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The 3 Key Points to Have a More Efficient Home


Living unchanged in a world that changes period after period is not a good idea to thrive here. To live more efficiently, we have to change over time and be adaptive to our surroundings and environment. We should consider ourselves a bit blessed as we have been born here in the era of technology. It has helped us a lot by every possible means. With regular advancements in technology, we are finding even more ways to live efficiently.

From being efficient and effective, we are now becoming more and more concerned about our surroundings. We are looking for efficient alternatives to everyday things, for example, greener alternatives like DIY terrarium ideas. Having something that helps us improve our lives without affecting our environment and eventually earth is a new demand of every human being. We now have energy-efficient light bulbs, appliances, vehicles, and even home. There are plenty of ways utilizing which you can make an energy-efficient home for yourself. If you just want to modify your home into an efficient home, it is also possible, thanks to the advancements in technology.

Let’s go through some of the tips on how to have a more efficient home. We have seen and know about energy-efficient appliances, but having a more energy-efficient home follows these tips to achieve your goal.

1. The Windows

How on this earth can window contribute to making a home more efficient? Well, there are numerous ways to do so as we know that window plays a vital role in ventilation and this is what we have to utilize to make our house more energy efficient.

To maintain the pleasant temperature of our house, we install HVAC systems or use homemade mosquito fogger solutions and a lot of appliances. But what if we say that you can achieve it by just doing a minor change with your window. Science and technology have derived something remarkable to upgrade the ordinary window of our home.

Let’s understand some of them –

  • Frames – Frames play a vital role in maintaining your in-house temperature and can be one of the causes of your electricity bill surge. To make it more energy-efficient, we must make sure it is made up of insulating materials rather than metals, which can exchange heat from outside and will imbalance your in-house temperature.
  • Type of Glass – After the frame, it is glass that should be taken care of as this is what comes between your house and the outside environment, and we should keep in mind that about 80% of the energy at a window comes out through the glass. Therefore, it should be insulating, and thermal bridge break glasses are made for it. They have a gap in between each glass slide, which ensures the perfect insulation. High energy-efficient glasses give the ideal insulation and reduce the operating hours of home climate control appliances, which eventually loosens the burden of electrical bill surge from your pocket.

2. The Facade

Facades have been a great way to enhance the exterior of your house for a long time. Architectural tools combined with technology can produce marvelous designs for facade. But, due to on growing demands for energy-efficient designs, facade is helping in it as well. Ventilated facade systems are becoming more of a trend for efficient homes. It is not only capable of reducing your electric bills but also cuts down the energy consumption of your climate control appliances. So, why buying expensive climate control appliances when you can save more than 50% of the energy at home.

There are plenty of advancements that can be made in facade according to your needs and requirements. It not only maintains the internal temperature of your house but also protects from external weather as well. The gap between the facade cladding works as an insulating material and helps to keep the warmth.

Another feature that can be seen in a ventilated facade system is that it is easy to restore and maintain. It has good noise reduction properties, and it reduces the radiation coming out from the sun. It comes out in various designs and beautiful patterns as well to ensure that you get benefitted and flaunt your exterior at the same time.

3. The Roof

Last but not least, the roof. We all know that the warm air goes upwards while the cold air remains at the bottom. Therefore, if your roof has better insulation, then you will not lose heat out of your house. Most of us don’t have an efficient insulating system for our roof, and as a result, all the heat goes up and tries to escape from the ceiling.

Therefore, invest your money in some better roof insulation system rather than spending it on temporary appliances. There are designer and beautiful materials out there to help you get the modern designs in addition to the modern energy-efficient roofing system.

Choosing a better roofing material not only for the inner part of your roof but for the outer part as well is very important. So, make sure that the material is efficient and durable as well.

Bottom Line

Remember these points and follow them to increase the energy efficiency of your house. It is not necessary to build a new house to make it energy-efficient. Even older homes can be energy efficient with just some upgrades. It is the need of the hour to look out for energy-efficient ways and options to minimize energy consumption. This will help to make our earth a better home not only for us but even for our future generations.

Azura Cohen
Azura Cohen is an accomplished technology writer who has been demystifying smart home gadgets. Holding a Master's degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, her expertise spans over 15 years in software development and smart technology integration. Before coming aboard, she worked with innovative tech startups, focusing on IoT and home automation solutions. Her passion for making technology accessible and user-friendly is evident in her articles, which simplify complex concepts for various readers. Outside work, she is a digital artist, often incorporating technology elements.

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