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Should You Get Solar Panels In Texas?


As more people become environmentally conscious, more homeowners want to go solar every day, but should you get solar panels for your home in Texas? Solar energy offers numerous advantages, and the renewable energy hub makes it an ideal investment, especially in Texas. Texas experiences 235 days of sun, which makes solar a great idea.

Whether you are a new homeowner or are looking for your dream home in San Antonio, you need to make the best energy decision for your home. This includes considering your budget, expenses, and lifestyle. Here are advantages you enjoy by getting solar panels for your home in Texas.

1. Reduce Your Power Bill

While the upfront costs of installing a solar panel may seem much, the money you save over time will cover these costs. Solar panels help reduce your power bill since you will rely on the sun as a power source instead of electricity. Sun is free, and you will be paying a reduced power bill for the electricity your household consumes on days without sunshine when you clean your outdoor toy storage.

Additionally, since utility companies rely on non-renewable sources of energy like coal and natural gas, the cost may fluctuate. However, you don’t have to worry about the monthly power bill as a solar panel system protects you from rising electricity costs and high power bills.

2. Get Tax Breaks And Rebates

Texas is a solar-friendly state. So, besides the steady supply of sunshine, the state introduced financial incentive programs to urge its citizens to switch to solar energy. A common incentive is the solar property tax exemption. When you invest in a solar system, the value of your home increases, which also increases your property taxes. The tax exemption ensures property taxes for homes with solar don’t rise even when the value of the home increases.

Although there isn’t a statewide rebate program in Texas, some states have enacted the program. Energy companies are offering rebates for homeowners who wish to install solar panels. However, you will need to take an online class, do a test and pass to get the money.

3. Increased Energy Independence

Do you desire to have more control over your energy source and use? If you are dependent on traditional electricity generators and utility companies, one major step you can make to achieve energy independence is investing in solar.

Solar panels generate their power from the sun. Thanks to technology, state-of-the-art solar systems are robust enough to produce enough energy to meet your household demand. Thus, you become less dependent on energy from your utility company which may sometimes fail due to external problems. If more homeowners strived to achieve the energy independence solar energy offers, it would help the country reduce its dependency on foreign energy imports.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

Besides a home being an emotional experience and safe sanctuary, a home is a financial decision that, if made correctly, could pay a dividend. You can make some additions in your home that will increase the property value, like adding a solar panel. Increasing your home value makes your home sell higher than you paid for it. Therefore, the value of your additions to the home could be recovered in the sales proceeds.

While the value of your home may depend on the infrastructure, location of the house and the real estate market, minor changes within your home have the most significant impact. Solar energy systems save energy and increase the value of your home as more buyers prefer homes with solar energy.

5. Affordable Solar Systems

Solar panels can be costly to buy and install, despite being worth the investment. The government introduced a federal solar incentive tax credit to ensure solar energy is affordable for all. This tax credit allows citizens to deduct as high as 26% of the solar installation costs from their federal taxes.

For a homeowner to qualify for the tax credit, the solar system must have been placed in service during the tax year you file for the deduction, and it should generate electricity for a home in the U.S. In Texas, the tax credit will depend on the size of your system. However, it is a great incentive that reduces your solar investment costs.

6. Control Your Electricity Bill

Electricity usage tends to rise dramatically during the hot summer when the weather is extreme. You will need to turn on your cooling unit throughout to maintain the desired temperature in the house. However, the comfort comes at the cost of a high electricity bill.

Avoid the high bills by buying and installing an energy season before the summer heat. Besides the efficiency of the unit due to the sun, you will save your home from towering electricity bills while achieving the same advantages.

7. Flexible Financing Options

As more people lean towards solar energy and the government continues to offer incentives, solar energy has become more affordable. However, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic affected the job market as more people lost their income. So, despite the willingness to invest in a solar system, some may not meet the upfront cost.

Fortunately, there are flexible financing options in most solar energy companies. Additionally, credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions have also made it easy to obtain financing for a solar system. These credit arrangements are easy, favorable, and feature competitive interest rates.

8. Increase Your Savings

With the flexible financing options and government incentives, the price of installing a solar system has significantly decreased. Besides, its advantages to the environment and the household make it a worthwhile investment.

Solar energy helps you save thousands of dollars you would have spent paying utility companies for energy. Additionally, with the tax credits and rebates, you also get to save by investing in a solar system.

Invest In Solar Today!

Solar systems present an opportunity for homeowners in Texas. The abundant domestic supply of the sun, the flexible payment options, and the government financial incentives are the more reasons to invest in solar panels in Texas. Buy your home today and invest in a solar system to save more and increase the value of your home.

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