spotted the bird make sure to keep open one window or door open and shut everything else so that bird can spot the only exit easily.

Attract them With Food

Every living being survives to eat and planting some food grains will attract the bird and pigeon towards your planned spot. You can either catch them with a pan or such other equipment and if it’s your pet, just call out their name and invite them in the cage.

This way you can trap them with peace and we are sure you already know what to do next.

What to do if your bird flies in the Wild?

If it’s a pet bird the first thing you should do is call out their name loud and clear. If the bird is into the woods without its will then the sound will guide it to return immediately. This way you can save a lot of hustles.

Mark the traces with the help of your friends and family and keep calling them out. There is another great trick that might help you. You can get another bird that gets along with the escaped bird and place it in an open area so that the escaped bird can notice it easily.

Use the Lawn to Get your Bird Back

If you have a lawn or a backyard, then now is the time to put it to work. You can keep the cage or a trapper on the lawn and surround it with lots of birds or the food that your bird loves. There is a high possibility that the bird is also lost and will feel comfortable coming back to a similar cage.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind, take the bird to your regular or any veterinarian and get it checked. It might get affected by some disease that can be a problem later.

The Birds that you don’t Appreciate

No matter how much you love birds, there are some wild birds that you will not appreciate flying around you or your home, and in some cases, they might even attack you. To get rid of this, you need can call professional bird catchers for your help.  

If you don’t want to go so far then get the instant bird repellants and plant them smartly in your lawn or backyard and keep the wild birds away. If you are okay with them being on the lawn but you don’t want them inside your house, build some physical obstructions outside your window that will stop them from building nests.

Train your Bird Well

The best way to catch your pigeon or bird is to train them well so that they don’t escape in the first place. Keep a finger in front of your bird and say up and when they follow your instruction, treat them with something tasty.

Hold your bird with the support of your thumb and index finger and let them fly off. This will build confidence in birds and make them comfortable in a cage. They won’t try to escape if you repeat this activity on regular basis. They will have a good fly and then come back to rest in their cage.

How to Catch a Pigeon?

Pigeons are completely safe to catch and they can’t really bite you so they are harmless to humans. It is always a try as if you will not catch them, predators will and we all know the further story. Here are the few ways that might help you –

  • The first and easiest on how to catch a bird is to gently scoop them in your hands. It is not very difficult if don’t scared of animals that easily.
  • Use a trap. It can either be homemade or you can get one from the shop. Fill it with the bird food to attract pigeons.

Remember once you have caught the pigeon, feed with the food and water. It might be starving or dehydrated because of all the flying and running away.


Trapping a bird or a pigeon is not a difficult task if you know how to be friendly around them and also plant the traps carefully. For more such trails keep browsing our blogs. All the Best for catching the bird.

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