8 Successful Businesses to Start Investing In


It is never too late to get into investing. Even if you are a student, the earlier you start with your financial planning, the better grip you will have on your future.

Now, one way to look at your finances is to grow your wealth, and at the forefront of it is the concept of investing. But this is not something you can jump into. You need to first educate yourself about your options and find suitable opportunities. If you think you would like to invest in the stock market, we have listed a few companies you might want to consider. Transfer your funds for your enclosed patio here to buy another property down the line.

But before you proceed, we should clarify that this list does not replace any financial advice. Before you invest, it is paramount that you do your own market research or get guidance from an investment expert.

Nvidia (NVDA)

When suggesting stocks for young people, the list would remain incomplete without mentioning a semiconductor. After all, these are particularly relevant in the digital era. Many of you might know Nvidia as the manufacturer of graphics processing units.

But this company can also give you exposure to the markets of AI, machine learning, automation, and more. Although there are a few other firms that are gaining more momentum in the market, NVDA continues to uphold its position. It offers stability while allowing you to benefit from the innovation happening in the tech sector.

Visa (V)

As a student, you might be already relying heavily on your debit/credit cards for making payments. Whether it is for contactless payments at your grocery store or using your Visa card to pay for paper at WritePaper, you are already aware that it has become virtually impossible to live without a credit card these days.

And the credit card giant Visa is well-positioned to benefit from this interest. Every time anyone makes a payment using a card, Visa takes a cut of that transaction. And with the shift to a cashless society, Visa stock might also see its price go up in the upcoming years.

Disney (DIS)

Disney is widely considered one of the best entertainment businesses out there. While Netflix is one of the popular options among youngsters, investing in Disney stocks can give you access to revenue from not only the streaming sector but other forms of entertainment as well. So while you watch shows relaxing in your hot tub, you can feel like a owner.

For instance, Disney has its own cruise line, which is swiftly gaining popularity among travelers. After the pandemic subsides, the boom in the travel industry can turn out to be profitable for this company. Additionally, Disney owns timeless content that continues to generate endless revenue streams.

Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon is another American company that has done particularly well during the pandemic. It is also one of the few companies with over $1 trillion in market valuation. In fact, Amazon is much more than a mere online retail company.

The business has been reinvesting its profits into other areas, including artificial intelligence. Moreover, if you are ever thinking about creating a website for your own business, you are likely to be using Amazon Web services in one way or another. In addition to all this, people across the world will continue to shop online, and Amazon is currently the leading player in this sector.

Tesla (TSLA)

This well-known electric vehicle manufacturer has already established its name in the automobile industry. Moreover, the business can be a continuous choice for those students looking to invest in sustainable energy solutions.

In partnership with Panasonic, Tesla is also involved in the production of solar panels for homes, businesses, and other commercial battery products like Powerwall. The company is aiming to grow its portfolio by manufacturing pickup trucks and is working on its electric bus model.

Atlassian (TEAM)

Looking past some of the renowned companies, Atlassian is a software company that student investors might find interesting. This Australian firm is behind popular products such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, and Opsgenie. These cater to software developers and businesses looking to be more productive and efficient.

Considering that most businesses adopt a hybrid remote work policy these days, Atlassian’s products are in high demand. This can mean an opportunity for tech investors looking to create a diversified portfolio.

Pfizer (PFE)

Pfizer has become more or less a household name in the past year. With its successful COVID-19 vaccine, the company stood to gain a lot of attention in the stock market. With the fear of new variants spreading, Pfizer is looking at a steady flow of revenue from the pandemic for the near future.

However, this pharmaceutical company is much more than a coronavirus stock. It has a healthy drug pipeline and is already working on other vaccines. Moreover, the business pays a dividend to its shareholders, meaning student investors can gain a regular income from this company in proportion to the size of your investment.

FedEx Corp (FDX)

Ecommerce retailers are not the only businesses that profit from the increasing number of online shoppers. In fact, these companies cannot be successful without a well-oiled logistic system, such as that provided by FedEx.

The company has excellent management and has had a growth of nearly 40% in its stock price over the past five years. This is in spite of the labor shortages across the world. FedEx is also involved in the delivery of vaccines, which can, in turn, help boost the global economy.

Successful Businesses to Start Investing In – Takeaway

Investing is never a black-and-white affair. It is nearly impossible to predict how an investment will perform in the future, which can make things incredibly challenging even for seasoned professionals, let alone students. But these days, there are several apps that can help you with the process of investing.

Therefore, as we mentioned in the introduction, you should be sure to study an investment opportunity by yourself and decide whether it is a good choice for your financial portfolio.

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