A career in floristry: advantages versus disadvantages


Floristry is the art of working with natural materials. Imagine that you can make a bouquet of flowers that will create an atmosphere of comfort in your room or office. The profession of a florist will unleash your creativity, and working with flowers will inspire you to make something creative.

It is not enough for a modern florist to make flower arrangements with ordinary flowers to make your home look beautiful. For full-fledged work, it is necessary to use all the diversity of the plant world: shrub branches, dried leaves, moss, and roots. A bouquet should be beautiful and original. And, of course, the bouquet should organically fit into the interior and be suitable for your photos.

Advantages of this profession

1. It’s a profitable profession

In our life, events constantly occur for which gifts are needed (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). People buy bouquets to become memorable guests, express their respect and sympathy, and make the events brighter than they are in general.

2. Creative profession

There is an opportunity for self-realization through the creation of flower arrangements. Each bouquet turns out to be unique and is exactly like your expensive plants. If you have always had a craving for beauty, then the profession of a florist may be perfect for you.

3. Every day is surrounded by beauty

Flowers are beautiful. You will be spending your life among the beautiful flowers, which is an excellent factor for your peace of mind and health.

4. Convenient work schedule

The florists have a convenient work schedule. You can work on your main job and additionally work as a part-time florist. Or you can get a part-time job as a florist and waste your free time on your hobbies.

Disadvantages of this profession

1. Clients are different in our lives

If the client does not like the bouquet, it will have to be composed again. Sometimes from scratch, using flowers of a different colour scheme, other decorative elements or packaging.

2. Work on your feet

Going for flowers, photographing a bouquet for a client – a big part of your work will be on your feet, so it causes fatigue.

3. You must have certain abilities

Of course, you can learn the techniques of drawing up bouquets and combining plants, but the florist should still initially have a sense of style, taste, patience, and the ability to find out customers’ wishes.

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