Fighting pests around the house can be a frustrating job. Sometimes, you’ll have to get different solutions for a specific group of pests. These unwanted animals can also spread infections that cause illnesses. Additionally, they can be destructive to property around the household.

Some of the most common pests in homes can be mice, wasps, rats, birds, and squirrels. Some pests only appear in certain seasons. Also, others may be common in specific locations. In Canada, for instance, gray squirrels, black rats, cockroaches, and silverfish are most common. To eliminate them effectively, you’ll need the help of pest control Vancouver. As a tip, referrals can be the best way to find the most credible exterminators.

How To Maintain A Pest-Free Home

Unless you are one of those who love to eat squirrels, to ensure a pest-free home, you must maintain an environment that isn’t friendly to them. It’s said that preventing damage is always a better measure compared to restoration. However, if it’s already out of hand, you can then contact a Vancouver pest control.

This article guides you on some preventative steps you can take to ensure your home is safe from pests.

Some efficient techniques you can try are:

1. Maintain A Clean House

Damp and dirty environments are excellent breeding grounds for pests. Maintaining cleaning plans will ensure that your house is always spotless and pest-free.

All areas around the house should be regularly cleaned. Since you cannot clean all areas at once, consider periodic cleaning routines; schedule the specific areas to clean daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. This distribution makes cleaning easier.

2. Dispose Of Waste Regularly

Garbage can be a magnet for ants, rats, squirrels, and cockroaches. Ensure that waste is disposed of regularly. Piled-up waste will be most likely harbor pests. Invest in heavy-duty garbage bags and trash containers that have tight lids. The two will offer quality security and prevent the pests from penetrating.

After emptying the trash, ensure that you clean the waste container and decontaminate it as well. Do this to areas where the garbage cans were sited, too. It’ll help remove any pests present and prevent them from returning to that spot.

3. Ensure There’s No Stagnant Water Around The House

Stagnant water around your home will bring mosquitos. Hence, getting rid of this standing water is one of the most effective ways to deal with mosquitos.

Ensure that the house’s exterior is cleaned regularly. Also, make sure that you unclog the drains around the house and clean them to avoid stagnating water. Additionally, your bathroom should always remain dry, including the floor, buckets, basins, and other bathroom vessels.

4. Declutter Your House

Clutter around the house is likely to host rodents or cockroaches. It’s advisable to allocate some time to arrange the piled-up items in the storage areas. As you organize, ensure you clean and disinfect the entire place. Doing so will eliminate pests and destroy the homes they’ve built in the room.

While you declutter, install shelves and mounting studs in the storage room to help with organization. Also, consider plastic storage with secured lids. These will allow you to prevent pests around hidden areas. You’ll also prevent unwanted animals from accessing and destroying the stored items.

5. Clean Ducts And Vents

Exterminator in work wear spraying pesticide with sprayer. Selective focus.

Ducts and vents that aren’t cleaned for a while will accumulate dust and dirt. The spaces will then host mise or wasps.

Take note that you don’t have to clean up daily. This is an activity that can be done weekly or monthly. Alternatively, you can contact an expert to do this task regularly for you.

6. Store Food Properly

Leftover food and overripe vegetables and fruits will attract flies, ants, cockroaches, and other unwanted animals. Ensure that you store all these foods properly to avoid pests. You can use containers with tight lids for leftover food.

Fruits and vegetables, however, shouldn’t be allowed to overripen. If you cut a piece of fruit or veggie, use cling film to cover them.

7. Call A Pest Control Company

If the situation is beyond your control, consider contacting pest control services for help. One of the instances that require professional help is when you notice oversized rodents.

If you see pest urine and droppings, it might be time to call an expert, too. It’s because waste can harbor infections that can cause diseases to the household. The exterminator will know how to eliminate all pests and disinfect your home.


Pests around the house could damage items or cause diseases. That’s why it’s best to consider the maintenance tips provided here. For instance, always maintain a clean house, store food properly, and clean vents and ducts routinely. Also, declutter your storage areas and regularly dispose of waste. You’ll also need to ensure there’s no stagnant water around the house to keep off mosquitos. Lastly, if the issue is out of your control, call a pest control company.


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