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How to Change Blades on a Zero Turn Mower

How to Change Blades on a Zero Turn Mower

Having a big lawn in front of the house is a dream of many people, and they work hard to achieve this dream. But when after years of hard work, the dream is finally achieved, people realize that owning the lawn is not even half of the job. With a considerable lawn comes the responsibility of maintaining it so that it looks good and not like a forest.

Lawnmowers have been used for lawn maintenance for decades now. With the advancement of technology, the design has changed drastically, making it easier for owners to mow their lawns and maintain it properly without spending a fortune on it. Zero-turn mowers are considered the best by many people for the sheer amount of flexibility and ease of use they provide while mowing the lawns.

How to Change Blades on a Zero Turn Mower

But like any piece of machinery, even the best zero turn mowers need maintenance. Because of the modern materials used, time intervals between maintenance on the machines have reduced, but still changing the grass cutting blade is one of the most critical and frequent maintenance jobs done on a zero-turn mower. Best zero turn mowers are designed such that the cutting blade is manufactured as a single piece having three blades making it easier to remove and replace them.

Changing the Zero Turn Lawn Mower Blades

Like every piece of machinery, wear and tear are common in lawnmowers. Especially the blades can get blunt

fast, which leads to improper cutting, uneven grass, and also to a higher power or fuel consumption than usual. That is why the blades of the lawnmowers need to be replaced regularly, and most of the manufacturers recommend running hours after which the blades need to be changed.

Most of the best zero turn mowers have a three-blade arrangement for the most efficient working without increasing the costs, and changing them is straightforward. The procedure for changing the lawnmower blades remains identical for different designs. Still, depending on the design, small changes might be there in the process for which we would like to recommend you to check out the manufacturer’s manual before starting the operation.

Before starting any job, the most important thing to start with is to arrange the tools we would need to complete the job. This will save us time later on as we will not have to run around looking for various tools. The essential tools required for the job are:

  • Gloves: Safety is the most essential part of any job. The blades, even if they are relatively blunt, can still cause cuts on hands and fingers and cause severe injuries and risk infections.
  • Box Wrench: Depending on the size of the nuts, as mentioned in the manual, wrenches should be available.
  • Socket wrench and socket: Box wrenches cannot be used everywhere, and hence a socket wrench should be available as per the specs mentioned in the manual.
  • New Blades: A new blade set as recommended by the manufacturer should be available. Using original parts will guarantee a longer life cycle of the blades.
  • Washers and other spare parts: Check the manual to see what kind of spare parts, greases, and washers are required for overhauling.

Once all the tools and safety equipment are available, follow the instructions given below to change the blades.

  1. Park the lawnmower on a height-adjustable jack or any platform and apply the parking brakes for safety.
  2. Now raise the height of the platform or surface such that it is comfortable to work under it and access the blades.
  3. Now remove the spark plugs or spark plug wires in case of an internal combustion engine-powered mower. For electric mowers, remove the power source if possible.
  4. Now access the bottom part of the mower. Wear safety gloves and use the box wrench to hold the hexagonal nut on the spindle behind the blades from the side on which the blades are attached. The latest and the best zero turn mowers have the same design, but if the design of attachment is different than your machine, then refer to the manufacturer’s manual for procedure.
  5. Once the spindle is locked using the box wrench, use the socket and socket wrench of appropriate size and hold the blade nut which attaches the blade assembly to the spindle.
  6. Now use one hand for holding the box wrench to prevent rotation of the shaft and use the other hand to open the blade nut using the socket wrench. Turn anti-clockwise to remove the nut.
  7. Once the bolt is removed, remove the spring washer and then the blades.
  8. Inspect the spring washer, and if it is not in good condition, change it.
  9. Now take the new blade set and insert it in the position. Use grease if it is recommended by the manufacturer. Then put the spring washer (manufacturer-specified) on the blades, but the blade nut on top and finger tighten it.
  10. Now tighten the blade nut using the same method used in removing it. Check if the manufacturer has specified any tightening torque. If yes, then use a torque wrench for tightening the nut. Make sure to apply the recommended grease before putting everything in place.
  11. Now connect the power source or spark plug (whichever is applicable) and test if everything is working correctly. Maintain a safe distance while testing the machine.
  12. Once everything is tested and working correctly, take down the mower, and use it.


Zero-turn lawn mowers have been around for decades now, and over the years, the technology and design have changed drastically. Latest and the best zero turn mower designs are the ones where two levers are used for controlling the rear-wheel-drive mowers, and the blades are made up of a single unit having three blades instead of having three separate blades. These new changes in the mower design have made maintenance easy. From maintenance of the motors or engines to changing the blades, everything can be done fast if the person knows what is to be done precisely. Because of this, many people prefer to do lawn mower maintenance at home instead of paying hefty fees to the technicians. In this article, we have explained how to change the blades of the lawnmowers at home. This is one maintenance task that is required to be done most frequently and also is the easiest and fastest to finish.

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Neil Sikkema
Neil Sikkema, a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Agricultural Mechanics, has been an expert in lawn care and zero turn mower technology for 14 years. He became part of our team as a freelancer in 2019, sharing his knowledge in mower selection, landscaping efficiency, and equipment maintenance. Neil’s previous experience includes roles in agricultural equipment sales and as a groundskeeper. He enjoys off-road biking and is a volunteer in local community gardens.

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