8 Baby Shower Gifts She’ll Love and Use


One of the greatest things about having an organized and beautiful home is hosting events with friends and family. From BBQs for Father’s Day, Holiday parties, and everything in between. If you have an expecting woman in your life, you may be planning a baby shower for her. While there’s much to plan for a baby sprinkle or shower, don’t let what to buy her be on your list of things to worry about. Keep reading for the best baby shower gifts she’ll love and use.

Spa Certificate

Being pregnant is serious work! Though joyous, it can also be downright uncomfortable from debilitating fatigue, morning sickness, and the sheer act of growing another human being. Any mom-to-be would be thrilled to receive a gift certificate from a local spa. She can treat herself to a prenatal massage, a facial, or any other pampering that suits her. Make sure to look at the spa’s menu to get a certificate covering an average treatment cost plus a tip for the provider.

Prenatal Gummies and Snacks

It can cost a small fortune to maintain a healthy pregnancy, from trying several types of prenatal gummies and capsules to finding the perfect fit, investing in a maternity wardrobe, and satisfying all the pregnancy cravings. Make mom-to-be a beautiful gift basket filled with healthy pregnancy-approved supplements, nutritious snacks, and desserts. After all, she’s eating for two! 

Creature Comforts

Towards the end of pregnancy, when baby showers occur, the mom’s growing body makes it hard to get comfortable and catch quality sleep. Make sure she’s relaxing in style with luxurious loungewear, a comfortable robe, slippers, and even a silk eye mask. She can utilize these pieces during pregnancy and after the baby comes too.

Arrival Gift Set

As a new mom, having everything you need ready at home before the baby comes is essential. Give her the gift of peace of mind with an arrival kit. You can shop online for something pre made or tailor it specifically to her by creating your own. Traditional arrival kits include baby wash, lotions, wipes, diapers, and balms. You’ll also want a swaddling blanket and a onesie included. For a thoughtful touch, you can monogram a onesie to personalize it.

Personal Massager

Pregnancy comes with plenty of aches and pains. Whether she’s a single mother or her partner works long hours, the mother you’re shopping for will get plenty of use from a handheld massager. Include a personal touch with massage oil in calming scents like lavender or ylang-ylang. If you want to splurge, you could go with a back massager that sits alone or attaches to the couch, especially if she’s complaining of frequent back pain.

Silk Sheet Set

While any woman would love a luxurious set of silk sheets, show your mom-to-be that she deserves to be spoiled. Sleep is hard to come by no matter what stage of pregnancy she’s in, but silk sheets can help her get there. In addition to feeling amazing, silk sheets have amazing benefits like reducing frizzy hair and preventing fine lines and wrinkles – who doesn’t love that?

Disposable Camera

35mm film and using traditional cameras are back in style, and let’s face it, they may not be as focused as your iPhone, but the feeling of nostalgia makes film photos more special. While she may not commit to photography enough to give her the gift of a new camera, a disposable camera is something she’s likely to use and develop. Including a disposable as a cute add-on to your main present will be a hit, and you can also include a gift certificate to a local establishment that develops film.

Initial Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but most fine jewelry will do! If you already know the baby’s name, you could gift her a gold necklace with a pendant of the baby’s initials. As many parents change their baby’s name after arriving, it may be a safer bet to get the initial of their last name instead. This special keepsake can be worn daily and passed down to the child when they’re older, a gift that keeps giving!

Shopping for a baby shower doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you’re already planning and hosting the event. By choosing a gift from the list above, you’ll be sure to give her something she’ll love and use for years to come.

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Emilia Post has an authority on etiquette and gift-giving and has been enriching our content with her unique insights since 2019. She holds a BA in Communications and a background in public relations, which has honed her understanding of the social nuances in gift-giving. Her expertise stems from her former public relations and event planning roles, where she mastered the intricacies of social etiquette. In her spare time, Emilia enjoys hosting dinner parties and practicing floral arrangements, seamlessly blending her personal and professional interests.

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