If you know the role of a garage door in safeguarding your car, you have probably secured the best one available and chose an experienced company to install it in your home. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and this includes garage doors. There is a good chance your doors may start developing issues after a long while. The good thing is that these wouldn’t come without one or more signs. Here are things to look out for that signify you need a new garage door:

1. Loud Noises

It is unusual for properly functioning doors to make a lot of noise. This can be an irritating experience and signify that your door is aging. Sometimes, it could mean that a particular component is grinding against another and may need repair or replacement. It could also imply that there might be a broken part somewhere. Yet you won’t be sure unless you call your door installation and maintenance personnel. Yet you may check out https://ogd.com/ and other equipment companies to get your garage doors fixed and installed.

2. Delayed Response

Your garage door may take a second or two to respond after pressing the button. It is a significant component and could even be dangerous with too much speed. However, this lag in response could mean there is a problem. When your garage door takes more time to open and closes at a slower pace than usual, you should look into replacing it as soon as possible.

3. Sagging Sections

Sagging is a common sign that your garage door is developing issues already. This is especially common with wooden doors. If not properly maintained, they are prone to rot, decay, and deterioration. Generally, garage doors have their panels and sections balanced to ensure nothing falls out.

However, when they become dented and bent, they start sagging out of place. This could also indicate an issue with the tension spring. Thus, when you notice a sagging section, ensure to reach out to a professional. It is likely time to replace that section of your garage door.

4. Lack of Safety and Security

If your garage door is an old model, it probably has lower security features than modern ones. There have been several improvements in materials used, construction methods, and structural characteristics of garage doors these past few years. Some now have additional smart locking mechanisms to ensure the highest level of security.

For the safety of its users, modern doors now have features like sensors and auto retraction. These would help curb or minimize accidents that come with using garage doors. Some also have smart door openers linked with mobile apps or remote controls. Hence, if your garage door has none of these security and safety features, you may want to consider getting a new one.

5. Persistent Breakdowns

Garage doors develop more issues as they age. Hence, the continuous breakdown is a sign that you should change them. The repair costs would eventually outweigh how much you need to get a new one. You would need to exert time and spend money on labor and spare parts.

Besides, frequent breakdowns imply that your car could get stuck in the garage if the door refuses to open, or your door could close and bang on your car while you’re trying to drive through. Lastly, garage doors with persistent breakdowns could threaten your safety and security.

6. Increased Energy Bills

Energy conservation is a priority for most homeowners. Suppose you notice that a large chunk of your energy bills is going to your garage doors. In that case, you should consider replacing it with an insulated garage door.

New garage doors have energy-conserving features, including weather strips, bottom seals, sealing joints, and insulation. These features help keep the warmth inside. Hence, you’ll have reduced energy bills while keeping safe and warm. If your garage door doesn’t have these insulation features, you may have to consider getting a new one.

7. Popping-Out Doors

If you noticed that you painstakingly left your garage door closed the previous night, but you woke up to see it had popped open in the morning, consider this as a sign your garage door needs replacement. This is as important as your garage door losing its security features. What use is a garage door that won’t stay close?

If this happens, you need to call a professional as soon as possible to avoid any potential risk. If this continues or occurs repeatedly, you may have to install a new garage door with the help of an experienced professional.


Having a functional garage door is an important security measure just as important as having a cover for an above-ground pool. Thus, never ignore the signs that suggest you may need a replacement. The typical life span of a garage door is about 30 years. So, if you’ve had that door beyond that or it shows one or more of the listed signs here, replacing it should be top on your budget list.


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