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Keeping Your Home Clean Means Being Pest-Free

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When cleaning your home, it’s important to give it a real deep clean and not just wipe and tidy the surface. The satisfaction you’ll feel when your home is germ-free is immense.

Nothing undermines this sense of cleanliness in the home more than pests like ants, mice, or even roaches. These unwelcome visitors not only make where you live feel dirtier, they even undermine your sense of control over who can enter your home.

The good news is that going pest-free is easy when you call the right professionals. Let’s take a closer look at what that looks like.

Friendly and Understanding

Not all pest control professionals are as attentive to your feelings as you’d like to hope. Industry leaders like GreenLeaf Pest Control are highly aware that they’re entering someone’s home and conduct themselves accordingly.

They’ll always be well-mannered and considerate of your home, from small things like taking off their shoes when they enter to being mindful of your potentially icky feelings as they rid your home of pests. Professionals understand their role as providing a public health service.

Anytime you invite anyone into your home, they should be thoughtful and respectful. Hire pest control professionals who will be attentive to how you’re feeling.

Pests Follow the Seasons

It may be tempting to think of critters in the home as a summer phenomenon when animals have freer reign in the warmer world. Actually, pests come in waves depending on what season it is.

For example, autumn is the time for boxelder bugs, west conifer bugs, marmorated stink bugs, and more. These insects and squirrels look for warmth when it gets colder come winter, and your home may provide the refuge they need.

Experienced pest control experts know the characteristics of seasonal pests and can identify the places where they congregate: walls, vents, cracks, crevices, and even indoor plants. They also know that these pests can smell bad, bite sometimes, stain indoor furnishings, and damage plants.

If you try to kill these other bugs like earwigs, centipedes, or millipedes on your own, they’re liable to leave stains when squeezed. Leave it to the professionals who can handle it thoroughly and cleanly, no matter what the season.

Where There’s One, More Will Follow

Pests like cockroaches are extremely social, and they breed quickly. If you see one in your home, there could be as many as 300 in a short time.

You can scrub all the crumbs away from areas where they gather, often the kitchen or the bathroom sink. However, they’ll grow their population despite all the work you put in. Keep your home and backyard clean by calling in the pros the first instant you see a single pest.

We’ve all spent more time at home lately during rolling lockdowns, so it’s crucial to feel like our homes are welcoming spaces. They must be tidy and neat but also clean, which means they can’t have any pests. If you see any unwelcome visitors in your home, call in the professionals before the problem grows.

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