8 Useful things You Can Do with Fire Pit Ashes

8 Useful things You Can Do with Fire Pit Ashes

Fire pits are an essential item to have in your household, especially during winters. Yes, the natural way of lighting a bonfire is fantastic, but you only get the feeling when you are outside and not inside.

Everyone wants their room, their bed, and themselves to be warm throughout the night since the nights are the coldest.

There are plenty of good fire pits that you can choose from, and you can refer to our article on the best fire pits to buy for further information.

Apart from the question of which fire pit is the best, there is another question that bothers people – what can we do about the fire pit ashes?

Firepit ashes can have a massive benefit for you than you would imagine. Below is the list of things you can do with the fire pit ashes –

What to Do with Fire Pit Ashes

Add It in The Soil

Firepit Ashes in The Soil

Wood ash or fire pit ash is excellent to add to the soil. It increases their ph. Level. You can recycle your waste and increase the potassium level of the soil, which means that this ash is the best substance for you to add to your soil.

Many gardeners have tried it and called it a “black gold,” which provides nutrition. Ash has water-soluble properties, which makes it a good source for your soil.

Also, wood ash or fire pit ash contains different nutrients like sodium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which is beneficial for various types of fruits and vegetables.

So, you can grow any fruit or vegetable you want. You can also add it to your compost bin to add more nutrients it

Clean Up

Clean Up

Ash from fire pits can help in cleaning items made of metal and glass if appropriately used.

You can do it by mixing the ash with water to form a paste that is slightly harsh, and you can clean up any glass dish or a tarnished metal. 

If you wish to make this paste at home, make sure to wear protective gloves while making it as the paste is a little harsh. 

Back in earlier times, people used to mix the ash with water to create a paste called Iye, a common ingredient in soaps. 

And since various types of wood ash contain an adequate level of nutrients, they are the best to make Iye.

Substitute of Salt

Substitute of Salt

Ashcan be an excellent substitute for salts, not in cooking but in cleaning the non-stick surfaces. We all know how during winters, we have lots of slippery surfaces, on the street, in the driveway, and the best way to avoid them is by sprinkling salt on it.

But if you do not want to use salt, you can also use ash in the same manner by sprinkling it on the surface.

By sprinkling ash over the slippery surface, you make it easy for you to walk on it. However, it would help if you were careful not to carry ash back into your home.

You can also pour ash over any liquid you might spill in your driveway, like car oil or coffee. It will help to absorb the liquid.



Did you know that you can use ash to put out fires? Well, you do now. Ash works as an air-tight barrier to help put out the fire, so if you see a fire somewhere, in your house, or outside and cannot find enough water, try throwing ash in it, and you will be saved.

But ash does not work like water, and you will need to put a lot of ash to slow the fire down.

Fires like campfire can be put out with the help of ash. You can keep a bucket full of ash near your fireplace or any centerpiece you have, like in the photo below, and use it for emergency cases.

Fresh New Smell

Fresh New Smell

Wood ash can help restore a new and fresh smell in your house by removing odors. Like baking soda, wood ash is also alkaline, removing the odor and absorbing moisture from the air.

You can have some food in your fridge whose smell does not fit you. In that case, you can use this technique to help.

Put a small bowl of wood ash in your fridge or even outside it, anywhere in your room, and it will prevent the odor from coming again and provide you with a new, clean, and fresh scent.

If you apply any fragrances to your rooms, apply them after the odor has passed; otherwise, it will mix up with the smell.

Deter Snails

Deter Snails

Gardeners have many ways to remove snails, slugs, or any other small insects from their plants so that they do not get destroyed. One such way is by using wood ash.

Wood ash is a natural chemical agent that prevents snails or slugs from coming and eating your veggies. Slugs and snails have high water-content in their bodies, and using ash will prevent them from coming there.

You can put a ring of wood ash around your plants to keep these insects away. There is no such thing as which plants to put around and which not. You can put it around any plant you have grown.

Slow Algae

Slow Algae

Algae are a group of aquatic organisms that can help in the process of photosynthesis. There are many types of algae present, like seaweed, etc., present in the lakes.

 Algae lack roots, stems, and leaves, which are characteristic traits of a plant. Having algae is terrible for your environment, and ash comes in here to help you put it away.

Ash will not help kill algae in your pond or lake, but it will help slow its growth. Since we all know that ash is rich in potassium, if you sprinkle some of it in the pond, it will allow the plants to grow and make the growth of algae slow down.

Clean Soot

Clean Soot

Just in the way ash can help remove tarnish by making it a paste, it can also help clean soot. It can help in removing soot from your fireplace doors. Who would have thought that the thing coming out of the fire pit can help clean it too?

If you want to clean the soot with the help of ash, mix the ash with water and form a paste just like you did to clean out glass items. Use it to clean the soot and have your glass clean and shiny, just like new.


Cleaning out ashes from your fire pit can be a very tedious task. Anyone owning the fireplace will agree to it.

Most of the time, people get confused about what they can do with the ash since there was no place to dispose of it. With this article, you will get new ideas of how to dispose of ash correctly without wasting it.

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, if you do not wish to apply any of that, you can dispose of the ash.

For that, you need to carefully take out the screen wearing gloves since it is hot and use a shovel to take out the ashes from the fire pit.

 Please place them in a metal container and do not forget to put a lid on it. And whenever you wish to dispose of the ashes, make sure to buy a separate metal trash can to dispose of.

Whatever you wish to do, make sure that you are careful, and rather than disposing of them, creatively use them just like others.

Since we know that using the items from your home to your home’s benefit is the best and you will not regret any bit of it at all.

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Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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