7 Effective Online Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits


A well planned fundraising strategy can effectively boost donations for any nonprofit. Since many fundraising ideas can be executed online, it is a great way to reach people all across the globe. Given below are a few fundraising ideas.

1. Email Fundraising

Sending out emails to potential donors is one of the traditional and widely used methods in fundraising. You can get a good response rate if your emails are well crafted, appealing and sent at the right time. There are some keynotes you should keep in mind while drafting a fundraising email.

  • Make sure you state the subject clearly in the subject line. A good and precise subject line will grab the attention and increase open rate.
  • Make sure you state your message clearly and how the person’s donation will be utilized in fulfilling it.
  • It is also helpful if you give them a rough estimate of the donation amount.
  • Keep the email short and sweet.
  • Add relevant images to make email more engaging & personalized.

2. Peer To Peer Fundraising

There is no quick way for donors to be involved in your nonprofit other than peer to peer fundraising. Donors who participate in peer to peer fundraising will give your nonprofit the assurance that they are equally passionate about the vision.

Use fundraising websites like DonorBox, GoFundMe, Fundy, PlumFund etc. to create fundraising campaigns for your nonprofit. You can promote these campaigns in social media to reach mass audiences who follow and support similar causes as your nonprofit.

3. Boost Fundraising With Matching Gifts

Nonprofits can exponentially increase their donations by giving away matching gifts to its donors. Your donors will also feel like they are making a better impact and this can encourage them to sign up for similar programs. You can gift a bunch of things like terrariums, bonsai plants, or a box of sweets.

The first essential step in gift matching is to let your donor know that such a program exists. If your nonprofit has a matching gift program but it is not marketed properly, it can fail to achieve success. Make sure it is easily accessible to your donors by providing links in your website and social media. You can even mention it in your fundraising emails.

4. Social Media Fundraising

Social media is one of the best fundraising platforms. If your nonprofit does not use social media, it is missing out on a ton of fundraising opportunities. Social media is viewed by millions of people on a daily basis and has the ability to help companies and organizations grow in a short span.

For example, your nonprofit can create an Instagram account where it can upload pictures of the nonprofit in action. If you reach out to influencers who are passionate about your vision, they can utilize their platform to talk about your nonprofit. This can boost donations especially if they have a huge following.

5. Virtual Fundraising

Virtual fundraising is a great way to engage and interact with your donors. It also provides an opportunity to people who are far away or unable to attend physical fundraising events. A virtual streaming event will also give the donors an opportunity to ask questions which you can answer live. You can also get creative and incorporate competitions, games and challenges in your virtual events.

6. Fundraising By Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise is a great way to generate extra money for your nonprofit. You can either partner with companies or sell them on your own website. Merchandise options can include t-shirts, mugs, caps and other accessories which have a theme related to your nonprofit.

7. Online Donation Forms

Donation forms are another traditional way of fundraising. The biggest mistake nonprofits make when it comes to donation forms is making them hard to access or including too many unnecessary fields. A user friendly, well structured and short donation form will generate more donations. Optimize your donation form with user friendly donate icons, donation amount options and quick payment links to help you boost conversion rates.


Even if you are able to implement a few fundraising ideas mentioned above successfully, your nonprofit will boost its donation rates. You can also get creative and come up with your own unique fundraising ideas like take meet-ups where you can feed squirrels, a large community doing the same activity might bring in a lot of donations.

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