7 Office Disinfection Products and Services You Need for Your Workplace


Offices and other high-contact areas are frequently filled with germs and bacteria coming from the different people that come in and out of the facilities. With the pandemic that we’ve been at war with for the past year and a half, disinfection has become a necessity in our daily lives. As the world continues to battle the pandemic, we go on to protect ourselves as much as possible by wearing masks, meditating around the terrariums, and applying sanitizer.

The Covid-19 virus isn’t the first of its kind to go on a rampage against us, but it is certainly our biggest concern nowadays. As we go back to work in our offices and workplaces, how can we ensure that we keep pathogens away from us?

Here are 7 office disinfection products and services that would help you keep Covid-19 away from your workplace, and create a healthy and happy office environment:

The Commonly Used: 70% Isopropyl or Ethyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol, commonly known as rubbing alcohol, are readily available cleaning and sanitizing solutions on the market, with the majority of households having a bottle or two in their homes since the pandemic started.

Rubbing alcohol works by destroying the protective layer of viruses, and killing the central system of the virus on the spot. Using rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces is the most common way of disinfecting, and is effective as long as the alcohol is at 70% concentration, and stays on the surface for at least 20 seconds for the full effect.

The Commercial: Lysol All-purpose Cleaner

Lysol is a popular brand for disinfectant sprays and solutions, so it’s no surprise that this beloved household brand made it to this list. From their sprays to their liquid concentrate, Lysol has a cleaning solution for any surface, household, enclosed patios, and commercial space.

Their claim to fame is being able to effectively kill the highest percentage of germs, bacteria, and viruses of all commercial products – at an impressive 99.9% including coronaviruses! Lysol’s disinfectant solutions are so effective, that the brand sold 20 times the amount they regularly sell when the pandemic started.

The DIY Method: Bleach Wipes

Unlike the fake “hacks” in making your own disinfectant wipes, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published guidelines on making your own disinfectants that are effective against most pathogens.

For DIY sanitizing bleach wipes, mix together ⅓ cup of pure bleach into a gallon of water. Place disposable wipes or machine-washable microfiber cloths into the solution, and use the disinfecting wipes on surfaces, door knobs, light switches, and other high-contact areas. Let the solution stay on for at least 90 seconds, then dispose or wash the wipe immediately.

The Natural: Puracy Disinfecting Surface Cleaner

There is a misinformation that natural cleaners don’t clean as well as commercial, chemical cleaners do. Puracy is a brand that removes that stigma with their line of natural, safe, and efficient cleaning and disinfection products that will make any surface sparkle.

The Puracy Disinfecting Surface Cleaner, specifically, is safe and effective enough to use on produce, so using this product in the office pantry or break room won’t cause problems for those consuming foods in these areas.

The Alternative: Hand Sanitizer

In a pinch, hand sanitizer works well to kill off most germs and viruses from your office table, office chair, and other surfaces. When you don’t have ample access to commercial-grade sanitizers, hand sanitizer at a concentration of at least 70% alcohol is effective enough to kill off most germs and viruses.

Simply use a disposable wipe or tissue to apply the hand sanitizer onto the surface you want to disinfect, and leave the solution on the surface for at least 30 seconds. Wipe clean or allow the solution to air dry before placing anything on the surface.

The Long-lasting: Microban 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray

Microban 24 is known for its long-lasting disinfectant properties, especially with its 24-hour sanitizing spray. The spray works similarly to Lysol, but provides a longer lasting sanitizing power on the surfaces the cleaning solution comes in contact with.

Perfect for office bathrooms, reception areas, and high-traffic areas where frequent disinfection may disrupt daily operations, the solution can be safely sprayed on most materials, and comes in a convenient atomized bottle for continuous disinfection.

The Professional: Office Disinfection Services

Most products on this list suggest that you will be cleaning and disinfecting the office yourself, but for those busy bees who would rather put their full attention and focus on getting that sale, professional cleaning and disinfecting services are the way to go! Browse this site to locate the best office disinfection service.

Professional cleaning services typically do the cleaning: removing the dirt and grime from surfaces, and making sure your space is spotless. However, taking it a step further would fall under professional disinfection services, specifically tailored to your office. Professionals will be able to sanitize your office better than any DIY method! If you want to go a step further in keeping your workplace a safe place to be, you may want to consider office COVID testing. Regular onsite tests can detect an active case of the virus before it has the chance to spread, saving potential lost revenue and productivity hours. Tests also help reassure your staff that your workplace is a safe place to be.

You can also check out Luce Office, a one-stop shop for all your commercial cleaning and disinfection needs!

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