8 Tips for Transforming Your Backyard Into a Mini Oasis


A backyard oasis provides a space for retreat and refuge, a haven filled with comfort to help you forget your worries and relax. You may choose to have a pool, a fireplace, a bar, a sound system, and anything that makes your space heavenly. Your backyard oasis can serve as a place for some peace and quiet, or an outdoor area to treat your guests. It can also be a place to retreat and recharge after a long day to enjoy breathtaking scenery and a breath of fresh air. In addition, adding a mini oasis to your outdoor space improves curb appeal and increases your home’s value. Here are tips for transforming your backyard into a mini oasis.

Choose a suitable design and a theme

The amount of outdoor space you have determines the mini oasis design. With a large backyard, you can create different areas for different purposes. For example, you may have a patio-covered area, a pool, a water fountain, or a garden shade area. For a smaller backyard, it’s best to stick to a single design.

A theme isn’t necessary when designing your backyard oasis, but if you’re considering landscape design ideas, a theme can be an excellent way to inform your materials and plant selection. The theme you choose becomes a determinant for everything from colors, shapes, and the water feature style. Since choosing a suitable theme and design for your oasis can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the right skills, seek expert advice from Malone’s Landscape or other experts within your locality.

Build a deck

If your backyard doesn’t have a deck, building one is a great way to start creating the ultimate mini oasis. The advantage of building a deck is personalizing it to suit your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. It also helps define your outdoor space and adds a sense of purpose to your backyard.

Add a water feature

Running water has a great way of adding serenity to the backyard. For the water features, you may choose to create something simple or complex. The options are endless, just let your imagination flow and select a feature that can fit into your backyard’s look and feel. If you want and your water feature allows it, you can add some aqua life animals to add to your backyard’s extravagance.

Ensure there’s ample shade

The ideal backyard oasis should have enough shade for refuge during the summer seasons. You may choose to use natural shade by putting comfortable seats around a tree’s base or install an awning or build a pergola. This helps make your outdoor escape ideal for all for both the hot and the cold seasons.

Add bug-repelling plants

Although you may have a well-maintained outdoor space, bugs and other insects can make your oasis undesirable. Adding bug-repelling plants and flowers will help you avoid spending your summertime covered in bug spray. You may add plants like bails, lavender, citronella plants, and others. Besides acting as bug and insect repellants, the flowers and plants can improve your home’s curb appeal.

Pay attention to the furniture and décor

To create a unique outdoor oasis, choose your décor and furniture according to your style and preference. This not only makes the space look outstanding but adds a sense of personal touch to it. You may choose the same design theme as your indoors or use a different design that gives you a different feel. Depending on the amount of space you have, add enough seating for hosting your friends or family. For the décor, you may add unique pieces and colors or buy matching décor to enable the outdoors to bring out a good feel. Choosing outdoor décor that’s ideal for extreme weather conditions ensures that your backyard is always appealing.

Consider lighting

Your backyard’s design and layout help you determine the kind of lighting to use for an oasis. For example, if you have flower beds, installing garden lights will help highlight them at night. You may use solar-powered lights or LED string lights for outdoor paths then line them with a stone or timber path. Depending on the size of your patio, consider adding light fixtures such as unique outdoor chandeliers. Using vintage-like patio lanterns can add some ambiance to your backyard escape. In addition, for flower beds and plants along the walls, using wall scones will help highlight them in the dark.

Don’t forget about privacy and security

Installing aluminum shutters around your patio will add to security and privacy and adjust them as need be to let in more natural light and airflow. You can also use aluminum shutters to create an outdoor room like a kitchen or provide protection during the sunny and rainy seasons. Aluminum shutters not only add a contemporary look to your home design, but they are an easy-to-maintain feature for your oasis and durable too.


Having a place within your home where you can get away and unwind is priceless. Use these tips to transform your backyard into a mini oasis that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Emily Davis
Emily Davis, who holds a degree in Ornithology from Cornell University, has shared her expertise with our readers. With over 11 years of field research on bird behavior and habitat conservation, Emily brings a deep understanding of avian ecology to her writing. She has consulted for various national parks, aiding in protecting avian species. She previously worked with international wildlife organizations, focusing on bird migration patterns. Emily is also a skilled wildlife photographer, capturing the beauty of birds in their natural habitats.

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