7 Common Summer Plumbing Problems


The way you use your plumbing changes as seasons change, and the warm summer weather brings unique problems that you need to be prepared for. Most summer plumbing problems arise due to extra wear and tear that is caused by increased activities at home; the kids are on holiday, there are increased outdoor activities, and you may be receiving a lot of guests in your home. In this article, we’ll outline a few common summer plumbing problems that are essential to prepare for.

Flooding in the basement

While summer is a hot season, you may experience heavy rains and storms as well. The heavy showers and storms could cause flooding in your basement, compromising the structural integrity of your home, not to mention expensive repairs.

To curb this challenge, you should invest in a sump pump. A sump pump drains any water accumulated in the crawl space or basement. To ascertain your sump pump is in excellent condition, fill it with water to activate the switch to see if the water flows down the discharge pipe. Contact your local plumber if you notice different results for professional repairs and maintenance.

Clogged toilets

With the schools closed for the summer holidays and you hosting friends and family, the toilet will likely be used more regularly. The more the bathroom is used, the higher the chances of clogging it. Teach your children to use a modest amount of toilet paper and avoid flushing food, baby wipes, and toys down the toilet to prevent clogging. Frequent flushing increases wear and tear on the chains, handles, and flappers. This means that you have to conduct repairs sooner than anticipated. Use a plunger to clear common clogs; however, do not hesitate to call an expert if you need additional help.

Clogged garbage disposal

Summer is the perfect time to host barbecues, block parties, and outdoor dining. This also means a lot of organic waste, which most households get rid of using the garbage disposal, clogging the unit. To prevent blockage, avoid disposing of corn husks, carrots, fruit stones, melon rinds, meat, grease, oil, and bones down the garbage disposal. Be sure to run the disposal system with cold water for a few minutes before and after using it to avoid clogging. You should also regularly flush hot water and vinegar down the drain to keep it from developing a foul odor.

Washing machine maintenance

With children at home and spending more time outdoors this summer, you will have more laundry to wash, which strains the washing machine. Overloading or overusing the washing machine could result in leaks in your equipment’s hoses, contributing to high water bills and even flooding.

To prevent issues with your washing machine, wash small loads at a time. You should also regularly inspect the hoses to and from your washing unit for kinks and leakages. Moving the unit from the wall can also reduce the risk of overheating.

Sewer line backup

The sudden heavy showers in summer can cause problems for your sewer line. When the rain soaks into the dry ground, it brings with it loose soil that gets into your pipes through small cracks, leading to blockages. When it is not raining, the tree roots often extend deeper into the soil to get water. The roots may find your sewer lines or pipes in the process, enlarging small cracks and causing water to back up. Call in a professional plumber as soon as you notice water backing up in your bath or toilet.

Slow shower drains

Trips to the beach or lake are the hallmark of summer holidays. However, sand, pebbles, shells, and dirt get caught up in your bathing suits and empty on your shower drains, clogging them. Be sure to rinse off at the beach, in a public shower, or the yard using a hose before stepping into the shower to avoid ankle-deep water in your bathing area. Keeping an eye on the drain cover and removing hair that gets in the drain is also an effective way to avoid clogging it. Remember to rinse off the swimsuits with a bucket or hose in the backyard before putting them in the washing machine.

Sprinkler issues

Sprinklers, especially the in-ground systems, are more vulnerable to damage during the summer season. This is due to the increased foot traffic in the yard, which threatens the sprinkler heads. Failing to be careful when mowing or misplaced foot could bump the sprinkler head, causing the system to leak. Be sure to inspect the sprinklers regularly to identify and fix leaks as soon as possible as sprinkler leakage increases water usage, raising the utility bills.


Do not let plumbing problems such as basement flooding, clogged toilets, a blocked garbage disposal, a sewer line backup, slow shower drains, and sprinkler issues ruin your summer. Perform regular maintenance, and do not hesitate to seek help from Mr. Plumber Indianapolis to keep your plumbing system in excellent condition.

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