Make This Holiday Season an Excuse to Get Outdoors with These Tips


This has been a tough couple of years for living the outdoor lifestyle. The pandemic didn’t help. And the post pandemic with global temperatures rising, hasn’t been much better. If you haven’t been outside as much as you would have liked, you are not alone.

Why not get things back on track this holiday season. There are lots of ways to do it. If you’ve been hesitant, baby steps are just fine. Start by picking up some outdoor lights for holidays and other festivities. Save yourself a little money by hanging your own lights and making it a DIY affair. Get the whole family involved and spend a little time outdoors together.

Remember, the holidays are more than just Christmas. There is also Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and many more. Halloween and Thanksgiving are also great seasons for lights and lighthearted merriment. Keeping up with the season of lights is a lot of fun. Just remember to always be safe. The task requires extra safety and planning. If climbing is not your thing, don’t hesitate to bring in a little help.

Outdoor Gifts

If you want some incentive to get outdoors this holiday season, look into outdoor toys for kids of all ages. There are few things simpler than a tossing disk. Kids and adults can chase them for hours. If ;you live in a snowy region, it is probably time for new snow person building tools. Tricycles and bicycles are always timely. They also represent a rite of passage. Make the first one a starter bike and reserve the really good one for when they have proven themselves to be responsible riders.

Trees still need to be trimmed and firewood still needs to be chopped. Make sure that appropriate power tools are under the tree for the responsible adults that have to do that kind of outdoor work. Gloves and galoshes are traditional cold-weather gifts. Children still need outdoor play even when it’s cold. Just be sure they are dressed appropriately.

Ice skating is great exercise and great fun. Just be sure that those skates and hockey sticks come with lessons. Whenever ice is involved, it has to be safety first. Give gifts that encourage outdoor activity and that is exactly what you will get.

Do Your Own Shopping

These days, it is common to just order your gifts and groceries from websites and services. While that is perfectly acceptable, it loses something in translation. Serendipity is an important part of shopping. Without being there in the stores, you miss out on amazing gift ideas that you simply wouldn’t have had from doing all your shopping online.

Be sure to start your shopping early. You might not even know about the must-have product of the year if you don’t go in person. And if you don’t go early, you could miss it altogether. The big sales also start earlier than ever. Serendipity doesn’t mean impulse maxing a credit card. You can fill out your list and be done with shopping early, giving you more time for decorating and baking. Doing your own shopping in person is a great reason to get out of the house with the bonus of supporting your local businesses. That’s a win/win.

Go in Person

Your aging parents do not want another Zoom call with you. They want to see you face to face. That is not too much for aging parents to ask. They want to see the grandkids and give a lot of hugs and kisses that don’t involve searching for the right emoji on a computer screen.

COVID screenings are free to all as are vaccinations. If you still have COVID concerns, it may be worth making sure everyone is screened before having a big in-person event. Seeing friends and family face to face is worth taking a few safety precautions. By the way, don’t forget your flu shots. They are also free to most people.

Heading over the river and through the woods to spend quality time with grandma is a great reason to get out of the house and jumpstart your life for the coming new year. Doing your own shopping and setting up your own outdoor lights and decorations are also good motivators for venturing out into the great outdoors.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen, a celebrated writer in the home and garden niche, boasts over 12 years of hands-on experience. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. Before joining our team in 2016, she worked as a landscape designer, combining her love for nature and design. Sandy's expertise shines through her articles, offering readers practical and aesthetically pleasing gardening tips. Off the clock, she enjoys hiking and nature photography, further nurturing her connection with the outdoors.

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