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Bathroom Design Hacks for Renovation Projects


When you design a new bathroom for a renovation project, there are hacks available to make the process easier. Every part of the bathroom has its own set of steps and hacks to complete its renovation. This includes the boiler and shower, elements that are interconnected with each other.

Your bathroom has to be designed and renovated in such a way that it meets the boiler and shower standards. There are various hacks available to help you with these projects. You have to make sure that your designs and renovation are up to standard.

There are guides to select the correct type of boiler and shower for your bathroom. Most of the time, a combi boiler is the best way to go. This combi guide will also help you to choose the correct type of shower to install with your combination boiler.

Steps To Renovate Your Bathroom

Undertaking a renovation project is a very big task. You have to decide whether you are going to hire a renovator, or if you are going to make it a DIY project. No matter which decision you make, there are steps to follow that will help you throughout the renovation process. These are just a few of the steps to help you get started.

  • Plan Your Design and Budget. It is important to decide on a budget for your bathroom renovation. Your budget will depend on whether you are designing a completely new bathroom layout or just updating a few elements. No matter how much the final budget is, add another 10% to 20% to cover any contingencies. To make sure that you stay within your budget, you have to design your bathroom before spending any money. If you want to change the bathroom’s entire layout, the plumbing will have to be altered. Do not DIY the plumbing, and let a professional do this.
  • Go Green with Your Choices. Try to take the environment into consideration during your renovation. Spend money on energy-efficient and water-conserving items. You can buy used or repurposed items, or even reuse items already in your house.
  • Upgrade Your Shower. Install a shower that works well with your combi boiler. If you do not have a combi boiler, or the water pressure is too low, you can install a pressure pump.
  • Update Your Taps, Fittings, and Fixtures. You can fit new taps and shower heads, and update fixtures on your own. Remember to keep it simple. There is no need for an overly excessive amount of valves. Make sure that the new taps, fittings, and fixtures work with the rest of your bathroom’s style.

Before starting with the renovation, go over your plans and measurements to make sure that everything will fit. Make sure that the design will work out for sure, and not just on paper.

Get a lot of quotes beforehand in order to compare prices and get the best deals. Do not make changes to your plan mid-construction, as it will affect your budget and timeline. Factor in delays, and have preventative measures ready for any unexpected problems.

Combi Boiler vs Types of Showers

A combi, or combination, boiler works your indoor central heating system and hot water system in one compact unit without a cylinder to store hot water. These boilers heat water from the main water supply instantly when needed.

It has a high energy efficiency rating. They provide a high-pressure water supply with generous flow and pressure.

There are several steps you can follow to make sure that your new shower is compatible with your combi boiler system:

  • Check compatibility. Make sure that your shower choice is compatible with your boiler’s hot water system. Some showers need a separate pump or valve, while others work directly with your boiler.
  • Flow rate. A higher flow rate combi boiler can provide a more powerful shower but can increase your water and energy bills. Consider the flow rate you need based on the size of your bathroom and the number of people using the shower.
  • Temperature control. Look for a shower with a thermostatic valve, which will automatically adjust the temperature to maintain a consistent flow of hot water. This will keep the shower water at one temperature, even if another tap is opened somewhere in the house.
  • Water pressure. You may need to install a pressure pump or valve to increase the water pressure if the pressure from the boiler is too low.

Mixer-type showers are the most ideal for combi boilers. They work directly from the main water supply, and not a separate cylinder. They are compatible with low-water systems. A mixer shower gives you the ability to control flow rate and temperature, minimising waste and reducing energy bills. There are three types of mixer showers:

  • Manual Mixer Shower. There are separate controls for the hot and cold water. These need to be adjusted manually to reach the desired temperature.
  • Thermostatic Mixer Shower. These have built-in valves to control the amount of hot and cold water that mixes in your shower from your boiler when in use. The hot water flow is controlled, and the water temperature is automatically kept at a consistent level.
  • Digital Mixer Shower. This makes use of advanced technology, such as digital displays, to control water temperature and flow rate. You can pre-set a desired temperature and save it in the system. Some models include other features, such as timed shut-off, multiple shower head options, and smartphone compatibility.


There are several bathroom design hacks for renovation projects. This article focuses on combi boilers and their compatible types of showers. A list is given to help you make sure that the types of showers will work with a combi boiler.

Mixer showers were found to be the most compatible with combi boilers. There are three different types of mixer showers. The style of the shower is completely up to you.

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